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Jane Anonymous Bestselling Author Laurie Faria Stolarz Returns With Jane Anonymous, A Gripping Tale Of A Seventeen Year Old Girl S Kidnapping And Her Struggle To Fit Back Into Her Life After She EscapesThen, Jane Was Just Your Typical Year Old In A Typical New England Suburb Getting Ready To Start Her Senior Year She Had A Part Time Job She Enjoyed, An Awesome Best Friend, Overbearing But Loving Parents, And A Crush On A Boy Who Was Taking Her To See Her Favorite Band She Never Would Ve Imagined That In Her Town Where Nothing Ever Happens, A Series Of Small Coincidences Would Lead To A Devastating Turn Of Events That Would Forever Change Her LifeNow, It S Been Three Months Since Jane Escaped Captivity And Returned Home Three Months Of Being That Girl Who Was Kidnapped, The Girl Who Was Held By A Monster Three Months Of Writing Down Everything She Remembered From Those Seven Months Locked Up In That Stark White Room But, What If Everything You Thought You Knew Everything You Thought You Experienced Turned Out To Be A Lie

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    Five I found a new author who is gifted, brilliant and develops amazing characters, I couldn t put down this book, disconnected with outside world, stayed focused, jumped up and down at some parts and created a new term as three dimensional reading , because every suffering, every traumatic experience, every scared moments, every fight of Jane truly resonated with me stars The one thing I really like about the books make your emotions all over the place as they shake you to the core and help you connect with other lives For so long a book didn t function as a sledgehammer to smash my heart into million tiny pieces as like this book did to me Jane s emotional, heart wrenching, terrifying survival journey was remarkably told Even a heartless person could be affected from what she s been through She s been kidnapped, put in car trunk at the beginning of the story and by moving back and forth between her captivated time and PTSD time present time , we learn about her traumatic experience Some parts of her story, kept in warehouse with several we still have no idea how many captives were there people and her connection with the other captive Mason by only hearing his voice and holding his hand reminds us of OA series But don t worry, I m not gonna give spoiler but in this story, an evil professor didn t kidnap few extraordinary talents to make trials on their bodies This is only Jane s story who gathers all strength to escape from the place and throughout her captivation time, she develops a special relationship with Mason Her inner voices belong to her mother, her best friend force her keep going She finally succeeds to escape from her cage but we see her new life she sentences herself to live in her own mental cage by keeping away from her loved ones and turns her own bedroom into her cell This book is about testing yourself and your survival skills It s also about when you lost a great part of your innocence and mental health how you can collect your pieces to create new and tough version of yourself It s brave, it s mind bending It s not sunshine and flowers reading Wear your big girl shoes before accept to enter Jane s world And THERE IS A BIG FREAKING TWIST brings the most poetic ending to this book You didn t see it coming Okay actually I did it I hate myself to doubt everything which helps me to solve all the twists and lost the fun of it But it is still a great and life changing, sucker punch kind of surprise I loved to see the inner fight of her Jane, her mood swings, ups and downs, antisocial behaviors but finally gathering herself to take big steps to save herself from her inner cage Because the fight she gave against herself at the present time was even damaging and challenging than escaping from her captor Highly recommend this inspirational, realistic, mind bending, capturing, amazing book to all the people who have enough power to fight against her inner cages prevented them to move on with their lives and who love tormented but not broken soul stories.I m so thankful to Wednesday Books and NetGalley for providing this remarkable, fantastic book in exchange my honest review.

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    3.5 stars Jane Anonymous is a compulsively readable YA psychological thriller about a 17 year old girl who is trying to cope after escaping 7 months of captivity The narrative is told from Jane s point of view, and shifts between Now and Then In Now she writes about the aftermath of her kidnapping While she has returned home, she is no longer the carefree girl who worried about trivial things Everyone, from her mother to her friends, wants her to go back to being the Jane they loved Jane struggles, as she doesn t know who is any She beings writing about what she experienced to help her heal and details her time being held by her kidnapper in Then From the very beginning, I couldn t put this book down It is very easy to read I read it over the course of a day I figured out early on who took Jane, but not the full why This is of a character study than a thriller Some elements didn t fully work for me, but I acknowledge that I am not the intended audience At a certain point, the narrative loses tension and becomes a bit repetitive While I didn t love all parts, I found Jane s voice captivating I also appreciated the author s message about trauma and healing I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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    This is a weird one for me to review It was extremely entertaining and gripping, and I definitely feel like it accomplished what it set out to accomplish, but there were times when this felt a little exploitative to me I am definitely the odd man out on this one as all of the other reviews of this are glowing, so maybe I went into it with the wrong mindset, but there were definitely times where I felt like handling the topic sensitively took a backseat in favor of entertainment value And it just felt. odd I did still enjoy reading this one and I would say to pick it up if it interests you, but definitely tread with caution if you re sensitive to any of the topics covered in this book.TW abduction, being held captive, death of an animal in the past , emotional manipulation Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for providing me an advance copy in exchange for this review I discussed this book in detail in this video on my BookTube channel

