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Vicky AngelJade Is So Used To Being With And Agreeing With Vicky, Her Larger Than Life Best Friend, That When A Tragic Accident Occurs, She Can Hardly Believe That Vicky S Gone But Vicky Is A Spunky Girl Who S Not Going To Let A Small Thing Like Death Stop Her From Living Life To The Fullest Whether Jade Is In School, Running, Or Tentatively Trying To Make New Friends, Vicky Makes Her Presence Felt, And It S Not Always A Good Thing.

[PDF] Vicky Angel By Jacqueline Wilson – Pocket-bikes.us
  • Hardcover
  • 176 pages
  • Vicky Angel
  • Jacqueline Wilson
  • English
  • 17 October 2019
  • 9780385729208

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    Read as part of The Infinite Variety Reading Challenge, based on the BBC s Big Read Poll of 2003.Children s books deal with death all the time, so this is no different What is different is the way the characters deal with the grief brought on by death It s written extremely simply and at times the protagonists narrative was utterly annoying and devoid of anything particularly enlightening though what does one expect from a teenager, really but it does offer up a different approach that I think, at the time the book was published, was not readily available.Less so now, but children aren t much involved in deaths There are many stories of children growing up on the 60s through to the 80s and even the 90s where they aren t even told someone is dead particularly a parent and aren t taken to the funeral And then they aren t told properly and they aren t really involved in any kind of conversation Than...

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    Vicky Angel is about a girl named Jade who loses her best friend Vicky in a car crash It deals with the theme of bereavement, grief and guilt.Jade s friend Vicky is an outgoing, spontaneous and fun loving girl whilst Jade is very much the opposite and like Vicky s sidekick They have an argument which leads to Jade dying in a car crash From then Vicky s ghost frequently visits Jade at school where she will not allow Jade to move on and make new friends It is only when Jade visits a counsellor where she learns how to deal with Vicky However, when Jade attends an inquest into the death of Vicky she is overcome with guilt She runs out of the court and down the road where she is nearly ran over by car Vicky s ghost reappears and saves her and explains to Jade that the accident was not her fault, freeing her from the guilt she had been feeling since her death Vicky then grows angel wings and disappears into the sky, allowing to Jade to continue with her life.Jacqueline Wilson was one of my favourite author s when I was at school I remember reading The Suitcase Kid as a class, at school and I believe that sparked my interest in reading the rest of her collection of books She is reknowned for writing books which tackle a range of difficult themes such as mental illness, divorce, adoption and bereavement I think she explores the themes quite well through the child frie...

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    Under normal circumstances, I don t know that I would ever have read Jacqueline Wilson I didn t discover her during my childhood, and as an adult, I don t think this would really have become an author on my radar Normal circumstances, however, do not take into consideration my extreme stubbornness and the existence of the BBC s Big Read List Due to the two in conjunction, I think this is my third Wilson book I have to say, while they probably aren t something I would have s...

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    Vicky Angel Jacqueline Wilson An engaging book written in the 20th Century about two ordinary girls, who are best friends and go to the same school Jade and Vicky have been best friends since nursery even though they were very different in character Now at secondary school Jade is still the quiet one who always agrees with Vicky who has a very strong character and is the decision maker of the two with a very strong character However, a disagreement between the two friends results in a tragic accident and things instantly change for both of them when Vicky dies in a car accident Jade is left on her own But Vicky does not leave Jade alone and is determined to make her presence felt as a spirit Even though Jade is very upset, lonely and shocked at the thought of losing Vicky when Vicky comes back for her she realizes that nothing can separate them and is back to her usual self in no time However, even though Jade is enjoying Vicky s presence, Vicky s demanding actions begin to interfere with Jades ordinary life and is also being noticed by friends, teachers and her mum Jades teacher approaches her and asks her if she would like to receive further help from a counsellor to help her to overcome the constant presence of Vicky who she admits t...

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    Growing up I read my fair share of Jacqueline Wilson books but I can honestly say that this one was my favourite, the one that stuck with me many years after reading it As with all of Wilson s books it s written in a way which easily engages the reader, being accessible to both the younger and older reader, filled with the emotions necessary to get the reader really thinking.This book tackles the issue of the death of Vicky and the issues which arise for her best friend following her death and reappearance as a ghost Filled with raw emotions, it is not a read for someone prone to em...

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    I have Vicky Angel by my bed every night, on top of a stack of various books I ve read it about five times and still can never get tired of how fierce, daring, and cold hearted Vicky Waters is, and how weak, puny, and troubled Jade Marshall is I don t know the feeling of your best friend using you like a doll, making you do what she desires but I know it s difficult and heartbreaking Jade s life is falling apart Fatboy Sam who is misunderstood to be keen on Vicky when he s just trying to get and close and help Jade, her father and mother hanging onto their relationship with all their might just for their daughter, and Vicky being the most selfish, vain, controlling devil to her own best friend How can Jade bear Vicky s snide comments on her choice of pudding friends and her cadaverous figure Jade is too attached to V...

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    One of the difficult topics Wilson tackles in this book, bereavement and the loss of a young life All of her books focus on some challenging issue, but this is one which particularly stuck in my mind for some time after reading it.Vicky is bright, popular and everything her best friend Jade wishes she could be One horrible day, Vicky is knocked down by a car and dies and naturally, Jade is absolutely devastated until Vicky decides to pay her a visit as an angel that no one else can see or hear but her Whilst perhaps not entirely realistic, this book shines a light on how a pre teen handles the death of another young person and the associating issues of the people who are left behind I enjoyed reading about the mischief Vicky, now an angel, and her frien...

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    This book was really sweet and I remember really noticing the changes in the main character and her becoming brave enough to voice her opinions I think they learnt a lot off of each other, I remember being really saddened though that it was too late for Vicky to practice what she had learnt.

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    I didn t like this book as much as all the other Jacqueline Wilson books, I found this one quite weird

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