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Open BookJessica Reveals For The First Time Her Inner Monologue And Most Intimate Struggles Guided By The Journals She S Kept Since Age Fifteen, And Brimming With Her Unique Humor And Down To Earth Humanity, Open Book Is As Inspiring As It Is EntertainingThis Was Supposed To Be A Very Different Book Five Years Ago, Jessica Simpson Was Approached To Write A Motivational Guide To Living Your Best Life She Walked Away From The Offer, And Nobody Understood Why The Truth Is That She Didn T Want To Lie Jessica Couldn T Be Authentic With Her Readers If She Wasn T Fully Honest With Herself First Now, America S Sweetheart, Preacher S Daughter, Pop Phenomenon, Reality TV Pioneer, And The Billion Dollar Fashion Mogul Invites Readers On A Remarkable Journey, Examining A Life That Blessed Her With The Compassion To Help Others But Also Burdened Her With An Almost Crippling Need To Please Open Book Is Jessica Simpson Using Her Voice, Heart, Soul, And Humor To Share Things She S Never Shared BeforeFirst Celebrated For Her Voice, She Became One Of The Most Talked About Women In The World, Whether For Music And Fashion, Her Relationship Struggles, Or As A Walking Blonde Joke But Now, Instead Of Being Talked About, Jessica Is Doing The Talking Her Book Shares The Wisdom And Inspirations She S Learned And Shows The Real Woman Behind All The Pop Culture Clich S Chicken Or Fish, Daisy Duke, Football Jinx, Mom Jeans, Sexual Napalm And Open Book Is An Opportunity To Laugh And Cry With A Close Friend, One That Will Inspire You To Live Your Best, Most Authentic Life, Now That She Is Finally Living Hers

!!> KINDLE ❥ Open Book ❆ Author Jessica Simpson – Pocket-bikes.us
  • Hardcover
  • 416 pages
  • Open Book
  • Jessica Simpson
  • English
  • 19 November 2017
  • 9780062899965

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    4.5 Sparrow Stars What exceptional candid insight to self discovery, and self acceptance This also had a strong spiritual element, which in particular drew me to choose this read I d always been curios about the teen pop star, Jessica Simpson and how she made it big with the help of her preacher father manager Then, went on to build her own billion dollar fashion line with her mother This book goes in depth her honesty was sometimes shocking, but also refreshing The Newlyweds, that featured her, and first husband Nick Lachey, was one of the first reality shows of its kind that I remember watching and being drawn to as reality tv was fairly new in the early 2000 s She was often the butt of the joke, and she acknowledges that fact, and the roll she played in allowing that persona to take hold Some of her faux pas, I remember and someI couldn t image having to live through publicly Nobody s words compliments or critiques should define the value of our souls What if, all this time, our problem areas were not our stomachs or thighs but our brains I m not saying people aren t cruel believe me, I know but we can t allow ourselves to do the work for bullies Give a girl an insult, she ll feel bad for a day, but teach her to hate her body, she ll feel bad forever I really enjoyed this read, and the writing itself was pretty darn good Glad I picked this one up

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    It s easy to think of Jessica Simpson as a manufactured pop tart, and in fact that may be partially true But this woman is seriously courageous, and incredibly resilient Imagine not only facing, but then exposing, everything about your regrets, failures, body image issues, problems with your loved ones, heartache, etc in a book The vast majority of us wouldn t even face these demons, much less tell our entire community family about it She does that plus some because she leaves herself exposed the international press, her exes, and everyone she s ever met No matter what you think of her, that takes courage Additionally, she s so resilient The things she went through before she was even famous were awful bullying, big boobs, molestation, death of a best friend , and only escalated from there She was always 3 to Christina Britney The press was relentless in harassing her Her record label treated her like an object I know, it s all part of the game , pressure to support her entire family, and her dad was selfish But she got up, brushed herself off, and kept going She found a way to make millions her clothing company which was a beautiful gift to her mom, allowing her to live out her fashion industry dreams That money gives Jessica the chance to be whoever she wants and make the music she wants.finally There were a couple parts that didn t quite sit with me One was it is clear she is still resentful of Nick and she put most of the blame on him for their divorce, but without enough evidence to back up her claims Another was that she acted like Tony Romo should ve believed her that she wasn t with John Mayer, but clearly she was still emotionally with him So, again, she unfairly blames him for their breakup But overall, she made me laugh and cry which is a testament to her honesty and ability to hit home on issues we all face.

