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NotoriousKeenan Has Lived All Over The World But Nowhere Quite As Strange As Centerlight Island, Which Is Split Between The United States And Canada The Only Thing Weirder Than Centerlight Itself Is His Neighbor Zarabeth, Aka ZeeBeeZeeBee Is Obsessed With The Island S History As A Prohibition Era Smuggling Route She S Also Convinced That Her Beloved Dog, Barney, Was Murdered Something Keenan Finds Pretty Hard To BelieveJust About Everyone On Centerlight Is A Suspect, Because Everyone Hated Barney, A Huge Dog Part Mastiff, Part Rottweiler Notorious For Terrorizing The Community Accompanied By A Mild Mannered New Dog Who Is Practically Barney S Opposite, ZeeBee Enlists Keenan S Help To Solve The MysteryAs Keenan And ZeeBee Start To Unravel The Clues, They Uncover A Shocking Conspiracy That Dates Back To Centerlight S Gangster Past The Good News Is That Keenan May Have Found The Best Friend He S Ever Had The Bad News Is That The Stakes Are Sky HighAnd Now Someone Is After Them

➵ Notorious Download ➾ Author Gordon Korman – Pocket-bikes.us
  • ebook
  • 320 pages
  • Notorious
  • Gordon Korman
  • English
  • 22 November 2019
  • 9780062798886

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    Keenan and Zarabeth ZeeBee live in a unique town that straddles the border between Michigan and Canada Keenan lives with his dad on the US side of the border as he recovers from tuberculosis contracted while living abroad with his mom and step dad and ZeeBee lives with her parents on the Canadian side The two team up to solve the mystery of a missing treasure buried by gangsters said to have lived in their town in the 1920s and 30s as well as figure out just how ZeeBee s troublemaker, monster of a dog really died Readers of Gordon Korman s Ungifted and Slacker series, Restart and others will see his style in the pages of Notorious and maybe, since it is not nearly as long as those titles, reluctant readers looking for some action amidst realistic middle grade kids just like them will give it a try After loving this one, maybe they can be encouraged to try other works by one of the best writers for middle grade readers Highly recommended with no content reservations Possible extension activities for teachers using this one would be having students research lighthouses, mobsters and lawmen from the 1920s and 30s and maybe even whether the town of Centerlight even exists Thanks for the dARC, Edelweiss.

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    DISCLAIMER I received a digital review copy of NOTORIOUS via Edelweiss Above the Treeline in exchange for an honest reviewGordon Korman has been a favorite author of mine since fourth grade Everytime he releases a new book, I get very excited to read it So, naturally, when I found out about NOTORIOUS, I was excited And then when I got accepted for the arc, I was even excited.The plot itself was something that I hadn t really heard of before, but was definitely classic Korman.Overall, I had a nice time.Perfect for fans of Gordon Korman s previous works such as MASTERMINDS and SWINDLE.Will I be purchasing in January More than likely.

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    Thanks to Netgalley for an ARC of this book.Loved this Gordon Korman book and I know the kids at school will too Fun and refreshing, any fan of Korman will enjoy this mystery.

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    Occasionally I like to read a book written for youngsters 8 12 to see what s being offered and this is a fine example of interesting reading full of real life experiences in an interesting setting

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    Thank you to the publisher and author for the review copy of this book All opinions are my own.This MG book grades 4 7 is set in a peculiar place named Centerlight Island Half of the island is in the U.S and half is in Canada A squiggly line runs right through the downtown and across the island which means next door neighbors may actually be citizens of a different country It also means the U.S kids get to go to the island school and the Canadian kids have to ride a smelly ferry to their school everyday This makes it so hard to be friends and ZeeBee really needs a friend She so badly needs someone to believe her when she says her beloved monster of a dog, Barney, which was notorious for rampaging through the island and destroying anything in his path, was murdered And no one believes her until Keenan moves to the island.This book will have you laughing out loud as Zeebee and Keenan use every problem solving skill imaginable to figure out the answer to the mystery And it s a mystery that may have begun a hundred years ago when gangsters called Centerlight home You will love the adventures the kids encounter along the way and you ll cheer to see their growing friendship.This is a great choice for those students looking for either an adventure or a mystery There are plenty of chilling moments to satisfy those hungry for adventure and so many twists and turns to make a mystery lover reluctant to put it down It s out next week January 7th

