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Clean GetawayCrown Has Acquired Two Middle Grade Novels By Bestselling YA Author Nic Stone S Dear Martin And Odd One Out, Due October First Up Is Clean Getaway, Scheduled For Release In Spring , Which Follows An Year Old Black Boy And His White Grandmother On An Impromptu Road Trip The Forthcoming Novels Will Be Edited By Stone S Current Editor, Phoebe Yeh, V P And Publisher Of Crown Books For Young Readers The Deal For North American Rights Was Brokered By Yeh And Rena Rossner Of The Deborah Harris Agency

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    My first 2020 release This is a fun middle grade novel about a naughty boy going on an adventurous road trip across the country with his effervescent and perhaps a little scheming grandma William is on school suspension and his father is very mad at him So of course he s not going to ask his permission to leave with G ma The two of them have a lot of beautiful moments but this clandestine trip isn t just about making new memories it s mainly about revisiting old ones and pondering things long buried William is excited to see new places and learn new information about his grandpa, a usually sullen topic with his father I was entertained by William and his grandma s interactions G ma has as much energy as a child, if not She is ready, ready, ready to conquer all US states Because William is reserved, calm and just contained in general, the contrast between them is really interesting and works But G ma can be a bit too much at times and her secrets pop out very unexpectedly I definitely want to see this author write middle grade fiction in the future I loved DEAR MARTIN, a YA novel, but she rocks MG It s a memorable and important story inspired by, wait for it, a tweet That alone got my attention and I only grew curious as the story progressed A winner Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin

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    Y all.Gonna ramble a bit, but here it is.I don t read a lot of middle grade, but when I saw the announcement of a book by one of my all time favorite authors about a black boy traveling across the American South on an impromptu road trip with his white grandmother, I knew I had to read it When a giveaway was hosted for said book, I knew I had to enter I won And when I listened to While Black s podcast interview with the author at least ten times in the last week , I knew I couldn t delay reading the book any longer.CLEAN GETAWAY is the third book I ve read by Nic Stone, and for me there s no denying the magic of her writing It s immersive and accessible It s very much a story about coming to terms with the humanity of our heroes With the road trip element sprinkling in bits of history of the 1960s South throughout, this is both a literal journey as well as a personal one With the mystery of his grandmother s sudden quest across America, there s also a journey of self realization and redemption And Nic has succeeded.The book isn t due out until January 7th, but please do yourself a favor and pick this one up when it s released And in the meantime, check out her other works I recommend them all I personally am looking forward to her next YA novel, JACKPOT Out next month A huge thank you to Nic Stone for the giveaway.

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    Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with a DRC of this title for review All opinions are my own.This was a FANTASTIC middle grade read I loved pretty much everything about it and can not wait to have it in our middle school collection It is part road trip adventure story, part a history lesson, and part an ode to the secrets we keep in our families and the ones that need to come out.Scoob William, officially is actually pretty excited when Gma shows up and asks him to take an adventure with her And when she says to bring his bags, the ones that he still has packed from what was supposed to be a vacation with his dad until he got in trouble at school and lost his privileges Well, that just seems like fate So he leaves a note, leaves his phone, and heads out on the road Of course, he didn t realize Gma had sold her house before buying the RV Or that she was headed out on a multi state road trip ending in Mexico And that that road trip was one that she tried to take years ago with his grandfather The man no one ever talks about The man who went to jail and died there Oh, and they re crossing the South Which, no big deal, except for Gma is white And Scoob is black One of the first things Gma shows Scoob is from her treasure box, the one thing he has never been able to look in in her house Inside are maps from her first time on this trip and a copy of the Green Book, a book that was a guide for people like him read black when traveling A guide that said where it was safe to stay and where you needed to avoid Which was important, because back then Gma and G pop were used to people not liking them being together As the trip goes on, and Gma makes stops to explain history to Scoob, things get confusing instead of clearer It s obvious Gma is leaving things out, she is confusing him with his father and G pop and , and she got rid of the only phone they had Scoob has to try to figure out how far to let Gma go on her adventure and what she really needs does she need to get to Mexico to finish her story or does she need Dad and the stability of home Highly recommend This is a first purchase book for all collections serving middle grade readers.

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    Excellent book to introduce the civil rights era to younger readers, through the travels and feminine s of G ma and Scoob, as they take, what Scoob thinks, is an impromptu road trip with his grandmother It turns out it is a little than that, and he learns a lot than he expected, from his White grandmother, who married a black man, back when there were Jim Crow laws, and they needed the Green Book to be safe on the road.Scoob is a great narrator And the whole story feels very natural and informative.The ending, however, felt rushed, and I would have liked the same flow there, as we got through the rest of the book But, despite the ending, I still enjoyed this book, and I think it should be read by youngsters just the same.Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review.

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    Heartwarming family adventure story and history lesson Grades 4 6.

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    28 11 19Gosh I need to get my hands on this book You can find me on

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    Nic Stone middle grade

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    I m going to go ahead and give this one four stars because what is here is great, but I really felt like there were large chunks edited out especially at the end I really wonder if the editor had too heavy a hand the ending felt rushed and I m afraid my students may get confused, but I will still buy it because the rest is so good.

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    This is a good introduction to the middle school audience for author Nic Stone I would even think this book would be good for upper elementary students Clean Getaway is an easy read and moves quickly I grew to like Scoob quickly and instantly like G Ma This is a road trip story that weaves through the south stopping at various locations known during the Civil Rights Movement and G Ma recalls these events just enough to where readers might have a desire to research a little But there is always a little to the storyWhile traveling, Scoob starts to notices things about G Ma and ultimately realizes that people family might have to offer than what he previously thought 2020 will be a busy year for Nic Stone and Clean Getaway is her first title released for the new year.

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    While I loved Dear Martin, it took me much longer to finish this middle grade title I liked Scoob s character a lot but was less certain about G ma She carried a lot of guilt with her over her own past and took Scoob on a road trip to relive the trip that ended abruptly when her husband was arrested The story shares with young readers some of the unjust treatment of black people which is important.

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