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The Thief Knot: A Greenglass House StoryGhosts, A Kidnapping, A Crew Of Young Detectives, And Family Secrets Mix In This New Standalone Mystery Set In The World Of The Best Selling Greenglass House, From A National Book Award Nominee And Edgar Award Winning AuthorMarzana And Her Best Friend Are Bored Even Though They Live In A Notorious City Where Normal Rules Do Not Apply, Nothing Interesting Ever Happens To Them Nothing, That Is, Until Marzana S Parents Are Recruited To Help Solve An Odd Crime, And She Realizes That This Could Be The Excitement She S Been Waiting For She Assembles A Group Of Kid Detectives With Special Skills Including The Ghost Of A Ship Captain S Daughter And Together, They Explore Hidden Passageways, Navigate Architecture That Changes Overnight, And Try To Unravel The Puzzle Of Who The Kidnappers Are And Where They Re Hiding But Will They Beat The Deadline For A Ransom That S Impossible To Pay Legendary Smugglers, Suspicious Teachers, And Some Scary Bad Guys Are Just A Few Of The Adults The Crew Must Circumvent While Discovering Hidden Truths About Their Families And Themselves In This Smart, Richly Imagined Tale

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    Author Kate Milford, the creator of the marvelous Greenglass House and Ghosts of Greenglass House , returns to the fictional city state of Nagspeake in this companion volume, due out this coming January Set in the Liberty of Gammerbund, the city within a city which gives refuge to many of Nagspeake s smugglers and thieves, it follows the story of Marzana Hakelbarend, who appeared as a character in Ghosts of Greenglass House Desperately wanting to know about her mother, who was once Violet Cross, Nagspeake s most beloved smuggler, and convinced that nothing exciting ever happens to her, despite living in the Liberty, Marzana longs for an adventure of her own When a girl in the city below is kidnapped, and authorities appeal to Marzana s parents for behind the scenes help, Marzana and her best friend Nialla, along with a crew of talented children that they assemble, are soon on the case But is the crime really what they think it is, or are things not what they seem Having been intrigued by the Liberty its history, its residents, its magic since it was first mentioned in Milford s stories, I was quite excited to discover that The Thief Knot was to be set mostly in that part of Nagspeake The story here did not disappoint, drawing me in almost at once and keeping me engaged and entertained throughout I loved the setting, and the bits and pieces we get to learn about the Liberty and about Nagspeake the girls magical school, Marymead the camouflaged Belowground system the mysteriously organic and mobile old iron the enchanting glass museum in the abandoned building as well as about characters we met only in passing, in earlier books Although Milo only appears briefly, and not on stage, we do get to meet Meddy again, as well as Marzana and her parents, Emmett Syebuck, and Brandon Levi We also get a host of interesting new characters, from Emilia Cabot to J.J and Ciro I enjoyed the story, the writing and the world building here in short, I enjoyed pretty much everything about it Since I read it in ARC Advanced Reading Copy form, not all of Jaime Zollars art was present, but what I saw was lovely Highly recommended, to anyone who has read the Greenglass House books, or to those seeking magical mystery stories For me, I finished it with sadness, since there is no at least for now to read about the Liberty I wish Milford would write a whole series on its history and residents

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    Haven t read this yet BUT I AM SO READY One of my life goals is to read every book that Kate Milford writes because her world is so vivid and her characters are so relatable I m so excited to learn about Marzana and the Liberty

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    A DRC was provided by Edelweiss for a fair and honest review.Another puzzle box of a Greenglass book is a reason to cheer for every children s librarian Smart, literate, entertaining and the opposite of condescending, Milford continues to mine her gold strike of a series for children and their clever adults We are on the other side of Nagspeake in this tale, running after Marzana and her newly formed club of puzzle solving kid geniuses trying to find a kidnapped girl The publisher has declared The Thief Knot a stand alone novel, but there are so many references to past events in other books, so many characters who pop up and then bow out that I would strongly recommend readers tackle the other Greenglass titles And why not They re such a treat and Milford has done a terrific job with her world building Kudos for the rare experience of enjoying complex kid characters who gasp have even complicated parents who actually influence them and participate in the action There are a few too many characters with ever changing names to keep track of, including a tantalizing villain that we barely meet, let alone grasp the background of several new and interesting kid characters But cheers to Milford who has done it again and is hopefully working on the next book that will answer any lingering questions Meanwhile, readers should chomp through the whole series, revelling in the rich atmosphere, twisty plot and engagement with a smart and funny read.

