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Reclaim the SunDivya Sharma Is A Queen Or She Is When She S Playing Reclaim The Sun, The Year S Hottest Online Game Divya Better Known As Popular Streaming Gamer DV Regularly Leads Her AngstArmada On Quests Through The Game S Vast And Gorgeous Virtual Universe But For Divya, This Is Than Just A Game Out In The Real World, She S Trading Her Rising Star Status For Sponsorships To Help Her Struggling Single Mom Pay The RentGaming Is Basically Aaron Jericho S Entire Life Much To His Mother S Frustration, Aaron Has Zero Interest In Becoming A Doctor Like Her, And Spends His Free Time Writing Games For A Local Developer At Least He Can Escape Into Reclaim The Sun And With A Trillion Worlds To Explore, Disappearing Should Be Easy But To His Surprise, He Somehow Ends Up On The Same Remote Planet As Celebrity Gamer DVAt Home, Divya And Aaron Grapple With Their Problems Alone, But In The Game, They Have Each Other To Face Infinite New Worlds And The Growing Legion Of Trolls Populating Them Soon The Virtual Harassment Seeps Into Reality When A Group Called The Vox Populi Begin Launching Real World Doxxing Campaigns, Threatening Aaron S Dreams And Divya S Actual Life The Online Trolls Think They Can Drive Her Out Of The Game, But Everything And Everyone Divya Cares About Is On The Line And She Isn T Going Down Without A Fight

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    This is so nerdy and delightful If you love gaming, stories where brown kids at the main characters, sweet romance, and a real exploration of the insidious nature of trolling, this is your perfect read.

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    Many thanks to the publisher for providing an advance digital copy of this book via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.While Don t Read The Comments wasn t 100% for me, I try to approach every ARC I m lucky enough to read pre publication without being influenced too much by my personal preference This is sometimes difficult, because reading is an inherently subjective activity, but it s important to me that I make a thorough evaluation rather than just saying, hm, it wasn t for me.So with that said, let me tell you what I loved about this novel First of all, there s geekery galore and it s so nice to see unapologetic geeky content in YA, because it helps teens who have those kinds of interests feel so much seen I love Divya and her determination not to be defeated by the trolls, of which there are plenty I feel like I m in a place now where I don t have to point out every strong female character, because there are so many of them than there were in YA ten years ago, and that is amazing but even so, I ll make note of the fact that Div is every bit the queen of the game that the synopsis makes her out to be Aaron is creative and supportive, and so not the typical YA love interest, which is a breath of fresh air Even though this is told from a dual perspective, Div shines through, and Aaron adds perfectly to her story while telling one of his own.Also, the marginalized, intersectional representation in this book is wonderful, and comes in a variety of forms from various characters, both major and minor, throughout the story On the note of the supporting cast, both Rebekah and Mira were wonderful, and so was Ryan.I think I can chalk at least part of the reason I m not completely in love with this book to the fact that I m not into gaming at all but then again, I read books about characters doing things I don t do or enjoy all the time, and I ve loved plenty of them I think it s okay to say that sometimes, a book just isn t your favorite, and that s what happened for me here I would absolutely still recommend it, because this will for sure be one of the biggest releases of January 2020, and I ve already seen so many people excited about it It s a sweet, geeky romance, but maybe importantly, Don t Read The Comments says a whole lot about the Internet infused world we live in, and I think this is super timely and important.If you love gaming, romance that isn t the main plot, and teens standing up to the rude and cruel of the great wide web, this one is for you It s not to be missed.I m a writer, literary intern, college student, and amateur podcaster Here s where else to find me.

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    This was a quick, fun read First of all, I love the title and the theme for the book People can be so cruel, especially online where they re anonymous and reading the comments only serves to infuriate me The message in this of just being yourself and try not to worry what other people think you should do or be is awesome If you can surround yourself with good people, the haters won t win The story was fun, I liked the relationship Divya and Aaron built It was slow and sweet and felt real The trolls that bullied Divya and Rebekah made me so angry and it s worse because things like this happen all the time Seeing people stand up for what s right and band together was great and inspires hope I had a great time reading this and can t wait for everyone to see it

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    I absolutely love this book and the message it sends out D1V is a great main character strong fierce everything I love in a female lead Beks made the story down to earth and realistic He story line was perfect for the story I also loved how the author portrayed a women s struggle while still showing how awesome some guys can be It was a perfect mix highly recommend

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    So good I actually stopped reading Didn t want to rush through the last few chapters and maybe miss something I m ready to read to the end now Entirely enad with Divya, I simultaneously want to scoop her up to protect her from terrible trolls but also, sit back and watch her take them down Pretty sure I won t sleep before I see how this story ends.