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    Not even a little bit embarrased to give this five stars ETA I am, however, embarrassed that a typo in my initial review excluded a necessary s.

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    This is really good, much to my surprise For someone who has made a lifestyle out of the embodiment of dumb blonde jokes, Simpson seriously knocked this out of the park Fantastic writing, ghost writer or not and the truth telling was compelling but not salacious Oddly enough, she doesn t seem to dive into her Jessica Simpson empire as much as I wished she would she s literally built a billion dollar empire making affordable fast fashion and we just hear about the Collection capital C in passing terms here and there Her religious upbringing really resonated with me both of us witnessing to others as children, much to my chagrin and her entire earnestness about Jesus her virginity was relatable in a non cloying way I m down with sexpot post virginity Jessica though, and you can see the threads of addiction follow her throughout childhood, so even without the interview blurbs making the rounds, you can easily assume that she ends up addicted to something John Mayer, phew Like, beyond You can t help but feel for her, with her failed marriage almost play acting at being adults this is a good time to mention my theory that acting as if saving yourself for marriage is a healthy and reasonable reason to GET married is utter shite while I m sure it works for some people, it doesn t work for the majority of women I know , and then the utter mind fuck that is John Mayer we all know a dude like this followed by beige carpet personified Tony Romo you re on the sidelines like love YOURSELF girl, these men are garbage and I hope she s fulfilled in her current marriage motherhood because she s had a rough road All in all, I couldn t put this down, and I truly enjoyed not just what she wrote but HOW she wrote it, warts all Like seriously though, CSA survivor, her bizarro dad manager relationship, men repeatedly failing her over and over again, and then booze Girl needs a break well, besides her billion dollar empire oh and fuck John Mayer.

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    I have no idea where the last two days went with my nose in this book, but I cried, I laughed, and my heart broke I haven t been so entrapped in a memoir all my years being a bookworm My thoughts being what s so interesting about reading someone else s life when I could be living mine , while reading books of course I know, selfish This memoir was so well written, in a simplistic way I was intrigued by the sheer amount of varied word choice and syntax, the sentences running together smoothly for 400 pages This is coming from a completely unbiased person as I never grew up as a Jessica fan Now, however, I respect her a lot and realize how hard she worked to get where she is I always assumed that she was born into money but her story is far from that, being a preachers daughter Her faith in Christ and reliance on Him is mentioned throughout the entire book which really drew me in and caused me to relate Her story was so raw and real and it did not glamorize her life, the way I expected it to It wasn t one of those hey look at the amazing things I ve done in this industry , it was polar opposite It was every wound, every tear, every scar, ever trauma that made her the strong woman she is today Personally, I think any book that takes this approach has the greatest potential because we as humans are not created from our successes We increasingly find ourselves and after every trial and mishap that brings us to that success The things that this woman has been through, not to mention being in the public eye of pathetic bullies, was excruciating to read about Oh, Lord, why was I given so much EMPATHY While this story did shed light on the darker sides of a corrupt industry, it ended beautifully and Jessica is now living her happy ever after, which was a great way to end the book Exceptional.

