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Past Perfect Life Small Town Wisconsin High School Senior Allison Smith Loves Her Life The Way It Is Spending Quality Time With Her Widowed Father And Her Tight Knit Circle Of Friends, Including Best Friend Marian And Maybe Than Friends Neil Sure She Is Stressed Out About College Applications Who Wouldn T Be In A Few Short Months, Everything S Going To Change, Big TimeBut When Ally Files Her Applications, They Send Up A Red Flag Because She S Not Allison Smith And Ally S Make That Amanda S Ordinary Life Is Suddenly Blown Apart Was Everything Before A Lie Who Will She Be After And What Will She Do As Now Comes Crashing Down Around Her

!!> Read ➸ Past Perfect Life  ➻ Author Elizabeth Eulberg – Pocket-bikes.us
  • Hardcover
  • 336 pages
  • Past Perfect Life
  • Elizabeth Eulberg
  • English
  • 09 November 2017
  • 9781547600922

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    This is one of those books that has absolutely no surprises.Everything happens exactly as you expect it will People behave the way you expect It ends the way you expect.Despite the tough subject matter, it s a feel good book Our main character has such a community around her that even in her darkest hours, you re pretty sure that nothing ever will get to the point of dismally tragic.I liked every one of the characters One I thought I might not like ended up just fine.You might tear up once or twice, but you ll ultimately feel good about reading this one.

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    I received a copy of this title via NetGalley It does not impact my review.I discovered Elizabeth Eulberg a couple years ago and she quickly became one of my favorite YA Contemporary authors I really can t believe that people aren t talking about her books Past Perfect Life was another of her books that I finished in one day.Ally lives in a small town with her father and her biggest problem is coming up with a decent topic for her college application scholarship application essay questions She has a tight knit group of friends and a great relationship with her father That is, until her college applications are kicked back for having an invalid social security number I feel like you can probably already guess what happens based off of the clues in the synopsis, but I kind of find it impossible to review this book without disclosing what happens, so if you really don t want to know, this is your official SPOILER ALERT Turns out, Ally Smith is not her real name and her mother didn t really die when she was three When her father was afraid of losing partial custody of her, he fled with her and they have been living under false identities ever since.This isn t the first YA book I ve read with this topic, but I thought it was well done A lot of time is dedicated to Ally s mental and emotional state around the discovery and then as she tries to adjust to her new life We also see how it effects the friends she s forced to leave behind and the new family she never knew existed who have been mourning her loss for the past fifteen years I really loved Ally s friends, the extended Gleason family, especially adorable Neil I also really liked Ally s step father I thought he handled the situation better than anyone else and was overall pretty amazing I have to say I really didn t care for Ally s mother I know that she s been through a lot, but I thought she handled everything really poorly, right up until the end, which I thought was just a tad too easy and abrupt I really could have used an epilogue.I definitely need to mention Eulberg s writing She has such an addictive writing style that compels me to keep reading, even when I had decided I was going to set the book down to do something else I certainly didn t mean to finish this book in one day, but that s exactly what happened because I just had to keep reading.Overall, I really enjoyed Past Perfect Life Though it was a heavier read than Eulberg s other books I ve read, I thought it was well done The topic was interesting and Ally s character development was really well done I liked the cute romance with Neil and the really addictive writing I definitely recommend that Contemporary fans check this out, as well as some of Eulberg s other books.Overall Rating out of 5 4 Stars

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    This is the first book I ve read by Eulberg and I know that I ll be reading her again in the future The story was just so heartfelt Ally has a normal life up until she starts applying for college That s when she finds out that her father kidnapped her as a child and she s thrust into this new world Her name isn t her real name She has a family and that family wants to get to know her But, her whole life is torn apart.I found the whole story extremely heartbreaking Not just for the MC, but also her father, her mother, her half sister, her friends It was so hard to read for that reason But, it was also such a great story I loved how it ended because it fit perfectly for the whole story In the end, it was a very good book that I d recommend One of the YA Book of the Month picks you can get

