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We Used to Be FriendsTwo Best Friends Grow Up And Grow Apart In This Innovative Contemporary YA Novel Told In Dual Timelines Half Of The Chapters Moving Forward In Time And Half Moving Backward We Used To Be Friends Explores The Most Traumatic Breakup Of All That Of Childhood Besties At The Start Of Their Senior Year In High School, James A Girl With A Boy S Name And Kat Are Inseparable, But By Graduation, They Re No Longer Friends James Prepares To Head Off To College As She Reflects On The Dissolution Of Her Friendship With Kat While, In Alternating Chapters, Kat Thinks About Being Newly In Love With Her First Girlfriend And Having A Future That Feels Wide Open Over The Course Of Senior Year, Kat Wants Nothing Than James To Continue To Be Her Steady Rock, As James Worries That Everything She Believes About Love And Her Future Is A Lie When Her High School Sweetheart Parents Announce They Re Getting A Divorce Funny, Honest, And Full Of Heart, We Used To Be Friends Tells Of The Pains Of Growing Up And Growing Apart

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    I know it s only January, but I m pretty sure We Used to be Friends will be one of my favourite reads of 2020.This was so good, amazingly written with capability to send me on my own reminiscing journey.Full review to come.

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    SO MANY FEELINGS This made me cry ON A BUS Friend breakups are so terrible and we so rarely talk about them

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    so 2020 will be a good year when we finally acknowledge the pain of friend break ups neat __________________________

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    3 5 Thank you so much to the publisher for providing me with a free ARC of this book in exchange for an honest opinion and happy release day to this book It s strange to think you could grow up right alongside someone and be one category of person when it turns out they re another entirely We Used To Be Friends follows two best friends as they grow up and ultimately grow apart Told through different points of view, one moving forward and the other moving backward, the reader gets to know how and why Kat and James friendship evolved through times Although the format was promising and interesting, I sadly found myself to be quite confused at times with each timeline However, this dual timeline brought an interesting aspect to the book as it helped understand better both sides of what Kat and James were feeling toward each other Even though I was not fond of Kat s character for reasons that are still unknown to me, I grew extremely attached to James I found that there was much dimension to James than her friend and she was much complex in her ideas I really liked James because, not going to lie here, I could really relate to how she felt towards other characters in the story Kat on the other hand seemed to be a little bit oblivious and I wanted to shake some sense into her Maybe it s because I loved James and wanted to protect her that I didn t really like Kat I do have to say however that Kat is bisexual so A for diversity Sliding into this, I liked the way her bisexuality was portrayed because I didn t seem forced and the author made it seem really natural and genuine Moreover, I liked that Kat was not ashamed at all about her sexuality and she was not scared to make a statement in front of her whole school so, that s maybe the only redeeming quality I found within her This book centers itself mostly around friendship and family relationships rather than romance, which was truly appreciable in this context It was pitched as a book about two best friends growing apart and this is exactly what it delivered Of course there was relationsips involved in the plot but they were minor compared to the central plot of the book itself even though they played a part in making the story move forward The parents of the protagonists also had their own flaws and qualities, making them seem genuine and their presence really brought something to the plot as well The family dynamics is complex, but relatable Not everything was portreayed as easy or wonderful with the cast of characters and I enjoyed this aspect the most I think the majority of us has been through one or friendship breakups and it is always sad to see but in real life and in written form, especially when it involves best friends who used to say everything to each other until they don t even want to see one another any This made for a painful but realistic story Using both humor and sadness, this book is definitely one to add to your TBRs It has the best portrayal of complex friendship I have read in a while.My Bookstagram

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    I received an earc of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review It s been a few hours since I ve finished this book and I really can t find strong feelings for it one way or another I really love the premise of the story, the queer representation, the characters, the relationships, and the realistic feels of everything Despite all of this I just wasn t really able to get into the book I found myself accidentally skimming parts of it, the timeline was pretty confusing because I kept forgetting what month it was, and parts of the book just felt so drawn out with too little happening I wanted to love this book but I just don t I would definitely recommend it for the positives I mentioned above, but I think my high expectations ended up making this book a bit of a letdown for me.Full review

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    Real rating 4,5 stars.We Used To Be Friends was such a brilliant read and a necessary one, too There are too few books about friendships and friendship break ups and how painful that can be, too, and this book NAILED IT I loved the dual POV and the originality of going back and forth in James and Kat s relationship Bittersweet and emotional, this is such a good read I m definitely going to recommend Full review coming soon on the blog Thank you to Amulet Books UK Abrams Chronicle Books YA UK for the ARC of this book This did not, in any way, influenced my thoughts and rating My Blog Drizzle Hurricane Books Twitter Bloglovin

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    Sometimes a friendship ends with something huge Other times, two people grow apart for a variety of reasons that aren t necessarily big bangs, but a ton of small ones that inevitably break them apart Spalding digs into this kind of friendship breakup in a story told in a creative and effective timeline James s narrative moves backwards from her leaving for college after the summer post senior year, while Kat s moves forward from the first month of senior year and as readers, we see all of the things that add up as they come, but we re left moving forward in the story because we re looking for that one thing But there is no single thing It s a lot of things, on both sides.Kat discovers she s bisexual, while James s parents are breaking up because her mom has found a new partner, and those are two big revelations in the story, connected because of how they define each of the girls to themselves and one another Kat becomes close with her girlfriend, whiles James finds herself needing to spend time better understanding herself and what it is she really wants in her life Both girls are well rounded, though I found James a bit compelling It s interesting to read reviews calling them unlikable, as I don t think it s true in either case Is unlikable the word people use for complex now Both of these girls are high school seniors and have a lot going on, and to me, they read like high school seniors who have a lot going on None of us are particularly amazing humans at that point in our lives because there s so much going on Both girls are equally deserving of empathy though for this, as well as the slow breakup of their long time friendship.As always, Spalding develops some great parents in the story, which I always appreciate This book has humor, heart, and heartbreak, and I think it s one a lot of readers will relate to I ve yet to read it as of this review, but I think it ll be awesome to pair this book with When You Were Everything by Ashley Woodfolk, another friendship breakup story.

