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How We Became Wicked A Plague, Called Wicked, Is Pulsing Through The World And In Its Wake, It S Dividing The Population Into Thirds The WICKED Already Infected By The Droves Of Singers, The Ultraviolet Mosquito Like Insects Who Carry The Plague, The Wicked Roam The World Freely They Don T Want For Much Only To Maim And Dismember You But Don T Worry They Always Ask Politely FirstThe TRUE The True Live In Contained, Isolated Communities They Re The Lucky Ones They Found Safety From The Singers And While The Threat Of The Wicked May Not Be Eliminated, For The True, The Threat Has Certainly Been Contained The VEXED The Vexed Are The Truly Fortunate Ones They Survived The Sting Of The Singers, Leaving Them Immune But They Re Far From Safe The Vexed Hold The Key To A Cure, And There Are Those Who Will Do Anything To Get It

!!> Download ➿ How We Became Wicked  ➺ Author Alexander Yates – Pocket-bikes.us
  • Hardcover
  • 368 pages
  • How We Became Wicked
  • Alexander Yates
  • 18 August 2018
  • 9781481419840

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    You can find the full review and all the fancy and or randomness that accompanies it at It Starts at Midnight.I have no idea how this book isn t on all the radars, but it isn t And that s a complete shame, because it is phenomenal The kind of book I flew through reading, but was also sad cause I never wanted it to end You know the kind So let us chat about why I am such a fan, yeah Though I am purposely keeping this short, because it s best to go into this knowing as little as possible, like I did Incredible atmosphere It fit perfectly with the vibe and tone of the story, and made me feel like I was on this secluded island Think Sawkill Girls meets the apocalypse Good stuff I cared about the characters immediately And never stopped There are two main POV characters, and I adored them both I also enjoyed learning about their families, and in some cases, the other people around them This is so wonderfully vague that I am probably confusing than helping at this point, but just trust that there will be characters you love, characters you hate, and characters so gleefully gray you won t be able to decide The layers that unravel and the twists that unfurl simply delicious Wow I love a twist And this book just keeps them coming It s like a layer is peeled back, we learn something about the characters or world, but then we get new questions Remember what I said about not being able to put it down Yeah, that Everything about the book feels very fresh The world itself, the plot, how everything turns out it just feels new Like nothing I ve ever read before Sure, there are bits here and there that you can compare to other books, obviously, but as a whole it s an incredibly unique story that captivated me from the start Bottom Line Eerily atmospheric, genre bending, and wholly unputdownable, How We Became Wicked is one of the best books of 2019.

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    wow WOW guys please read this now.I don t remember the last time I saw something original like this, something fresh, something unique The concept is so delightfully creepy and disturbing a virus making people into child like murderers They act and talk like kids, but want to take your eyes out and eat them And they re gonna tell you all that and think it s a good thing I love it when a horror book actually turns out to be a horror book and not some hyped up thriller I was genuinely scared for the characters and the creep level is unbelievable.The whole book has this eerie atmosphere and I loved every second of it When you add that it happens in a small town tiny island, and there s nothing around you for miles except for those bloody mosquitoes that caused this chaos, buzzing around It s definitely scary.Another thing I liked is that it deals with small communities The book is written in dual POV and one is set in this small town that s basically under a dome, it s surrounded with glass like tunnels and structures The other is set on an island with a lighthouse and there are only 3 people there The characters were AMAZING I loved both Astrid and Natalia they were such strong, kick ass characters They were smart and resourceful and I love how they handled all the situations.I m not gonna say anything else because it s best if you go into this knowing as little as possible The plot will surprise you, the characters will surprise you and the plot twists are gonna shock you Definitely recommend to everyone looking for something original to read D book 5 of the Reading Rush challenge purple cover

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    This novel here was than I was expecting Once I started reading, I got so many feels from it Mainly, The Walking Dead, mixed with a little bit of World War Z, and tons of what you might expect in an apocalyptic setting with a twist Yes, it might seem played out, another zombie type book, but it was a lot than that The wicked are intricate than a normal zombie would be And, in a way they aren t really zombies if they don t necessarily eat people right I mean, yes, they are violent, uncaring, sociopaths, but still not actually zombies That being said, it still has zombie vibes, like the fact that once you re turned, you can easily infect others, and much of humanity is wiped from the planet Yes, there are still the True those who are not infected , the Wicked which, as the book goes, they became so much , and the Vexed those who have become immune The premise might be close to all other books and movies, but it s the story, the way they co exist in this world, and what the virus is and will become, that makes it its own.And, even when I started figuring out what the plot twist was, it was still interesting the way it played out Even so, I connected with so many of the characters in this book Who they were to each other, what made them who they had become, the tenacity the main characters had in surviving in this broken world The craziness that engulfed them, from many that were far worse than the Wicked All in all, I really enjoyed this book It s a little sad when you think about it Yes, I know any world made this way would be, but what made it even so was what choices do to a person, what a broken world turns someone into But, that ending, that ending does leave the reader with something than just the Wicked, hazmat and bee suits, it leaves the reader with the possibility of hope I d really like to think so I received this copy from Atheneum Caitlyn Dlouhy Books via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own.