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    A stand alone Korman.Keenan is recovering from TB so is staying with his dad on a Centerlight Island a quiet island literally on the US Canada border Half the island is in Canada half the island is in the United States All of the island has a notorious gangster history He learns about this from the first person his age he meets Zarabeth She is completely engrossed in the island s history and still recovering from her dog s death She draws Keenan in and shows him the island from her perspective After introducing the two main characters, Korman brings in other people who live there He shows them faults and strengths so readers feel they know them Their interactions provide the background for the current plot The kids are typical teens who make a wide range of decisions good and bad The adults also reflect the usual make up of any small community Keenan and Zarabeth experience the usual ups and downs of a new friendship As he meet other kids, she feels threatened because she feels excluded However, Keenan is the one who finds proof that her dog really was murdered and this triggers an entire series of events that lead to them discovering the gangster s hidden treasure.Each chapter is told from a different character s perspective Primarily this flips between Keenan and Zarabeth but other characters offer their insights throughout.

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    Keenan has lived all over the world and Zeebee has never left the island except to go to school, but both are restless Keenan is stuck at his dad s house on the island after a bout of TB and ZeeBee just wants a friend This unlikely pair works out well until school starts and Keenan stays on the island with all the kids that have teased Zeebee because of her love of the islands notorious historic past But how strong is their friendship and can it survive Keenan s new friends This is a wonderful book of friendship and seeing past what is obvious and looking into the deep, you know, don t judge a book by it s cover Everyone has a secret but does everyone get to know it, and if you truly believe something is true should you give up on your belief no matter who all doesn t believe you until you find the real truth There are a lot of secrets to be found out in this book so the suspense is high, but the action is even higher Mr Korman s books are written for people of all ages to enjoy even most reluctant readers will find this book along with other series by Mr Korman very fun to read as I have.

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    Keenan, recuperating from TB picked up on world travels with his mom stepdad in foreign places like Lesotho and Shanghai, is living with his dad on unusual Centrelight Island, smack on the US Canadian border Since he is forced to recover his energy and stamina by sitting in his backyard, Zarabeth Zeebee and her little dog, Barney 2 are his only friends She passes the time by telling him stories of the Prohibition Era gangsters who used the island as a base for their smuggling and the legend of Tommy Gun Ferguson s supposedly hidden gold After all, she does live in his former house But, she s also consumed by the idea that her huge pest of a 200 lb Barney 1 dog was murdered, and Keenan helps her investigate as he recovers his health Red herrings abound in this middle grade mystery, as do glimpses of budding friendships and authentic small town community And even though Keenan sometimes sounds like a guidance counselor, he makes a spectacular friend.

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    I have been a Korman fan for years He just gets better and better This story really appealed to me because the main character lived overseas in a number of places since his mom was an international school teacher He moves back home after he contracts TB in order to rest and heal.The town that he lives in is on the US Canada border so that adds interest as well A couple of dogs one deceased play into the story as well The dog owner, a girl who lives on the Canadian side of town, befriends him and then in an effort to solve the first dog s disappearance they stumble upon an even bigger mystery.Gr 5 10.

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    Fans of Korman will be excited to read this latest book of intrigue and will be kept hanging until the end to find out who is guilty of the crimes Zarabeth and Keenan attempt to solve throughout the story A unique setting on an island that straddles the U.S Canadian border adds interest to a place that had past mobsters living on the island Loved the characters, especially Keenan who went from being an international traveler to living on a small island There is a lot to explore outside of the book with tuberculosis, geography of the border, and mobsters

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