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Fierce Protector (Hard To Handle Series, #1) When Wounded Ex SEAL Zack Norcross Finally Returns Home To Rural Texas, His Life Is Brightened By The Beautiful And Sensual Eva Montgomery Cautious But Helplessly Drawn To Her, Zack Soon Discovers A Dark Secret Which Brings Danger And Suspicion To Their Quiet Town Sworn To Keep Eva Safe, And Able To Call On Only His Most Trusted Friends, Zack Must Face Ruthless Gangsters, Crooked Cops And His Own Darkest Fears If He Is To Protect The Woman He Loves.

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    If you like your heroes to be military veterans and if you like your heroines strong, you ll really like this Even if those things don t matter to you very much, any contemporary romance fan will fall in love with the storyline.My favorite part of all was the dialogue It s just plain Awesome This author really knows how to reveal a character without back story, description, or a bunch of exposition The banter between the stars in this book creates very life like and believable characters you can relate to While I liked the main characters, Eva s friends Trish and Tyler really stole my heart They are the couple you love to hate Fun, loving, real.My second favorite part was the setting A small Texan town where the locals gather regularly at a bakery coffee shop and everyone tells it like it is I loved that our hero lived in house with a name a home his ancestors built a couple of centuries ago and which he painstakingly renovated.My last favorite part was Eva s strength She has serious personal issues but never comes across as a weakling No whining No poor me She stands, and she deals What s not to love Don t hesitate to pick up this book A perfect weekend or beach read

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    Zach Norcross is an ex Navy Seal who left service after being wounded He returned to his home in Texas to make a life as a civilian He meets a newcomer to their sleepy little town named Eva He is immediately intrigued by her, and when she finds herself in trouble he is determined to protect her.I liked Zach after all what is not to like about a sexy hero He is an honorable man, down to earth, and he is intelligent In other words, he is the total package Eva Montgomery has not had an easy life What I admired about her is that she takes charge of her life to make it better.I had mixed feelings about Fierce Protector I liked the story s setting in a quiet Texas town Kane did a very good job of establishing very personal relationships between the characters Their interactions felt very realistic Even though there was a good plot, and interesting storyline the pace of the book seemed to drag a little Although my feelings were mixed on this particular book I am not writing of the series, because I do see great potential With that being said I will gladly read from Kane Reviewed by Teresa D for ThatsErotica.com

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    Zachary Norcross hasn t got much to live for Stationed in frigid Afghanistan mountains, spending time watching sheep graze than finding terrorists, his wife decides to leave him and move in with a friend After his tour has ended and he returns stateside, his ordeal is far from over Finding a new lease on life with a love named Eva, soon has Zachary getting much than he bargained for In Fierce Protector, Janine Kane creates a perfect blend of action, erotica, romance, and crime thriller There s than meet the eye to Eva, and Zachary quickly finds himself embroiled in it all, protecting her in order to keep her alive Fierce Protector creates a world of thrills and suspense as our hero finds himself up against the mob, crooked cops, and mysterious pasts that intrude on the present.

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    I m a sucker for a wounded hero and a damsel in distress storyline A retired Navy SEAL injured in Afghanistan, Zachary Norcross returns to his hometown in Texas a hero, but bearing physical injuries from combat and carrying a boatload of survivor s guilt He is the epitome of a wounded hero He s intense, smart, strong, protective and caring Unfortunately, while he was able to save Eva from her problems, he wasn t enough to save this book for me Full review here.

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