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    If you haven t read the previous Greenglass books, it s ok this is almost a standalone There s wordplay, adventure, some mystery and a bookstore as a headquarters for the Thief Knot the name that Marzana gives her group of crime solvers Mars social anxiety is so well depicted that readers who sometimes feel equally awkward will realize that they re not so strange after all There s also a good description of friendships that drift apart, and how that can make the one left behind feel I want to spend time in the Belowground and the mysterious glass and radioactive tea shop museum Charming addition to the series , please.eARC provided by publisher.

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    a delightfully twisty mystery solved by a crew of kids I d like to be friends with, set in a fantastical city of secrets and wildly improbably infrastructure, with one bit that made me laugh out loud heartily the balloon and the backpack bit , and other bits that made me want to hug my own kids.

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    Fantastic new addition to the Greenglass House series I hope we get to see of Mars and her Knot in future novels Thank you, Netgalley, for the ARC.

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    E ARC Provided by Edelweiss PlusI loved the first book, but it doesn t circulate well This seemed almost unrelated to that book, so I will pass Isn t the cover gorgeous, though

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    I received an ARC from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review The Thief Knot is the perfect combination of Nancy Drew and Scooby Doo minus the actual Scooby Doo It perfectly balances the serious and humorous elements of the story I love that it emphasizes the importance of teamwork no one character could have solved the mystery and they relied on one another s talents and knowledge to save the day I also appreciated that the adults were not made out to be clueless, as so often happens in books for this age group I would have liked a couple short chapters or scenes to show what Nialla is doing when she has to separate from the group I did feel bad for her at the end when she had to miss out on all the action Other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it to teachers and librarians I had not read the previous books in the series, but that did not keep me from easily getting swept up in this story I hope to have books featuring the Thief Knot team

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    Set within the fictional town of Nagspeake, The Thief Knot, is part mystery, part adventure A group of oddly matched kids, pit their wits against a kidnapper While not the first book in the Greenglass House series, readers can fully enjoy the story without having read the previous books I recommend them, but don t miss out on this delightful book if the others are not readily at hand.Nagspeake itself is a town of mystery inhabitants have psuedonyms to hide their identities and possibly past tangles with the law When a local teen goes missing, the adults who have been under the radar are forced to take action As the daughter of a somewhat notorious couple, Marzana gets included in the search But she doesn t just want to help, she wants to solve the case with the help of her best friend and a few others included for the skills they can offer.The teens adventures take them all throughout the city above and underground They learn things about their town that teachers and parents have been hiding Full of imaginitive escapades, secret tunnels and villains willing to stop at nothing, this book offers a heart pounding tale that middle grade audiences will love.If you enjoyed Trenton Lee Stewart s Mysterious Benedict Society series or Lemony Snicket s All the Wrong Questions series, then you ll love Mitford s Greenglass House books Disclaimer I received a digital copy of The Thief Knot from NetGalley for the purpose of review No other compensation was received.

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    The Thief Knot is great fun by Kate Milford This is the fourth in the Greenglass House series, but having not read the previous books, I can say with complete confidence that this is a stand alone tale However, having said that, I now want to go back and meet the characters in the years leading up to The Thief Knot The story follows a group of students longing for adventure, who find it in chasing clues to a potentially dangerous criminal case Friendships, acceptance, humor, magic and the supernatural all take place in a fantastic setting of fantasy Marzana has intriguing parents and friends who all set out to solve the case, with the children being somewhat rogue detectives Milford has created a wonderful, magical setting that will ignite readers imaginations It s a very exciting and exhilarating read, with wonderful themes of acceptance for who people are and living up to your own potential and not that held to you by others I will be purchasing a copy of this for my classroom and urging my middle grades students to pick it up I foresee them gobbling this series up Thank you to netgalley and the publisher for an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.

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