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Forced Marriage Kendall Hastings Forced To Marry A Man Who Hated Her Entire Family Never Meeting Him Before The Day Of Her Rushed Wedding She Is Forced To Endure Consummating The Marriage In Order To Get The Truce Between The Two Families And Thus Earn The Inheritance Blake Whyatt Wanted Nothing To Do With This Pact This Snotty Nose Princess Was Not What Wanted In A Bride In Love With Somebody Else, He Finds Himself Becoming Increasingly Taken By The Pompous Princess Lust Turns Ugly And What Started Out As Only A Pact To Keep The Peace Turns Out To Be A Deadly Agreement Warning This Book Contains Material Of Sex And Submission, And Violence It Is Recommended For Mature Audiences.

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    Well I enjoy an alpha and the over the top the better BUT this guy was just UGH So be warned having read some of the reviews and ratings E L Beth is known for this.But there are tons of spelling mistakes, bad grammar, poor diction you name it its there.

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