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The Broken HeavensThe Bloodsoaked Concluding Volume Of Kameron Hurley S Epic Fantasy, The Worldbreaker Saga, Is UnleashedThe Dhai Nation Has Broken Apart Under The Onslaught Of The Tai Kao, Invaders From A Parallel World With The Dhai In Retreat, Kirana, Leader Of The Tai Kao, Establishes A Base In Oma S Temple And Instructs Her Astrologers To Discover How They Can Use The Ancient Holy Place To Close The Way Between Worlds With All The Connected Worlds Ravaged By War And Oma Failing, Only One World Can Survive Who Will Be Sacrificed, And What Will The Desperate People Of These Worlds Do To Protect Themselves

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    The Broken Heavens is the third book in the Worldbreaker Saga be warned, possible spoilers for book two ahead I enjoyed it even than the previous two installments All the issues I ve had with the previous two books, the chaotic POV shifts, the occasional lack of clarity, the excessive description, were trimmed away neatly and left me with just the story Of course, it could also be that by the time we reach the last book in any series there s simply not much extra left to tell.The Broken Heavens takes place about one year after the events of Empire Ascendant, in which the Tai Mora successfully invaded the Dhai territory and left most of our main characters scrambling in the wilderness If you ve been following the trilogy up to this point, you know that we said goodbye to some characters in book two, and the improved focus and amount of quality time we were able to spend with each character in book three made me appreciate them all that much I also noticed that Hurley took the time to start each first line of every chapter with a character name, which was one of my main complaints about book one The action is almost non stop from the very first page and the story didn t feel at all bloated Every chapter left me wanting to know what happened next Perhaps most importantly, at no point in this book did I ever feel like I could guess what was coming next I genuinely had no idea how it would end or which characters would survive This series had already surprised me so much It s refreshing and feels completely unique.If I have one complaint it s that this book occasionally felt like it had everything but the kitchen sink thrown in I don t always mind this, but in a series that feels so gritty, a fantasy that feels like it s meant to be taken a little seriously, I found myself occasionally rolling my eyes I think it would have been fine if there had seemed to be some rules governing these things, or references to them happening in the past, but at some point I just had to shrug my shoulders and accept that this was a fantasy world in which anything goes.Overall I m glad I finished out the trilogy I don t think it changes drastically enough to make it worth reading if you didn t enjoy book one, but if, like me, you felt a little meh about it, I can say that each book is better than the next.Thank you to the publisher for supplying a review copy.

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    Will You Ever Finish This Book

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    Still gathering my thoughts Not sure I liked the ending but this feels like watching Avengers Endgame Fantastic worldbuilding or worldbreaking.

