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Wrecking Ball (Diary of a Wimpy Kid, #14) In Wrecking Ball, Book Of The Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Series From International Bestselling Author Jeff Kinney An Unexpected Inheritance Gives The Heffley Family A Chance To Make Major Improvements To Their Home But They Soon Find That Construction Isn T All It S Cracked Up To Be When Things Get Rough, Will The Heffleys Be Able To Stay Or Will They Be Forced To Move And Don T Miss Diary Of An Awesome Friendly Kid Rowley Jefferson S Journal The Instant Bestseller Told From Rowley S Perspective

[EPUB] ✿ Wrecking Ball (Diary of a Wimpy Kid, #14)  ❄ Jeff Kinney – Pocket-bikes.us
  • Hardcover
  • 224 pages
  • Wrecking Ball (Diary of a Wimpy Kid, #14)
  • Jeff Kinney
  • English
  • 15 June 2019
  • 9781419739033

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    This book is brilliant I am 11 and I still love this hilarious book because it makes me laugh out loud Even when I ask my friends to borrow some of the books, they are kind enough to lend it to me so i can take it home so my big bother even reads them He loves them too I have got most of the books Jeff, you are my favorite author

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    i only want this book bc cover is cool and miley cyrus is singing a mantra in my head

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    I don t know what the hell is wrong with this websitewhy are u askin me to review before I even read it

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    Changes are coming for the Heffleys When Greg s great aunt Reba passes away suddenly, the Heffleys find money is coming to them which means major renovations to the house they ve called a home When the renovations begin to go awry, the Heffleys make a big decision that could change their lives forever Written and illustrated by Jeff Kinney, Diary of a Wimpy Kid 14 Wrecking Ball is a young adult comedy book The novel is the follow up to Diary of a Wimpy Kid 13 The Meltdown and like most of the Wimpy Kid novels, it received massive sales upon release.I was on the Wimpy Kid boat early on I read the first book when it was released and have read every volume since then as they were put out The books themselves go up and down One book will be better than the next or one book won t feel true to the stories presented in the other books I find this entry in the Wimpy Kids series kind of all over the place.It is generally better when the books have a clear storyline This book s storyline could maybe listed as home improvement , but it divides the content into the remodeling and the house sale I feel that both storylines could have been one book and that by dividing the time of the novel, it lets them both down I imagine a version where the home improvements all build up to a crazy oops moment that involves the whole family or a book where the house sale develops into something like how this story ended.The story also is very Greg centric, and the subject of the story doesn t necessarily feel like it should be Greg centric Generally Rodrick, Greg s mother and father, Manny, and others play into the story but here they seem like shadow characters that don t have enough play in a storyline involving everyone s life changing I realize in the end, the series is about Greg, and that parents will make decisions without consulting the family, but the stories thus far have developed as a family centric type of play out.Diary of a Wimpy Kid 14 Wrecking Ball is a so so entry in the series Greg is a kid and egocentric, but his glee over the death of his father s aunt is a little much There have been worse volumes, but there also have been much, much better With the one a year schedule of the book, I kind of expect , and I always hope for a good, concise story that keeps the themes and ideas of the series at the forefront Fans of the series will not be disappointed by this entry, but it could be better.

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    The fourteenth division in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, Wrecking Ball by best selling author, Jeff Kinney, is a striking add on to its shelf It comes out as an unexpected turn for the Heffley family, as a distant family member sadly passes away, leading on into the story an even greater unexpected turn they use the money to have an addition to their humble house Greg Heffley is fully fledged into this idea, but is it really what it s cut to be Certain connections I can make through the story are the difficult lifestyles told in the novel, I mean, how would you feel that your life is an improbable level to beat from a video game I still have to give this a 4 star review, however I mean, if you read all 14 parts from the series like me you can regard that every single story has a predictable ending Overall, it s still a surpassing read, especially for elementary students that just want to pause the challenging reads Same goes for all additional grades as well.

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    Fun Diary of a Wimpy Kid Day is fun I love how Scholastic sends a big box to our school each year with all the pre orders Because of how things worked out this year, students were off and teachers were in workshops I traveled to school thrice during the day to get my copy and prepare those for the students so they could conjole their parents to come in and pick up theirs All for the love of reading Greg s mother inherits some money She decides an addition to the house is warranted In typical Hefley tradition, the project is a bust, and they lose most of the cash The fun continues as the Hefleys prepare to move Oh, the excitement Of course, Rowley is not pleased and cries at the news His parents send over congratualtions The formula is still at work in this volume, but it is a fun read It s a quick read as I knocked it out while waiting in the public library as my children were in their teen council meeting.

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    I hemmed and hawed about buying this book I ve kind of been contemplating purging some of my stuff, I don t really need to collect the Wimpy Kid books, and there s starting to be too many in this series that I don t even know if I overly care any I don t know if those feelings were in the back of my mind while I was reading this, or if the books aren t up to the caliber of the earlier books, but I didn t love Wrecking Ball I didn t find this as funny or quotable as most of the previous books, and there wasn t really anything I related to Except maybe the picture of the hairy drain at the beginning lol I think it s time to face it that, at 36 years old, maybe I m finally getting to be too old for these books I ll get the next one because no doubt, in November 2020, there will be Wimpy Kid 15 from the library.

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    I liked this book because it was funny and ridiculous like all of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books Once again, Jeff Kinney delivers with a simple plot, a hilarious problem and an inconclusive ending, I loved it Spoilers l l l v This time, the Hefflyes inherit a small fortune from their dead aunt The Heffleys decide to use it to get home improvements The people who build the home improvements build it too close to a neighbors house so that can t build it Now, the Heffleys have run out of money and are forced to quit In the end, the Heffleys try to buy a new house but they can t because they can sell the house that they own.

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    This book was worth the wait, and when it arrived it came in like a wrecking ball Greg always loved the idea of expanding his house When he comes into an unexpected inheritance, his family can now get the house of their dreams I loved this book because the illustrations helped the reader visualize what was happening I would recommend this book to students in grades 5 8 I would also recommend this book to people who love the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, and who love comedy.

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