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    E ARC from Edelweiss PlusAlly s life in a small Wisconsin town hasn t been perfect, but she s happy Her father works in construction, and sometimes things are financially difficult, but she s applying for college scholarships and has a good chance of attending a state university, since she s always done well in school Her best friend, Marian, is from the biggest family in town, so Ally has built in cousins and even a grandma As her 18th birthday approaches, she may even have a boyfriend in Neil, but things start to go wrong Her father is arrested for kidnapping her when she was three The two are separated and not even allowed to talk, Ally has to move in with Marian s family, and her long lost mother is determined to visit her Ally is angry with her father, but also misses him, and just wants to stay with Marian and the people in town who are fending off reporters for her When her mother, Paula, arrives, she is relieved to see Ally whom she calls Amanda , and demands that she come back and live with her, her husband, and her ten year old daughter in Florida Since Ally is actually NOT 18 her age was another thing her father lied about , she has to go Paula lives in a much nicer house and buys Ally lots of clothes and a new cell phone, and makes a great effort to spend time with Ally and make sure her life is perfect But it s not, and Paula can t understand why Ally would rather be back in Wisconsin with her friends Ally s young sister is also very upset, since she has had to live her whole live in the shadow of Ally s disappearance After Marian and Neil visit Florida, Ally has to decide if she will continue to try to work things out, or return to her regularly scheduled life.Strengths Secretly and occasionally, I think every middle grade reader imagines life with other parents, or thinks that surely they are really someone else I loved that Ally had a great life with her dad and the two were close, playing games and having Taco Tuesdays The father s backstory of why he kidnapped her was also very effective The step father was also great he really understood want Ally was going through and really tried to help The sister s reaction was realistic The small Wisconsin town and the Gleason family were delightful as well Eulberg is right up there with Smith, Dessen, West and Colasanti for high school books that cross over well to middle school.Weaknesses There are two f bombs, but they are used in times of crisis The mother comes off very badly I almost wish she were a bit sympathetic so that Ally s choice was a little harder to make What I really think Definitely purchasing I m not happy about the language, but I have a desperate need for books just like this for some of my advanced 8th grade readers they want high school drama and romance Aside from the two f bombs, this is circumspect in behaviors and otherwise very middle grade appropriate This is sort of a The Face on the Milk Carton Cooney, 1990 for a new generation It was a great way for me to wile away a sunny afternoon

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    This may very well be my favorite Elizabeth Eulberg novel, and that says a lot Allison Smith lives with her widowed dad and their relationship is sweet, caring, and loving It s what most people would hope for between daughters and their fathers But not everything is as it appears Loved the Wisconsin setting and all the Green Bay Packer references The fascinating family dynamics will keep you turning the pages Elizabeth captures small town Wisconsin beautifully, and readers will fall in love with the tight knit clan of Ally s best friend, Marian Loyalty, friendship, family, love, lies, and truth make this novel hard to put down

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    A secret from Ally s past had caught up with her, which drastically altered her life, and threatened to derail her future.I am going to apologize up front for being vague, but it is too easy to give away the plot here, and I liked when my suspicions were confirmed It was a good gasp worthy moment for me, and I want you to have that too Therefore, I will share as much as I think I can without spoiling anything Two truths and a lie I m angry I m scared My life My emotions I will admit, my emotions were all over the place as I read this book I was definitely channeling Ally at times, because I felt mad, hurt, sad, empty, frustrated, happy, and swoony I would definitely say, that Eulberg did an amazing job conveying the emotions of the characters in this book Found family It was just Ally and her dad, but she was lucky enough to be adopted by her best friend Marian, who came from a HUGE family They were her de facto family, and when push came to shove, they stood up for her and stood by her side An adorable romance Right before her life imploded, Ally finally declared her feelings for her long time crush The two of them together were utterly precious and so, so cute My heart broke just thinking about them having to be apart, but that boy kept surprising me and Ally in the best ways Father daughter bond Ally and her dad shared something special, which I think is not too unusual when it comes to small families I adored all their theme nights , and their affection for each other was really beautiful Setting Hello, Wisconsin It was nice to be out in the midwest for a little change of pace, and Eulberg treated us to lots of weather, cheese, and Packers related anecdotes I also loved their small town, and the way all the residents circled round to protect Ally Friendship Ally was blessed with an incredible group of friends Their lunch time follies were amusing, and I was really touched by their dedication to each other This was an emotional and compelling read I really tore through it, and though, I wish there was an epilogue, I was still left really hopeful for Ally and her family ARC provided in exchange for an honest review BLOG INSTAGRAM TWITTER BLOGLOVIN FRIEND ME ON GOODREADS