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    If I had to describe The Broken Heavens in a single word, deceptive would be it This is a book that s deceptive in just about every way, and I can t think of a better way to end the epic intensity of The Worldbreaker Saga.As the book opens, we re presented with what feels like a smaller, intimate tale, one that is focused on a few key players and a pair of key conflicts Lilia and the Dhai versus Kirana and the Tai Mora but of course it s not that simple Lilia is just as much in conflict with the Dhai, challenging an entire philosophy of pacifism with her desire for revenge, and her followers are standing in the way of the nation s retreat Then there s the matter of Lilia s own deceit, hiding the fact that she burned herself out.Layered on top of all that is the reminder that, when you re dealing with multiple worlds, with parallel people crossing over between mirror universes, deception is everywhere Compounding that confusion is the surprise return of characters thought dead, cloaked in questions of whether they really are the characters we think, or just mirror counterparts from another world Adding to that doubt is a kind of self deception, with one of those most surprising characters suffering from a sort of short term amnesia, leaving us to wonder if they even know whether they re the real deal There s always another monster, another and another, behind them You kill them, you become them, you lose everything you ever cared for And self deception is not just limited to amnesiacs There are so many characters here lumbering under their own sense of self deception, fooling themselves as to what their true motives and goals might be They have become so adept at spinning lies, at presenting the right illusion to those around them, that when it comes time to choose sides, to decide upon a course of action, they re not even sure what they want Of course, even the illusion of choice is a deception, as Roh reminds us There are than two choices It s not all good or evil, this or that We have the power to find other choices I thought I had two choices, always, but there were than that, always Perhaps the book s biggest deception, however, is allowing us to believe that the conflict could ever be so simple, just one leader versus another, one race against another There are glimpses of other worlds through, literal drop in reminders of just how many people are fleeing the destruction of their own worlds, but the first real clue that there may be a third power to contend with almost sneaks by It isn t fully appreciated until after the fact and by then it s far too late.In terms of characters, I really like how Kameron Hurley brought Lilia to a natural conclusion, allowing her growth, self revelation, and moments of both triumph and tragedy We see her full potential here, and she rises to the occasion Kirana becomes even well rounded in this final chapter and, despite all that horrors for which she s responsible, it becomes increasingly harder to simply see her as a villain Taigan was always a favorite, and I really like their arc here, free from the magical compulsions of the first two books, and what Hurley does with their immortality is immensely satisfying Roh gets back into the action, becoming a voice of reason and a guiding influence, if not quite the hero we might have expected, and Anavha becomes a character in his own right, defined by neither Zezili nor Natanial, and yet still very much cringing in their shadows Owned I know it s wrong I know you and Natanial don t like it, but I miss it I miss other people telling me what to do I hate having choices While I truly wondered how, or even if, the saga could end the cyclical nature of sagas like The Dark Tower kept lurking in my thoughts I think that is where The Broken Heavens shines brightest It s not just the characters and the conflicts that come to a head here, but the entire mythology of the worlds, the gates, and the temples Given all the build up to the temples, the satellites, and the breaking of worlds, there s a lot to deliver here, and Hurley delivers on all of it More importantly, she looks beyond the end, giving us a thoughtful meditation on all that s happened and what it means going forward Outstanding in every respect.https femledfantasy.home.blog 2020

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    I must be the first one who complaining about this book here It looked like the quality of the third book had dropped dramatically in compared of the first two I don t know if Hurley had to rush because of the deadline or if she just lost interest in writting this series, but this book is so out of shape , to the point it is unacceptable.The most disapointment in this book is it character I must say the main character of this series, Lilia, to me is not a strong lead at all By strong character I meant someone you feel like you could related to, be sympathized with or simply just root for through out all the books But Lilia appears to be a really annoying, unforgiving, quickly irritated, keep living in her own head kind of person She didn t develope much through all the three book, what different is while she was still somewhat comprihend and resonable in the first two books, she was completely inconvincing in the last one Her plans only worked because of the amount of lucks and illogical situations the author keep generously giving her Other key characters just conviniently stumble upon her one way or an other In order to not shadowing such a weak main lead and giving her convinent plot line, Hurley had blantly bend all other characters to the point they are unrecognizable It was just like she had spent two first book to build up the characters then smash them all to the ground with the last one Every single one of them was either doing things that horribly out of character or only a shadow of their former self metapho much That was a shame cause at least three of them had so much potential in term of a rootable character than Lilia ever could Maybe that why they all were all screwed, to make Lilia looked somewhat likeable The second disapointment would be the story itselft I had been defending Hurley s writting before, because to scale such an enomous world and various amount of character point was a massive jobs, I can totally understand if she made few mistake, as long as the what she was trying to tell made sense Now the story line had become very lazy and uncreative, which like I said before serveing nothing but to make a very weak lead character become something resemble the chosen one Characters is shallow and quick to change mind, stumbling upon each other in a too convinient ways, story is overcomplicated in unimpotant details and rushed in maijor plots Those mistakes she made in the first two book was made even blatant adding character point without considering its necessarily, inconsistent information to cover up plothole, long a conversation which don t even have a point to it, etc etc The I read the less it looked like a book and like a unedited drap, or worse a fanfiction, because sometimes I feel like the person who write this book was not the person who wrote these other two at all, if not for their bad traits was the same as ever Hurley had lost touch not only of her character but her entire story as well, she tried to save some meaning to it at last, but not so sucessful.This just some of my thoughts about this book, some might want aggue with me about this and that, but no doubt the quality of the series had declined Overall, it s desevered its 3 star rating, I wanted to give it 2 star for my dissapoimet and wasted time waiting for this book, but decided it s not worth any of my emotions any Have fun reading this, but don t hold your hope too high.