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    3.75 starsread on my blog I received an ARC from Netgalley These are my honest opinions, and in no way was I compensated for this review Everything felt so easy then friendships, boyfriends, the future, But now my feelings are too messy It s like something has been rotting from within and now there s no way to know when it started I was intrigued by the title I mean, We Used to Be Friends is very on the nose, but it s exactly what this book is about, and I loved it for that I feel like people forget that books portray people within a moment, and that sometimes, romances and friendships aren t forever We Used to Be Friends depicts the deterioration of a female friendship, not for any bad reasons but just because people grow away from each other sometimes.The dual timelines were really developed You pretty much know a general outline of what went down, but you only know from one girl, at different times Kat s plot line goes forward, as she realizes she s bisexual ownvoices and dates a girl Meanwhile, James s narrative is told backwards you know the end result of her pulling away but you only get to see pieces of it in Kat s chapters Knowing a new person is a special kind of magic, because they don t have to see everything I loved having both perspectives, especially because it emphasizes that the girls don t break up so to speak for any one reason James increasingly grows annoyed with Kat, not because of her sexuality, but because she s always focused on herself and doesn t see how her lack of support affects James Kat is honestly oblivious to all of this some people are just absorbed with their own lives, and that s not necessarily a bad thing She s just broken up with her boyfriend, a high profile break up if there ever was one, and she realizes she s attracted to her new friend.From the other side, James is dealing with her own break up and her parents divorce, both of which Kat didn t even know about She doesn t help with how bad the friendship gets because she internalizes all her feelings and keeps her irritation to herself, which honestly I relate to This felt so real to me When you re close to someone, it s not like you want to be annoyed with them, and you re definitely not going to tell them Sure Good luck with this latest incarnation of yourself He says it like a biting insult, but shouldn t we all be trying to be the latest incarnation of ourselves I ve never been happier to feel so little like the girl I was last year This book had one of the best portrayals of outgrowing a friendship Not for bad reasons, although not for good it s just something that happens Even if you ve been best friends with someone, in the end, you re living as separate people, so it s only natural for you to grow apart It s just so interesting and so relatable to me, having been a teenage girl with ex best friends There s this whole person who you know a million little things about but you don t even talk to any it s really such a sad occurrence But again A natural one Pick We Used to Be Friends up whether you ve felt this way or not read herefull review to comeoriginal review such a good depiction of best friends growing apart

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    Kat and James had been best friends since they were serendipitously paired together in Kindergarten Both were looking forward to senior year for different reasons Kat just wanted to get though this last year, and was anticipating all the new experiences waiting for her in college, while James was eager to be a senior and to enjoy her final year of high school with her best friend at her side However, neither expected it would be the end of a decade long friendship.I am telling you, right now, I had a headache, when I finished this book, due to all the crying I did Romantic breakups are painful, but we rarely acknowledge how traumatic a friend breakup can be My tears are evidence, that Spalding did a fantastic job depicting the collapse of this storied friendship So, considered yourself warned.Spalding told this story from both Kat and James point of view, but she did so, from opposite ends of the timeline James story began at the end, with her leaving town for college, and Kat s started from the beginning of the school year I found the dual timeline to be quite successful and meaningful for me James narrative had insight, since she could reflect on the past, while Kat s had unknown s Since there was overlap, I also experienced many things in multiple ways, and we all know, perspective is everything It was interesting the way their life situations were flipped, too Kat s year started with heartbreak, and ended with everything coming up roses, while it was the opposite for James.James point of the view definitely elicited tears from me Her life sort of imploded, and everything she believed in seemed like a lie There were some positive things that came out of what happened, and Spalding left me hopeful for other things, but James lost a lot, and it broke my heart watching her slow retreat from everyone and her self imposed isolation.Kat s side of the story made me smile a whole lot Her family was still in the process of healing following her mother s death, and they were slowly regrouping Not only was Kat s home life improving, but she fell in love and discovered a lot about herself, included that she was bisexual The friend breakup seemed to leave of a mark on Kat, as well, and she tried to make some changes in order to be a better person.This was a story that resonated with me, because I have experienced those painful friend breakups, and I believe many others will be able to relate to Kat and James story as well.Overall A sensitive and emotional tale of loss, love, healing, and self discovery ARC provided in exchange for an honest review BLOG INSTAGRAM TWITTER BLOGLOVIN FRIEND ME ON GOODREADS

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    By the time you realize you re thirsty, it s too late You re already dehydrated Therefore, it stands to reasons that if you feel the end coming, you re already there This was such a bittersweet book in the best way I just feel really sad and filled with pain about this friendship that just falls apart over time It definitely hooks you and pulls you into the story You re so invested you feel the heartbrea and pain alongside Kat and James I loved that this story was told in two timelines From James, we go backward from graduation to the beginning of senior year We know all that she s been through and kept secret throughout the year and how much it s weighed on her From Kat, we go forward and we see her grow into herself and a new relationship with Quinn as she discovers that she s bisexual The story just felt so real and raw Neither James nor Kat were the perfect friend James internalized all of her problems, and Kat was kinda self absorbed but to see them just fall apart hurts in a specific way It s this settled discomfort and loss that doesn t quite go away and Amy Spalding captured it perfectly.

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