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My Year As An Etsy Psychic Tarot And Poker Card Reader, Rose McQueen, Has Written About Her Year Performing Psychic Readings On Etsy The Books Also Delves Into Ms.McQueen S Life As A Psychic Anyone Interested In Fortune Telling, E.schokengtitiktitikchokeng, Ghosts, Angels Or The Occult Will Enjoy This Book Stories From The Author S Life And Her Mystical Experiences Are Interwoven With Excerpts From Actual Tarot And Poker Card Readings All Names And Details Were Changed To Protect The Identities Of Her Clients THIS BOOK WAS UPDATED NOVEMBER 3, 2013 THE AUTHOR RESPONDED TO FEEDBACK AND REMOVED 70 PAGES OF CARD READINGS AND ADDED MORE PERSONAL STORIES.

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    This book contains a series of memoirs and psychic readings given by the author to her clients It is formatted in a pattern of memoir reading memoir reading The title is a bit misleading, as anything called My Year As X implies a tale wherein the person starts X, goes through a journey as X, and then stops being X, for whatever reason, but the author is still by all appearances an Etsy Psychic by the end of the book Not too big a deal, but don t expect any real closure at the end.The memoir bits will intrigue anyone who has an interest in the mystical or supernatural, as the author mentions some supernatural experiences she has had in the past However, the memoirs also contain practical, down to earth stories with her family, what she does on a daily basis, how it is being a psychic on Etsy, and so on Honestly, I wish the author had expanded on it She s a decent writer and she leads an interesting life.However, the psychic readings got real repetitive, real fast, and the numerous grammatical and formatting errors mostly excess or missing spaces were distracting While some of the psychic readings were interesting, they didn t relate very much to the memoirs they were next to, and were all in a very similar format, so they were hard to connect to It would ve been nice if we could see some of her clients responses to her readings, or perhaps the original question, but I can understand that would be impossible since she d end up losing her clients, and possibly end up getting sued Some change has to be made, though, because as it is, the repetition of the readings makes for a dull read.That being said, I would recommend this, if only for the memoir bits, and I d also recommend anyone reading to skim over the psychic reading parts, as they serve little purpose other than to fill up space.

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    Wish she would have written about how to read playing cards Mainly it was readings she had done for her clients and what happened to be going through her mind at the time Glad it was a free book.

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