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    copy from Netgalley in exchange for a review I don t actually think I left any spoilers here, but approach at your own risk The Broken Heavens is the third and final book in Kameron Hurley s Worldbreaker saga The previous two books were complicated, deeply weird, incisively fierce work I m than happy to report that the conclusion follows in their footsteps.Worldbreaker is set in a world surrounded by parallel universes Quite literally It s possible to rip holes between parallel realities, leap through, and find yourself in a world where your double made different choices, or their friends did, or their politicians did To stride from a space where someone is your lover, to one where they re your worst enemy But to cross those boundaries, your duplicate needs to be dead.That drove the central concern of the previous book, as an invading army overwhelmed the pacifist Dhal nation, engaging in genocide in order to save the population of its own ruined world Now the Dhal are intruders in their own space, occupied by a people who have become a bit blas about mass murder than is good for them The story explores that occupation, and the conflict that preceded it, with a forensic care, but also with real humanity There are members of the surviving Dhal who want to rise up and fight There are members that just want to run, to go somewhere else, to get away from the scene of their catastrophe Both make excellent arguments, both feel like people trying to do their best by the people behind them Of course, their best is debatable Nobody here really has clean hands Those few who appear to are also those with seemingly the least impact on the world If they re not willing to get dirty, they re also not going to get anything done and will bear the costs of their inaction in any event The story explores this dichotomy between moral clarity and the personal cost of action and it does so in an engaging way, using characters that we care about, even as we watch them stand on different sides.This is a book that really reaches, that is grounding big ideas in its world and in its characters The world is centred on constantly shifting parallels, but it s also defined by its magic, itself driven by a complex, shifting pattern of celestial satellites It s a complex, detailed, richly imagined universe But there are enough unanswered questions to make the reader wonder how it all hangs together, and why The big ideas, the big questions, are the bones of this narrative Looking at consent, at morality, at what people are willing to do, what costs they re willing to bear, and why Examining ideas of love and of understanding, of betrayal for the sake of power, or for the sake of advancement, or for that very love Of seeing people stand up for what they believe in, and be beaten down over and over, and still fighting Or acquiescing and working within a system Or both This is a text that peels back the human experience, flensing to the heart of the lived shared experience, showing that everyone is as much the same as they are different, that monsters are heroes of their own story and that you can flip a coin between those seen as monsters and heroes.So yes, this is a big ideas book.It s also an intimate one While we re tracking the characters through woods filled wit carnivorous plants, or through disturbingly organic temple strutures teeming with magic, they re having heartfelt, genuine discussions There s an openness there, a front faing truth which makes the dialogue feel genuine and heartfelt That the dialogue includes than a few sharp words, and the occasional verbal assassination makes no odds they feel equally real There s a sense here of real people, who love and live and hurt and die, and invite the reader to experience that alongside them Some of these people are, incidentally, not very nice people But they re people nonetheless, ones you can empathise if not sympathise with In a world populated by doubles, not everyone is who they seem to be, and truth isn t always what it appears either But the people, the people are real And the way they speak to each other lays aside illusions, and has a sort of emotional honesty which gives the words a serious punch even if especially if the words are a horror, or a lie.So yes.A broken, strange world, one that carries a weight of history, and is screaming from the changes imposed upon it by its own paradigm.Characters who feel real, who you ll care about, who will make you laugh and cry alongside them, who will make you cheer their failure and fear their success Who are brave, or not, heroes, or not, terrified, or not, magical, or not Who are, when it comes down to it, people with all the behavioural spectrum that entails But they re real, and you ll feel for them, and with them.There s the story too I mean, I m in love with the weird world, and the horrendous, compelling, wonderful characters But there s the story too And it kicks arse I won t spoil it But it has all the explosive, strange, unbelievable magic you ve been looking for All the unexpected tragedies All the moments of soaring triumph and sour defeat possibly in the same paragraph It s complex, with tales interweaving as they build to that climatic conclusion we ve been waiting for And that conclusion is painful and glorious and fierce and bloody and wonderful This one has serious emotional energy, and the kind of compelling prose that leaves you turning just one page before bed and then suddenly it s five in the morning and you re not entirely sure how that happened, but know you loved getting there This is a story that makes no apologies, that sears the reader as much as it delights, that wants you to think, and will pull you heart and soul into its story.This is a damn fine conclusion to a damn fine trilogy, and if you re here trying to decide if it s worth finishing the series yes If you re trying to decide if the series is worth reading also yes