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    Jane Anonymous is your typical girl next door, 17 year olds, living in a suburban town in New England.That is until she gets abducted while out running an early morning errand She remains in captivity for 7 months Locked in a room, alone.This is her story, following then and now timelines until then and now merge The narrative itself is stream of consciousness then I tend to enjoy but I ll tell you what, in this case, it didn t bother me at all.I actually feel that it was a smart choice by the author, as it made the conveyance of this wild tale seem real It feels like a friend telling you about a horrific thing that happened to them.When I say horrific thing , I mean it This book is not for the sensitive The violence perpetrated against Jane, being stripped of her freedom and her sense of safety, amongst other traumas, was hard to read Her efforts toward recovery were equally heavy and disturbing In some ways, I think that was even difficult to read, her struggles to try to adapt back to the life she had before.Severe trauma, feeling broken and the pathways to recovery are all covered within these pages I think if this book is read at the right time, by the right person, it could really mean a lot to them.Hard hitting the entire way through, if you can stomach it, I think the message of hope that ultimately shines through is worth the effort It was that way for me, at least Although my heart was a little battered and bruised at the end, it was worth it.Thank you so much to the publisher, Wednesday Books, for providing me with a copy to read and review I appreciate it

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    After sitting on this review for almost a week, I m going to keep it brief I d like to state that I m not a teenager, and therefore not the target audience, so some of the issues I had with this book might not be the case for the YA crowd The writing is easy to get caught up in, and the format and storytelling style make it difficult to put this book down once you ve begun The author has a way with keeping the reader glued, and that s no small feat My problems likely stem from having read too many psychological thrillers, and I found the twist obvious in the first quarter of the book There s a really small cast of characters, and it s a twist that I ve read several times before, but if you haven t experienced it, then it might really grab you I do wish Jane Anonymous had focused slightly on the trauma and mental health issues depicted in this novel, rather than the mystery behind who took Jane, but again its personal preference If you re looking for a fast paced read where the pages fly by, definitely give this one a try Many thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy via NetGalley.

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    I know that my reviews today are beginning to be repetitive, but I literally couldn t put this one down Laurie Faria Stolarz s Jane is a memorable protagonist as she recounts the seven months she was held captive and the aftermath in which she tries to rebuild her life by writing her story The chapters alternate between THEN and NOW and highlight Jane s struggle to accept the traumatic event that she survived I have no idea why I like kidnapping stories so much, but something about Jane kept me from looking away All I know is that I cannot stop thinking about this book Thanks to Beatrice Jason of St Martin s Press who invited me to check out an egalley of this upcoming title on Netgalley Goodreads review published 07 01 20Publication Date 07 01 20

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    I haven t been so emotionally connected to a character in a really long time It s like I felt everything she felt The publisher synopsis describes this book as gripping and I agree completely as I started reading the book in the afternoon and was done before I went to bed I m going to keep the synopsis of the book short and simple Jane Anonymous is a teenager when she is kidnapped Seven months later she is back living at her house with her parents So what happened while she was held captive Well, the story is going to alternate between Jane during the time period she went missing and Jane in the present time in which she is trying to process everything that happened.I think the author was smart in letting the reader know right from the beginning that Jane somehow makes it back home I don t think I emotionally could have handled this story if it was told in chronological order as it would have been too tense for me As is, even knowing she somehow survives, the parts when she is held captive are still nerve wracking And even though Jane s life has obviously been impacted and you are witnessing her dealing with the aftermath, it almost feels like you get a bit of relief when the writing alternates to the present time How the author wrote this story was well thought out and effective.I m not kidding when I say, I honestly felt in tune with Jane and just felt everything she was feeling And that s what makes this story such an incredible read It s pretty amazing how you can feel so connected to a character despite the fact you haven t had a similar life experience.I m trying not to overly hype this book because maybe this won t be such a moving reading experience for all readers I loved it though and am placing it among my favorite YA fiction reads I think if you enjoy that genre, give this one a try as at the very least it is a quick read I think it is also important to note that when compared to other books I have read recently dealing with crimes against a woman, this story probably goes into the least amount of graphic detail I m not saying this book is for everyone, but maybe a wider audience would be able to handle reading this novel Thank you to the publisher for sending me an advance copy I was under no obligation to post a review and all views expressed are my honest opinion.

