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Silver Woven In My Hair Thursey Is Too Strong Willed To Be Intimidated By Her Stepsisters With Their Cruel Taunts Claiming That Her Father Died A Coward In The Recent Wars She Defies Them, Hiding The Little Books She Makes That Preserve A Variety Of Cinderella Stories From Around The World Tales She Hears From Travelers On The High Road Who Take Shelter At The Inn Run By Her Stepmother She Knows The Sisters Would Destroy The Small, Handmade Books, For In Their View, It Is Unnatural For A Common Girl To Know How To Read.But When The King S Summer Gala Draws Near And Thursey Is, As Usual, Left At Home, She Takes Charge Of Her Own Fate With Help From A Traveling Monk And A Friendly Goatherd, She Secretly Prepares To Attend The Ball Does She Have Help, As Well, From The Ugly White Mare Whom She Loves And Will She Gain Than A Rare Evening Of Happiness, Perhaps Even The Joy Of New Found Love This Vivid Cinderella Retelling With A Spunky And Inventive Heroine, Set In A Medieval European Village, Is A Romance Enjoyed By YA Readers As Well As Younger Ones Those Who Have Been Searching For It Will Be Happy To Know That It S Back In Print.

➽ Silver Woven In My Hair  Download ➺ Author Shirley Rousseau Murphy – Pocket-bikes.us
  • Hardcover
  • Silver Woven In My Hair
  • Shirley Rousseau Murphy
  • English
  • 01 June 2019
  • 0689305583

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    I looked for this book for maybe20 years Really I read it over and over until I think my school librarian was like, OK, read something new now And then we moved and I forgot the title, and it wasn t until I found a Cinderella stories list on dun da da DUN GOODREADS that I found it So thank you to whomever added it to that list I would say 3rd to 5th grade is about right for this book Certainly there s nothing inappropriate in it, and it s just a lovely story Vivid The charact I looked for this book ...

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    I first found this lovely book on the library shelf when I was quite small and it will always be one of my favorites I checked it out so many times I m so happy to have recently found a copy of it agai...

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    An incredibly sweet, simple Cinderella adaptation I wish I had this read this book when I was a child I know it would have been a perpetual favorite Ah well, no use crying over spilt milk I m grateful I ve find it now

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    A sweet and fun retelling of Cinderella Much More believable than the usual story.

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    This is one of my several favorite retellings of Cinderella and related stories It knocks down several myths at the same timesuch as, you can t have Cinderella without literal magic, without basing large sections of the story on if the shoe fits etc., without helpless heroinesyou get the picture But are any of those things really all that central to the plots of Cinderella stor...

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    This is an amazing retelling of Cinderella It is young adult We are shown the hard times behind Cinderella s life The constant chores, the raggedy clothes, the insults heaped on her dead father, and the struggle to make the family business of an inn stay afloat Cinderella is kind, a hard worker, and a dreamer When she meets a goat herd she thinks she can finally find love And when a huge ball is a...

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I read this book in a bookstore when I was 12, didn t buy it and have been on a quest to buy it ever since Silver Woven in My Hair is a delightful take on a Cinderella tale It s a little cliched and a little predictable, but what do you expect when it s based on a folk tale that everybody knows Murphy does a good job livening up the story, though I wish she d made the stepsisters a littlehuman.If your library still has this book, it s worth checking out If it...

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    A Cinderella story that includes allusions to many other traditional versions while creating one that s uniquely its own I enjoyed it.

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