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    Full disclosure I received an ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.If you haven t read the first two books in this series, let me sell you on them Hurley has created a world in full of different cultures which break gender binaries, heterosexual norms, patriarchal social systems, and embrace complex and frequently polygamous family units Oh, and the novel takes place on a hostile world the plant life actively tries to eat people orbiting a binary star There are also four satellites orbiting the star which give certain people magic powers for as long as their satellite is visible in the sky Every 1000 years, all four satellites can be seen in the sky, which signals a massive cataclysm as alternate realities begin to converge and other versions of this planet in other universes begin to die To escape their dying worlds, the inhabitants of those planets, who are mostly doppelgangers of those in the world on which the series is centered because these are multiple universes , attempt to cross over They can only do this, however, if they do not have a living double in the world they want to enter War and genocide ensues.It is a year after Lilia s disastrous defeat at Kuallina, and the surviving Dhai are either slaves of the Tai Mora or refugees hiding in the woodlands Lilia and her band of believers keep striking back at the Tai Mora where they can, but the surviving leaders of the free Dhai are losing patience with Lilia s schemes, which they view as futile and dangerous Meanwhile, the Tai Mora are determined to figure out the secrets of how the temples work via their captive Luna, who isn t talking and close the ways between worlds so that no other versions of their selves can cross over from their dying worlds and attempt to conquer this world the way the Tai Mora have done Of course, the Tai Mora intend to do this after they track down and kill this world s Yisaoh and Tasia, who are among the Dhai refugees, so that their Kirana can bring over her versions of Yisaoh and Tasia to join her.I ll be honest, it s been several years since I read The Mirror Empire and Empire Ascendant, so I d forgotten a lot of details about the plot and how all the characters are connected This novel doesn t do a lot of recap of important details from the previous books, so I was about halfway through before I had picked up or finally remembered all the necessary details to fully grasp what was going on Really, I should have just stopped to re read the previous books, but I wouldn t have had time to do that before this review was due It s a complex plot with a lot of complicated relationships, so a vague recollection of details didn t serve me well here.It takes a while to reintroduce the characters and get them to where they need to be for the final conflict, but when the endgame arrives, it s excellent and it does a fantastic job grappling with Lilia s burning desire for revenge and the moral and emotional issues raised by the central conflict of the plot, in which people are willing to commit heinous acts in order to save the people they love even killing other versions of the people they love to save their specific loved ones from certain death.I highly recommend this series, though you should read or reread them all close together because it doesn t really recap what happened before and you need all the information from the previous novels in order to read this This series is ambitious and challenges all sorts of reader expectations as is typical of Hurley s work , and Hurley pulls it off well If you like dark and gritty epic fantasy but wish it were feminist and anti colonialist, this is for sure the series for you.Content warning as is typical of Hurley s work, there is pretty explicit and horrific violence, but that violence is not gendered against women It is, in one case, gendered against men as that society flips our scripts regarding gender roles for men and women and the husband is abused by his much stronger, powerful wife in the first book.

