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Cheshire Crossing What Happens To Alice When She Comes Back From Wonderland Wendy From Neverland Dorothy From Oz The Three Meet Here, At Cheshire Crossing A Boarding School Where Girls Like Them Learn How To Cope With Their Supernatural Experiences And Harness Their Magical World Crossing Powers.But The Trio Now Teenagers, Who Ve Had Their Fill Of Meddling Authority Figures Aren T Content To Sit Still In A Classroom Soon They Re Dashing From One Universe To The Next, Leaving Havoc In Their Wake And, Inadvertently, Bringing The Wicked Witch And Hook Together In A Deadly Supervillain Love Match.To Stop Them, The Girls Will Have To Draw On All Of Their Powers And Marshal A Team Of Unlikely Allies From Across The Magical Multiverse.

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    This work is getting an awful lot of buzz and excitement and accompanying favorable reviews This tale of Wendy, Dorothy, and Alice after their adventure coping with life now in the early 1900s told in graphic novel format by Andy Weir.Perhaps the same crowd...

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    a graphic novella that is above three stars finallyMaybe it was that it was in a physical format Maybe it was that this was a gift to me from my friend thank you to her idk if she reads my trashfire reviews or immediately clicks away before grimacing, which I would totally understand But anyways, this was so FUN to read and also really short, so it could be easily added to my reading challenge I love Sarah Anderson and her Sarah s Scribbles, and it was so interesting to see an altered art style from her that I previously hadn t seen There were so many really beautiful page spreads The entire story was pretty entertaining, although I wouldn t say hilarious funny as of just weird with sarcasm mixed in I feel like from the point of a millenial gen z, this isn t as funny vs the perspective of someone older, like Andy Weir But I really liked the expansion of the character s powers as well as seeing all of the worlds be visited again by o...

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    Somewhere between a 4 and a 5 for me I really enjoyed this take on portal fantasy, and what happens to our favorite childhood heroines after their adventures are over It is a bit of a grown up story, though at times I found myself forgetting that the girls were older Some things in the plot just pro...

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    I got this book for free at ECCC 2019 I was excited to read it, as I love graphic novels Unfortunately, it was just okay for me Maybe if I had a stronger tie to the characters I would have enjoyed it I think the art was really fantastic, but the girls didn t read as older teens to me, but rather maybe 13 year olds All I know as a bookseller is that parents and kids will see the art and feel it is aimed them their 5th grader, and the language of the book will not go over well I m not saying kid s books shouldn t have the word damn in them, but there is language and situations that are just odd for something that looks like it is geared towards kids Some tidying up of the story would have been great, I think folks can get away with a lot on a webcomic that doesn t necessarily work for the Scholastic graphic novel reading crowd That being sai...

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    I read the first 10 episodes online and I absolutely loved it I cannot wait until July to get the full story AMAZING

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    What did I think What did I think I m sorry You can t ask me this after I ve read this book, what do you think.Screw you, Andy Weir Screw you for all you ve done I bought this book, and do you know what At first, I liked it At first I decided hey, i ll give it a shot he s a friend of my uncle and you know what I got A HEAPING PILE OF CRAP Turns ...

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    Thanks for the great read, Andy I read it in one evening I kinda wish I could have stretched it out longer I regret that I had a hard time keeping the girls straight The nanny was an extra, delightful bonus Perhaps the doctor s assi...

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    3.5Fun crossover of classic characters Definitely not groundbreaking but I found myself chuckling and overall amused.

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    This is delightful I m hoping it s not a stand alone, because it leaves a lot of questions unanswered But it s a fun crossover, an interesting premise, and legitimately funny Sarah s artwork is clean and pretty, and the coloring is bold and eye catching.

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