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Shared Mechanism of Alcohol and Other Drugs Identifying The Changes That Occur In The Brain As A Result Of Alcohol And Other Drug AOD Use Is Important To Understanding The Development Of AOD Addiction The Nerve Cell Signaling Chemical I.e., Neurotransmitter Aminobutync Acid GABA Plays An Important Role In The Brain Chemistry Of Addiction Most Drugs Interact With Binding Molecules I.e., Receptors For Specific Neurotransmitters And Either Block Or Facilitate Binding At These Receptors Thus, Cannabis And Opiates Act Via Receptors Intended For Internally Derived I.e., Endogenous Cannabinoid And Opiate Substances In Contrast, Alcohol Does Not Appear To Activate Specific Receptors However, Alcohol Influences The Activity Of Many Transmitter Systems Including GABA And Endogenous Opioids And Cannabinoids

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