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    The Dhai people are left reeling after the invasion of the aggressive Tai Kao, fleeing from their disintegrating world Now Tai Kao leader, Kirana, seeks to close the rift between worlds before the power of the dark star Oma, fails But in the process, there will continue to be a life and death struggle with the invaders and the Dhai still prepared to resist them.Kameron Hurley has created a fantasy not in one world but many, since the rifts allow passage from one alternate reality to another.As always in Hurley s stories, it is about people and nothing is straightforward This time there is a big question over morality Who really are the bad people As the story shifts from one side to another you are constantly left asking yourself who is evil and who is good Who has the right to live and die, given that if your doppelg nger or that of someone you love exists in the reality you are fleeing to for safety, and do you have the right to have them killed to make way for the person who means so much to you I enjoyed the constant shuttle back and forth through the warring factions Ultimately the story is probably best to be observed from a position of everyone is trying to survive in the best way they know how At the same time the author allows you, the reader, to form attachments to characters who might not survive in one world, but in another Do you have to prepare to mourn the potential demise of one version of a character that you prefer and make room for another On what do you base your judgment, because each of their perspectives and consequent actions might be valid given the predicament they find themselves in.This is the third and final book in the series, however I had not read the previous two books and was coming to the world, or worlds, for the first time It did not take me long to catch up, and given the depth of character development yes there is still room for that, even in a final book , and breadth in terms of people and their interactions of the well thought through plot I found there was a great deal to hold my interest.It is clear from The Broken Heavens that the series will easily take several re reads to fully appreciate all the nuances of the whole story.The Broken Heavens was courtesy of Angry Robot.

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    Before reading The Worldbreaker Saga, I d already read one trilogy and two standalones by Kameron Hurley, so I knew the series would be great And yet my expectations were completely blown out of the water I m in awe of Hurley s worldbuilding, of the fascinating magic system she s created, of her effortless inclusion of diversity, and of her ability to write so many complex characters There are quite a few POVs in this trilogy, and Hurley pulls it off flawlessly This is a series about parallel worlds, and each POV both adds to the overall picture and makes it impossible to say those are the good guys and those are the bad guys Characters you see in the first book only through another character s eyes have their own POV in the next book, and suddenly their motivations become clear Every single character does horrible things, and yet I was still able to sympathize with and understand them Hurley takes morally gray to the next level, and I love it This series is ownvoices for queer representation and is set in a queernorm world There s bisexual rep, gender fluid rep, poly rep, multiple recognized genders, and so much One of the main characters also has a chronic illness and a physical disability I appreciate the fact that Hurley doesn t gloss over the character s struggles Her problems are real, and they make it so she often has to work harder, but still she keeps fighting The Broken Heavens, the last book in the trilogy, is my favorite I couldn t have asked for from a series finale I honestly had no idea what to expect from the ending I didn t even know what I should hope for, with all the conflicting POVs It made for a thrilling read, and I both didn t want it to end and could hardly put it down This series is made for binging, and I m so glad I didn t have to wait for book three Do yourself a favorite and give this epic fantasy series a chance

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    I have one very important thing to tell you about this book, and this series as a whole Don t be afraid to use the glossary of terms in the back Look things and characters up if you don t quite remember them It will be worth it I promise Hurley has densely packed this book, from top to bottom, with so many little worldbuilding details that I d be shocked if you could hold it all in your head But that s why we re reading Hurley, right RIGHT This is a fitting conclusion to the Worldbreaker saga By about a quarter into this book, I was anxious Things felt helpless, and overwhelming That level of dread and tension continued til almost the last page Hurley, as usual, pulls no punches I won t say that she likes to make her characters suffer, but I will say that she doesn t hesitate to kick them while they re down And boy, are they all down in this book Hurley manages to tie all the various threads of multiple characters from multiple worlds all together, in a narrative that is relentlessly paced and doesn t give you time to catch your breath I almost wish there was a bit at the end, there were so many characters and I wanted reassurance that the ones left standing would be okay But, after all, this is Kameron Hurley and that s not the way her worlds work And her stories are always better for it.Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC Honest review, etc Now go read literally everything that Kameron Hurley has ever written.

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