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Smoke and MirrorsThe Fast Paced World Of Politics Was Both Exhilarating And Daunting To Young Erin Hartsock But Erin S Enthusiasm Turns To Dread When A Series Of Strange Fires And A Seemingly Accidental Death Show Her The Shocking Truth Behind The Political Game Her Legion Of Fans Publishers Weekly

☂ Smoke and Mirrors PDF / Epub ✐ Author Barbara Michaels – Pocket-bikes.us
  • Paperback
  • 360 pages
  • Smoke and Mirrors
  • Barbara Michaels
  • English
  • 11 November 2018
  • 9780425119112

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    Erin Hartsock unexpectedly lands a job in the team of Rosemary White Marshall, who is running for the senate As she become enamoured with the world of politics, she notices something isn t quite right There have been a series of mysterious fires It seems there might be something in the past that a member of Rosemary s team is willing to keep secret.This was an okay mystery, but a bit boring Nothing really happens for the longest time The focus is on Rosemary s campaign and the various day to day duties of her team in trying to win against an opponent who is in front and who has money to spend on the campaign Even though published in 1989, the book had a pleasing left wing slant to it, with a bit of discussion of gender and racial politics Erin could sometimes be frustrating She keeps whinging about people being condescending to her, but if she stopped acting like a child, maybe they would...

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    Set during a senatorial campaign in Virginia in the same year George H W was elected, this book, and its commentary on feminism seems a little out of date and also very contemporary I guess it is a matter of language since the situation isn t all that different The heroine, meek and mild, goes to work for a woman running as the Democratic candidate for a senate seat Secrets, perhaps in the candidate s dead husband s past might derail her campaign Her Republ...

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    Smoke and Mirrors is an interesting mystery set in the chaos of a house full of volunteers supporting a political candidate for the US Senate a woman who has fulfilled her dead husband s tenure, and is now seeking election for herself The book was written in 1989, so lacks a lot of the modern communication options such as everyone having cell phones Not that it matters, except that a reader might wonder why these things are not being used, as the rest of the text does not betray the time period.Michaels has the same ability as Ngaio Marsh to handle a dozen characters in the same space all talking and doing things and contributing to the confusion of the reader, while keeping them all straight in her mind and bringing the story to a logical conclusion.I m not a fan of politics, but the workings of the campaign did not overwhelm the story, with the exception of a final little lecture by the author as a conclusion.The plot is co...

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    Even having read it before, I still found it hard to put this book down My only complaint is that I don t really like Nick feel like he has to grow up a bit before he s worthy, but Erin Rosemary make me smile.

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    She is my favorite guilty pleasure As usual she delivered a great read, interesting characters and a fun plot

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    A young woman goes to work for another woman s political campaign, and discovers she is being threatened The mystery here is weak, and the politics heavy handed.

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    The mystery was good if you can get past the stupid Democrat propoganda.

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    Smoke and Mirrors by Barbara Michaels Elizabeth Peters is a disappointment I love Amelia Peabody and Vicki Bliss, and have just started reading the stand alone books written under the Barbara Michaels plume de nom The Sea King s Daughter stood up just fine However, in this novel Erin Hartsock joins the campaign of Rosemary Marshall for congress Okay, you expect a little political talk, but not the whole book There are a few fires, a death, some fear on Erin s part th...

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    I thought the subject of politics was scary enough, but then I read Mrs Michael s book Politics took a whole new meaning for me I am not usually naive, but if Smoke and Mirrors is anything like true politics than I have been oblivious Mrs Michael s weaves a thrilling tale that kept me on ...

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