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A Land So Wild In 1845, The HMS Vanguard, Under The Command Of Captain William Caulderson, Departed England On A Voyage Of Discovery To Find A Northwest Passage Through The Perilous Arctic Waters Separating The Atlantic And Pacific Oceans It Was Never Heard From Again Five Years Later, Captain David Maxwell Of The Serapis Sets Sail To Attempt To Recover The Vanguard And Determine The Fate Of His Former Commander Naturalist Embleton Hall Is Running From Demons Of His Own He Doesn T Expect To Find Himself Drawn To Captain Maxwell But The Two Men Form A Bond That Will Become Essential To Their Survival.Together, They Ll Brave The Elements On A Long And Harrowing Voyage To Discover The Fate Of The Lost Ship Vanguard But They Ll Also Learn That Some Secrets Are Best Left Frozen In Ice Winner, Best Historical Detail, 2018 Best Of LGBTQIA Historical Romances

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    5 stars in my heart, 4 stars overall because I couldn t help but wish with every fibre of my being that it was written in traditional prose so the romanc could flourish utterly

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    I haven t the focus to write out actual thoughts on this so for the time being please enjoy my very predictable self exposed via highlights Many people tell many stories, and all of them are true There are many stories of Sedna This one is true, too Stories are powerful, and some are very dangerous, very frightening You have to be careful who you tell them to, and when, and how Softly he said, as if to himself, How strange to be so unrecognizable to oneself How terrible, t...

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    If i m being very, very honest, this is probably like 3.5 stars view spoiler because I wasn t a huge fan of the lesbian subplot ending up as a convenient way to allow for the two men to be able to live together in the end hide spoiler

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    Possibly a 4 stars I have a couple of minor criticisms, but enjoyed this a lot.

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    I think this was a very well crafted and well researched book I didn t know it was an epistolary novel before starting it if I had, I don t suppose I would have started As with almost all of my attempts at reading epistolary fiction, I felt very frustrated by the distance between me and the characters, and at no time was able to connect with them than just very shallowly After the first few chapters I hoped that a genre switch would take place and we would be taken to descriptive prose, but it soon became clear this wouldn t happen Perhaps this is something of a meta point when it comes to historical genre fiction, because how do we get close to these old stories set in times long gone For me, reading these fragments didn t add up to a whole picture, and my enjoyment suffered from it I acknowledge that it takes great skill to write a coherent story made from nothing but letters and fragmen...

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    If ever a book was specifically written for me and my niche interests, this is it Proper review to come, but for now god fucking damn I loved this so much.

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    I confess to literary snobbery when I saw the book s cover, I thought, oh no Genre fiction It is good to be reminded, overused clich notwithstanding, not to judge a book by its cover.A Land So Wild is brilliantly written the writing is artful, historically accurate in tone, temper, and turns of phrase It is a gem, offering a gripping narrative written with deft, engaging style, and thoroughly researched history in terms of knowledge, culture, mannerisms, conventions, naval jargon, really every aspect of every corner of every character, every geographic space, historical event most of all the societal and individual terrors of being gay Is England the Land So Wild for its cruel, forced closeting of homosexuality and feminism Warkentin depicts the savagery of British culture in adroit contrast to the sup...

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    At first I was lulled into believing A Land So Wild to be an entertaining collection of Victorian log entries, letters, and telegraphs, interspersed with Inuit legend and song Gradually, I began to see that these various pieces were all linking together issues of colonialism, patriarchy, homophobia, an...

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    Crossposted to Okay, let me start by saying that this book is so good, my review is not going to be able to do it justice Stop reading this review now and go download the sample immediately.While you re waiting for it to download, let me just say, in a fortunate reader s life, you occasionally stumble across a book that fits all your interests at that moment, that just clicks with who you are at a certain point in time For me, this book was like that, but for my entire life When I was in third grade I bought the book Buried in Ice about the Franklin Expedition from the Scholastic book fair, and have been obsessed with tales of polar exploration ever since I have read possibly every non fiction book about every expedition ever written, I was overwhelmed when meeting the grandson of a man who voyaged with Shackleton, I cried with joy when they finally located the Erebus, then did it again when the Terror was found.I tell you all this for context, because I want you to understand that when I say that this book, fiction though it may be, perfectly captures the emotion, excitement, and adventure of a real arctic expedition, I want you to know I mean it The level of research and love put into this book is phenomenal, but never feels...

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    I m honestly having a hard time accepting the fact one of the primary genres listed for this book is romance While romance is an element, surely, this story is overwhelmingly about survival in the frozen wilderness In that regard, the novel shines It s beautiful, and it s devastating It s hard to consolidate that such a genuine love story and such an unquestionable tragedy could exist in the same space indeed, that very issue is a major theme of the book I think that s why I had trouble connecting to the romance aspect fully, because I was always overwhelmed by everything else From a technical point of view, I felt that the epistolary format also hindered the main romance as it distorted things beyond my being able to identify them I didn t really see the romance form, though I will admit once it was well underway I had something to grasp onto However, I still would have liked to see a substantial build up There were a few subplots in this book, one that I liked and one I didn t much care for Interspersed with the expedition s POV texts are tales told from the native Inuit people s POV, and it greatly adds to the story It introduces the idea of so called savagery and colonialism in a masterful way Alongside this, there are letters between w...

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