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Mastered and Milked (A Slave for the Milking, #3) Weeks Have Passed Since Emily Hart First Found Herself Trapped In The Hidden Depths Of Karnil Pharmaceutics She S Been Drugged She S Been Brainwashed She S Been Transformed Into The Perfect Human Cow, And At Long Last She S Finally Learned To Accept Her Fate Or Has She When The Man Of Her Dreams Shows Up To Rescue Her, What Will She Do Will She Fight For Her Freedom Or Cling To Her Slavery Jacob Evers May Be Bent On Liberating Her, But Emily Isn T So Sure She Wants To Go To Hold On To Her Newfound Pleasure, She Ll Have To Use Every Trick She Can To Make Him Understand Just How Suited She Is For Her Latest Role In Life And That Just Might Be One Task She Ll Come To Love Even Than Being Milked A SLAVE FOR THE MILKING PART THREE MASTERED AND MILKED Is A 10,000 Word Erotic Romance Featuring Breast Enlargement, Forced Lactation, Bondage, Submission, Mind Control, Master Slave Relationships, Spankings, And At Times Dubious Consent All Characters Depicted In This Work Are Over 18 This Is A Work Of Fiction Meant For An Adult Audience The Author Does Not Condone Or Endorse Any Of The Behaviors Carried Out By Its Characters For Longer Works Featuring Human Cow And Other Pet Play Themes, Consider Reading Jena Cryer S Other Works Including The 53,000 Word BDSM Erotic Novel, HIS BLACK PEARL, Which Follows The Capture And Training Of Adair Bartlett, Another Woman Who Learns Just How Freeing A Life Of Total Submission Can Truly Be Her Story, As Well As The 23,000 Word Erotica Novella, MILKED INTO THRALL, And The 62,000 Word MILKED BY ROYALTY Series Are Also Available On This Site For Download.

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