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    What would you do when you discover you re not who you thought you were A homage to home, friendship and family, Past Perfect Life delves into the questions of what family really means and what it takes to discover where you truly belong With a strong female lead character who walks that balance between determined and flexible, cautious but brave, and a wonderful cast of secondary characters, Past Perfect Life is a compelling YA contemporary novel.Ally Smith s life is turned inside out when, while applying to college, has her social security number denied She discovers her dad the dad she loves spending time with, who is her best friend and rock isn t who he said he was Everything she thought she knew was a lie, but Ally isn t so sure what to hang on to from her old life and what to embrace in her new one.Here are three things I really liked about this book Ally Her world is thrown into chaos, yet I thought Ally s response to what she discovers about herself and her family was totally realistic and understandable from the anger and the crying to the disbelief and uncertainty She could have so easily deteriorated into simply a whiney character Eulberg managed to walk that fine line and portray every believable emotion, without Ally becoming insufferable Ally is brave, strong and understanding there were seriously times I thought she did so well to bottle up her anger I would have lost it Ally s friends Ally has the most amazing group of friends that support and love her My only complaint is that I would have loved to see of them in the book, but I guess that wouldn t have been necessary for the storyline Their connections, shared humour and they way they so lovingly joked around and picked on each other, spoke of in jokes, shared history and true affection for each other, which seeped through all their interactions and made their friendships so believable I didn t need to be told they were all best friends, I could feel it And the romance develops out of friendship, so that made it perfect and just the sweetest thing ever.The ending I was a little uncertain, as the story progressed and the ending neared, how the author would manage to bring everything together and give readers a satisfying conclusion But that is exactly what she did, at the same time, driving home the messages of family, the importance of trust and love, and showing Ally to be the mature, kindhearted person she is.Past Perfect Life provides a thoroughly gratifying YA realistic fiction look at family, alongside sweet romance and wonderful examples of friendship The publishers provided an advanced readers copy of this book for reviewing purposes All opinions are my own.Find reviews, reading age guides, content advisory, and recommendations on my blog Madison s Library

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    I have read and enjoyed Elizabeth s previous books and I loved the sound of this one I liked Ally well enough She s had a huge things revealed to her and she s handling it the best she can I loved her friends and how supportive they were The Florida family meant well and I did like how they strived to learn who Ally was Her mom was sort of a struggle to read, but I could understand how she felt Plot wise, I was expecting a little of a mystery type thing Everything is revealed pretty quickly and while the aftermath is what the entire book is about, it felt like all telling Scenes did get repetitive and characters did seem flat Overall, it was a quick read, with characters I liked, but wish I could have gotten to know a bit better Huge thanks to Bloomsbury for providing the arc free of charge

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    3.5 STARSWhat do you do when you learn your whole life is a lie When even your name isn t your name and your mother didn t die when you were three and your dad has been lying to you your whole life Ally discovers her real name is Amanda and that her mom didn t really die when she was three In fact, her mom Paula has been looking for Amanda for nearly fifteen years since the toddler s father kidnapped her Now jailed, her father admits to admits to his crimes, leaving Ally hurt and confused.PAST PERFECT LIFE was one of my most anticipated books of the year, but didn t meet my high expectations While Elizabeth Eulberg s word building was highly readable, Ally s story seemed told than experienced I never viscerally felt her shock and pain The main characters lacked dimension and felt like characters than people and switched attitudes without natural progression I adored the Gleason, Ally s grandmother and stepfather who all felt authentic and grew to love Sarah although she didn t feel as real I had a harder time embracing Ally, but intellectually understood her struggles.PAST PERFECT LIFE is a satisfying, but imperfect story.

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    Thank you to BOTM YA for sending me a copy of Past Perfect Life If you want to get this book, you still can BOTM has a YA club now and if you are interested in it, you can sign up with my link in my Instagram bio stay_reading.stay_gold Ohmygosh this book Imagine living your life and then one day finding out that your were kidnapped Everything you thought you knew was a lie For Ally, that is the case Now she has to deal and cope with what has happened This book was really good I loved, I cried, I raged and repeated that over and over There was a lot of character growth and while getting kidnapped isn t normal for a lot of people, the relationships that were made were real The fights, the arguments, the friendship.

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