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Academia Draconia A terrified rider A mighty dragon And a friendship that defied imagination To be a dragonrider you should not be afraidof heightsBut when you ve fallen off your dragon at two thousand feet, you re probably going to be, all the same And if you re a trainee dragonrider, you ll be afraid sooner A lot sooner There s unfortunately one major drawback Gaile suffers from terrible vertigo and gets dizzy even on the first rung of a ladder Nor is teamwork one of her specialitiesThat wouldn t be so bad if team wasn t the very definition of a dragon and rider or that it s up to the dragon to choose their partner, and they re notoriously difficult creatures to impressBut when, after the latest setback, Gaile decides to track down the Ghost she ends up setting off a chain of events that ll show that being Strong, Courageous and Tall isn t the only way to prove your worthJoin Gaile and the other new students at the dragon academy as they embark on a journey to became true dragonriders of the sky. New Download Kindle ePUB Academia Draconia author Mae McKinnon –

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    First off, in the interest of full disclosure, I was the content editor for this novel and I ve been friends with the author for years That said, I m an avid reader, so that s the hat I m wearing for this review, but I understand if you don t take this as wholly unbiased Also, I will try to avoid spoilers as best I can The first time I read the rough draft for Academia Draconia, I was enchanted To me, it was Harry Potter meets How to...

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    I loved this book and can t wait to read the next one in the series

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