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    Pages 320Publication January 7th 2020Fantastic I loved it Jane Anonymous is abducted after stopping at the boutique where she works to pick up her best friends birthday gift that she had forgotten to bring home The store is closed but the guy looks nice, he is handsome and seems genuine about it being his 1 year anniversary with his girlfriend, so she lets him in He gets her with chloroform after she turns around to wrap up his gift.The story is told from the ten months after the day she was abducted when she is back at home She was held for over seven months and she is trying to come to terms with what happened She came back in pieces as she describes it PTSD in psychological terms , but she refuses to talk to the psychologists she tried because of different issues, one used candles that smelled like the ones her captor the monster used, another treated her like she was crazy.So Jane decides to write about her experience as a form of therapy, both her time in captivity and since she got home So the book goes back and forth, then from her kidnapping forward to now present As Jane tries to understand everything that happened to her and work through her trauma, we as readers are finding out what happened in the order it happened and also finding out how it is affecting her now that she is at home.As you would expect, Jane is having trouble adjusting at home She went through various types of physical and mental torture while in captivity, though I won t give any spoilers as to what those were but to say it wasn t a standard kidnapping The book had my emotions going all over the place, I was feeling for Jane so much I felt so bad for her when she was free but trying to recreate her own room to be like the room in captivity She knew it is better being free, but almost feels safer in that room where nobody can get her or talk to her I cried throughout half of the book because it was heart wrenching I run Because I can t sleep Because Memory can t catch me if I keep a fast pace Because my parents door is closed, but Night can t shut me out Because I m not supposed to be out at this hour, especially after everything, especially all alone and so it feels a little like power As Jane gets further in her story and continues to struggle with being at home, her Mother tries to get her back to normal by forcing her to go out or to see her friends Her Mom can t heal until Jane heals, which puts pressure on Jane Jane struggles with her feelings for Mason who was one of the other people held captive and was able to cut a small hole in the wall so they could hold hands Her struggles with the reasons for why the monster took her were hardest of all What do you feel most nervous about Facing the truth, I guess The truth about What happened when I was taken I study her face, trying to figure out if she knows my story, if she saw it on the news or read it in the papers I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own Blog Goodreads Facebook Twitter BookBub

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    To say I was totally unprepared for the impact this compelling book had on me is an understatement From Jane s first written words in her journal to her message to readers on the last page, I found it hard to breathe Jane Anonymous is the gripping, heart wrenching story of a seventeen year old girl s kidnapping, her struggles to escape captivity with body and mind intact, and her inability to merge back into her old life with family and friends once she came home Jane was held in captivity for seven grueling months during which time she discovered she could communicate through the wall with a fellow victim in the next room This communication became her lifeline to reality another driving force to keep trying to escape Please avoid reviews that contain spoilers Readers need to feel Jane s utter despair and devastation as well as her strong will to survive first hand to understand what happens in the end.This story unfolds through two timelines now then, and is told exclusively from Jane s point of view In the now, prayers have been answered and Jane is back home with her family, but she s now a prisoner of her own mind and the four walls of her room as she struggles to deal with memories, nightmares, and the trauma of captivity as well as guilt over the one she left behind She can t return to normal because she doesn t recognize herself in her old life she s no longer the girl she was before In the then, readers are in Jane s head within the four walls of a small, locked room watching as she struggles to keep her sanity We know from the beginning that Jane does eventually escape, but at what cost Her life is forever shattered into pieces around her She can t begin to find her way back until she deals with the aftermath and acknowledges the lost pieces of the puzzle taunting her to remember Jane Anonymous is an intense, fast paced story that speaks of control, guilt, anger, mental health, survival, and the emotional struggle of victims to become whole again To acknowledge, accept, and thus gain control of one s life again Through short chapters, the author accelerates the pace forward at an intense, rapid rate making for a compulsive, angst filled read With few characters, the attention focuses almost solely on Jane, essentially becoming an exclusive character study of her before and after The swing back and forth between past and present serves to keep readers slightly off balance in an urgent must read now kind of way While I m not in the intended age target range for this book, I had no problem becoming totally consumed by it as I simply could not put it down While I can t say I didn t see the surprise ending coming, it in no way lessened my enjoyment of this unique, brilliantly written young adult thriller Jane Anonymous is the gripping story of a young girl s emotional journey back from being broken to becoming whole again A fantastic story that I highly recommend no matter your age With special thanks to Wednesday Books for an arc of this book via Netgalley Reviewed at Cross My Heart Reviews

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    Jane Anonymous by Laurie Faria Stolarz is probably best described as a thrilling young adult contemporary The book tells the story of Jane Anonymous who had been kidnapped and held prisoner for seven months by alternating between Jane in the present time after her escape and going back to the past while she was captive.In the present Jane has gone through many types of therapy and people helping her deal with what happened but now feels the best way to deal with it would be to write her own story When flashing back Jane tells of how she left to pick up a present for a friend and came across a man who overtook her and locked her in his trunk before locking her up.This story was extremely captivating and suspenseful despite knowing from the beginning that Jane had survived the kidnapping Going back and forth between the then and now you could just feel the emotions coming off of Jane as you read her story I will say though I thought the twist to the tale was a little easy to see ahead of time leading to dropping my rating to 4 1 2 stars but otherwise a great read.I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.For reviews please visit

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