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    Who else was super excited when they saw Jessica Simpson was writing a memoir I have always felt a strong connection with Jessica, I think mostly because I was a teenager at a similar time as her I followed along as she shared on TRL of course matured, married and shared her life on Newlyweds There was nothing like picking up the latest gossip magazine when you were waiting in line at the grocery store and seeing what your favorite celebrities were up to The show Newlyweds was way before social media and really was one of our first peeks into life behind the scenes of a star I was obviously just devasted like millions of others when she and Nick broke up because I felt like I knew them Since then I have felt some kind of kinship with Jessica and have always found her very endearing When I started this memoir I wasn t sure if it would be a cringeworthy 11 hours as a tell all I ended up finding it to be quite enjoyable and even relatable Our lives, of course, are very different but her vulnerability was refreshing While she did air some dirty laundry and I was here that for that it was in a way that was still compassionate which I so appreciated I loved hearing about the work she has done to better herself and her self awareness was a pleasant surprise This was the perfect mix of being total brain candy while also being a great reminder about how wonderful and helpful it can be to share both the highs and lows of our lives, whether it is in front of millions of people are just in our smaller circles in our everyday lives You can read my full review and other books reviews at genthebookworm.com

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    I loved this book I have always been a fan of Jessica Simpson and remember meeting her in the late 90s and how kind she and her father were to me I loved her and Nick together and all these years wanted them to be back together but after reading this book, I m glad she moved on from him and made her life even better I always knew she was than the ditzy blonde image they fed to the public, and it was great to see how strong she was to overcome her struggles and love herself One of the biggest surprises to me was that the song Let Him Fly was about Johnny Knoxville and seeing her cry during a performance of it, I always thought it was about Nick I also loved the story about the angel figurine and ho she cherishes it to this day As she continues to work though her issues, I hope she can conquer the fears that still mess with her at night I m truly happy to be a fan and can t wait for her new music She deserves to be back to her first love music and this time to do it for herself and not to fit expectations of record labels Jessica is a lot stronger than people give her credit to be Thank you for sharing your story

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    What a life Jessica has lived I love autobiographies and the first thing I look for in any book in that category is honesty Jessica comes across really raw and honest which made this read fascinating It tells you a lot about where she s at mentally and spiritually with the way she s able to tell her stories She comes across as a very genuine and grounded person and I m sure her story will in parts be relatable to many.I love how despite her trials and tribulations, she never plays the victim or plays the blame game She takes accountability for everything and that is the most admirable trait of Jessica I was a child when I used to watch Newlyweds with Jessica and Nick and I can t remember having any strong opinion of her one way or another apart from my superficial admiration of her obvious good looks However, now having read her story, and with the perspective of an adult, I can call myself an admirer for who she is as a person, her personality she comes across like a fun person to be around , her achievements, and how she s overcome adversity I wish her all the best.

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    When my friend told me that Jessica Simpson wrote a memoir, I was very skeptical As she began promoting her book and giving us a taste of what she was going to discuss, my interest grew By the end of January, I gave in and admitted that I wanted to see what she had to say, so I pre ordered the book and immediately began to devour it the day it came out I really didn t want to like her I really wanted to keep my old opinions about her But she won me over While this isn t a deep or challenging read, it was absolutely enjoyable and sincere So much of what she went through felt relatable, which sounds insane since she s a superstar, and I m just a regular person That s the point though, her struggles are as real as yours and mine I think what made this book so readable and relatable is that Jessica was brave and honest and really let us in behind the curtain Man, now I want to be friends with her.

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    I love biographies Simpson did no let me down A tale of her life from birth, sexual abuse, substance abuse, marriage, love and children I will say that I was always used to watching Jessica as the virgin In the book, she talks about Sexual Napalm and plenty of sex I had to remember that she is a grown woman and has children.Simpson writes about her failed Mickey Mouse Club audition and how Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears beat her out and how she ran into them again as her mother warned her Jessica and Nick were a train wreck I found myself hating Nick for not appreciating Jessica Later she hooked up with John Mayer, what a jerk The emotional and mental abuse she took from him was appalling.It was a great book I was inspired by her story Her weight battles is something that hit home She is truly a success story In life, performance and business I recommend the book.Jessica on Ellen drunkhttps www.youtube.com watch v WAj3d

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