Small Business SEO V Big Business SEO

SEO is obviously the cornerstone of any website’s success. But it is important to note that based on your business size, SEO has different focal points and different purposes. You should keep this in mind when looking for an SEO developer to help your website get noticed. With that in mind, this article will elaborate on some key differences when looking at SEO based on business size.

#1: Small Business SEO Is More Local While Big Business SEO Is Done On A Wider Scale

Although all small businesses are different, most are usually focused on selling products or services at a local level where bigger businesses will usually sell their products or services at a wider range. Thus, the SEO has to be adjusted to suit these needs. Small business SEO will focus more on getting results on a local level. They will more likely focus on getting keywords related to the city, town, or metropolitan area that they are located in.

Big business SEO will focus more on keywords related to the business type itself. This is because as a big business, you need to make more money and thus, need to cater to a much greater geographical range in order to get more customers. Keywords related to the locality would not be of great use to a big business the way it would for a small business.

#2: Big Business SEO Will Usually Be More Aggressive Than Small Business SEO

Aggressiveness, in this case, is defined by the number of backlinks and articles produced based on rate. Since big businesses often go at great lengths to make sure that their site is located near or at the top, their SEO has to be as aggressive as possible. Some even go through the unfortunate decision to blacklist their links, which ends up being costly in the long run. The bottom line is, big businesses have a strong need to compete and stand out as the business of choice, so they spend a lot of time and resources to make sure their business comes out on top in terms of sales and views to their website.

Small businesses do not necessarily have the same desire to compete or have their business stand out online. For them, SEO is just a means to get their site noticed, but they may be content with their site being on the first page of a search as opposed to the first site listed. Thus, small business SEO is considerably less aggressive and thus, backlinks and articles may come at a slower rate.