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    When I saw this book title on my Kindle Paperwhite, I figured it had something to do with Social media hence the word comments in the title but wasn t 100% sure of what the book was about since I get hundreds and thousands of books to read and review In Don t Read the Comments we delved into the world of two gamers one a female gamer who has her own Glitch channel stream and lives for the sponsorship to help pay bills and survive as she comes from a single mother household and her mum is also studying and working at the same time and a male gamer who games for fun but his dream is creating scripts for a game but his parent s don t seem to understand and want him to become a doctor Our female gamer DiV aka Divya Sharma is becoming and popular but now she is being doxxed by a gaming community called Vox Populi who are calling her a fake and want her to stay away from the gaming world and as a female she has always been careful of her privacy but now they have crossed the line coming after not only her IRL but her mother One day whilst gaming she comes across Aaron and the pair start talking and become fast friends, when Aaron sees this happening to her he wants to save her and protect her What will happen though when his being friendly with her compromises his future with ManaPunk a company he has been writing game story for Will he let his integrity be compromised for a future career or will he stand by his friend Divya and help her to become a face for female gamers all around I really liked this title too as it is something when you are famous on social media whether it be for gaming or writing a book, something that is always emphasized is DON T READ THE COMMENTS as this can become one s downfall as it starts to mess with your mind and affecting your own self confidence, etc This was a great read as it does explore the issue of female gamers and doxxing which has been an issue the past five years especially since gaming was once viewed as a Man s World and some people are still stuck in that belief that women should not be part of the STEM world.

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    This is a wonderfully geeky story that explores sexism, misogyny, racism, doxxing and toxicity online and specifically within the gaming industry with nuance and candour With two strong and unique voices, multiple brilliantly explored relationship dynamics, epic bookish shoutouts one of the characters has a bookstagram , a diverse cast of characters and VR gaming passages that almost made me forget I was reading a contemporary and not a sci fi in a good way , this was a thoroughly enjoyable read and perfect for gamers and non gamers alike.TW discussion of sexual assault, sexism, racism, harassment, doxxing.

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    Disclaimer I received this book from the publisher This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest Don t Read the Comments is a story that even after finishing makes you want to immediately start again Whether it be the YA book shout outs, our mutual love of enamel pins, or Divya s love for her mother, you will want to jump right back in I read Don t Read the Comments in one sitting because not only are there moments of tenderness and hilarity, but it s emotionally gripping Incredibly timely, Don t Read the Comments is a story that made my heart ache how Divya is harassed by these trolls, the lengths they go out of fear and insecurity to make her feel unsafe and unwelcome But at the same time, my heart ached in the best way as we see Divya s call to action, the community she has online, and her budding friendship with Aaron Don t Read the Comments is an emotional roller coaster of the best variety.

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    An ARC was provided to me for free by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I ve been playing video games for as long as I can remember, so I wholeheartedly support any books with gamers or gaming as a focus.Divya is a well known streamer on Glitch and of course, being a girl especially of colour online comes with misogynistic, racist mostly male assholes hiding behind faceless avatars and untraceable accounts I really loved the exploration of that part of the gaming world of girls who don t feel safe in a gaming space, or who try building a safe space for themselves online I absolutely loved Divya s friendship with Rebekah, who helps Divya with her streams.Divya and Aaron were great opposites she s streaming and getting sponsorships because she can sell the free items and use the money to pay for rent and let her mom finish her degree, while Aaron wants to write video games instead of fulfilling his mom s dream of becoming a doctor They stood independently as characters and their individual storylines developed separately, before Divya and Aaron finally meet online and become friends It was interesting seeing their friendship grow online vs in person I think this book s strength was in the relationships Aaron and Divya have messy but believable issues with their respective families I appreciated Divya and Rebekah s friendship, and really liked how Rebekah s own issues with anonymity were handled in light of a traumatic event she previously experienced I also liked Aaron s friendship with Ryan and other members of a budding video game developer, and how they struggle to make it big but have to also draw boundaries to avoid being exploited.This book is also easy to get into even if you don t play or care for video games The descriptions of the game are straightforward, so don t let that deter you from checking out this book Blog Twitter

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