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    Nothing makes me happier than a book I m not sure about being one of my favorites of the year and this book is exactly that How We Became Wicked draws us into a world where The Wicked spend their time gleefully hunting those who have yet to be infected trying their best to kill everyone they can when Astrid and Hank find themselves face to face with someone new just behind the wall who speaks of life on a nearby island but when things take a turn the two are faced with a choice, to abandon everything they ve ever known or to stay and watch it all burn This book had probably one of my favorite twists in a story of this nature and though I can t speak to what it was, for obvious reasons, it actually made me gasp out loud when I caught on to what was happening so bravo to the author for that Astrid and Natalie were two young women who have known nothing but this world of death and the Wicked and they both managed to rise to the occasion and survive even when the odds were stacked against them and I loved each step in their journey Hank was touch and go but I think he is an important piece in their puzzle as both his presence and absence in certain scenes brings out some of the strongest qualities in both of these characters so for that I have to appreciate him but it doesn t absolve him The Wicked themselves and the way they spoke of their plans was borderline comical but in that way where you re laughing but inside there s this unsettling weight in your stomach The overall story arc was something that we re all familiar with as it has happened time and time again with everything from diseases and social injustices and that paint a smile on it lack of remorse was also something we also unfortunately see to the point that you almost find yourself thinking like the Wicked waiting for it all to crash and burn and when it does you can t help but smile as karma is served If you re looking for something with a bit of a similar setup like Bird Box this is perfect for you but all in all this was a great read and I can t wait for everyone else to get a chance to read it too special thanks to the publishers and netgalley for providing an arc in exchange for a fair and honest review

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    I m always up for a post apocalyptic plague story I ve read several, but this novel puts a fresh spin on the typical version.Some reviews have referred to the Wicked as zombies I didn t see them that way at all They re almost childlike, and retain most of their memories, but are able to function and take care of themselves It s unnerving, because it can be difficult to tell they re Wicked They re lethal and, given the chance, will kill you in spectacular ways However, as with children, their attention can usually be diverted at least for a little while Maybe enough time to get to safety Maybe not Don t underestimate them.There s a clever plot twist toward the end It s something I suspected early on, but that didn t make it any less ingenious, and it gives the whole story a new perspective.How We Became Wicked isn t just a post apocalyptic story, it s also about the sacrifices we make to save our loved ones And how some people can so easily sacrifice others to save themselves The ending leaves me to believe there may be a sequel If so, I ll definitely be looking for it.I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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    The full review can be found at The Book Bratz To be brutally honest, I never head of How We Became Wicked until I spotted it on NetGalley Immediately the summary sucked me in Ultra violet mosquitoes that spread a plague that causes people to become incredibly violent and sadistic, sign me up This book had my name written all over it How We Became Wicked wasn t just a book about a world that had ended, but the sacrifices you make for the ones you love and how dark secrets can have really deadly and horrid consequences I ended up loving How We Became Wicked a lot then I thought I was going too.How We Became Wicked is told in two point of views Astrid and Natalie Astrid has recently broke up with her childhood best friend Hank, but there is one problem They are the youngest people in their domed town leaving people disappointed in them no longer being together When the light house on the island across from where Astrid and Hank live begins to go off, Astrid begins to ask questions that lead to dark and deadly consequences Natalie lives on the island that Astrid is asking question about Her mother is heavily pregnant and her grandfather is locked in the light house because he became Wicked years prior But when Natalie s mother goes into labor and gives birth to a baby girl it is up to Natalie to take her to the mainland and have her bitten by the bugs, its the only way to get her vexed, immune, to the virus just like Natalie and her mother Only once on the mainland Natalie learns that her and her tiny family aren t the only survivors and there are people looking for answers too I really enjoyed the writing style of How We Became Wicked The characters and setting became alive in front of my eyes The terror of the Wicked and how sadistic and terrifying they are was palpable I waited a majority of the book for Natalie s and Astrid s paths to cross, only to be let in on the most amazing plot twist I ve read in a while I didn t expect the twist at all, but looking back at certain things that happened, it makes perfect sense Overall I really enjoyed How We Became Wicked and hope we will get to see of Natalie and Astrid s story.

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    No one knows where the Wicked came from It s carried by insects like mosquitos, insects that are still multiplying in the ruins of the old world There are still a few True people, uninfected, left hiding out And a tiny number of Vexed, immune to the stings But they are far outnumbered by the horrifyingly polite Wicked, who want nothing than to tear down what s left of the world.This is one of the creepiest zombie novels I ve ever read The Wicked retain their memories and faculties, they know who they are and who the people around them are, they can talk and reason and do almost everything they could before And they want to tear off your face before they finish their chess game It would be awful to see someone you know become Wicked, seeing them still as almost the person they d once been.There s an extremely clever plot twist near the end of this book, and some fantastic characters, along with a good ending with a hook for a possible sequel This is a brilliant read and I ll be reccing it as much as possible.

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    Very interesting story with great characters The ending twist was done nicely Read in one setting New take on a old trope.

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    This was an incredibly exciting book to read Once I got halfway through, I did not want to put it down Language and descriptions of violence pushes it into firm YA territory at my library, but your average 7th graders should have no problem picking this one up.There were some post apocalyptic nitpicks view spoiler how did their fuel stay good for 40 years How did the timelines mesh 27th year of the quiet in Natalie s Timeline, 40 years wicked in Astrid s , wanted information on why the Wicked did not attack each other hide spoiler

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