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Yuletide Crimson (Twisted Eventide, #2) I Am Jaevia Knightley, Jae For Short, A Daemon, A Mutt, A Mix Breed, Half Succubus, Half Vampire I Am One Of The Kindred, Our Only Charge, To Police The Other Supernaturals Of The Worlds I Ve Been Training For Years To Become One Of The Children Of Abbadon, A Reaper, A Bringer Of Death To Those Who Have Broken Our Law But When My Brother Is In Danger Of Being Hunted By Reapers What Can I Do But Race Against Time To Clear His Name It Is Yule At The Kindred Palace, And All Manner Of Supernaturals Walk The Streets Tabari Has Awoken Surrounded By Bodies, No Alibi To Speak Of, And To Add Insult To Injury, One Of The Victims Is The Light Fae Queen S Grandson But If It Wasn T Tabari That Has Stolen The Life From These Poor Souls, Who Was It, And Why I Will Risk All, Even My Body And Soul, To Clear His Name Loyalty And Honor Demands It When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Hunting Join Jaevia, Tabari, Lucien And A Few Others For This Fast Paced Adventure In The World Of The Kindred Yuletide Crimson Is A Novella Prequel For A Snow Covered Moon But Best Read AFTER A Snow Covered Moon Novella Contains Violence, Graphic Sexual Scenes, Horror, BDSM And Other Adult Situations

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    The synopsis said better when read after A snow cover moon even though it was a prequel to the story I m not sure why because I kept thinking about what was happening next instead of what was in the past Took me a little while to stop thinking about Jack and Peter but once I was able to focus on it I enjoyed the story very much It was good finding outabout what makes Jae, Lucian and Tabari bond so strong The upside to reading it after was I already knew the settings and most of the cha The synopsis said better when read after A snow cover moon even though it was a prequel to...

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    TE2So good I m not a spoiler so you won t get that from me. I couldn t put the book down. The Twisted Eventide series is awesome..

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    This was a great story I always wondered, as I read the first book, how this all came to be How did this bunch all meet and what were their relationships like It was short and sweet and gave a great run down of how it all started I really enjoy this series Yes, it s a bit...

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    I was a little let down by this book I expected a continuation of the first book Instead, I was transported back in time The story takes place while Jaevia and crew are training to be Reapers Tabari wakes to find a room full of dead Fae He had no idea what happened He only knows that ...

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    Yuletide Crimson goes back before SCM events It gives a bit of background on Jae, Luey, and Tabari before everything went to hell in a hand basket After a night of party the gang wakes up to trouble and they have to figure out what happened before t...

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    Was okay But didn t really care for Jae as much as I did in a A Snow Covered Moon I understand the fact that she s a masochist she has in her words, dark things inside of her However, it crossed the line for me personally in this novella when it got to at part where Jaw ...

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    This is book 2 in a 5 book series And if you love all things paranormal with some kick ass fighters and some really steamy sex, then read this As soon as I finished book 1 which was phenomenal , I started this book I really recommend this read 5 thumbs up.

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    Ok short poor endingNo true ending Just stopped, no lead if there sto come Characters are enjoyable and believable More story needed.

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    I loved the storyline and plot twists Adams has done it again Personal fav

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    Short but sweet But a good insight into Lucien and Jae s dysfunction I can t wait for Adam s next book I need to know

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