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Children of the LandThis Unforgettable Memoir From A Prize Winning Poet About Growing Up Undocumented In The United States Recounts The Sorrows And Joys Of A Family Torn Apart By Draconian Policies And Chronicles One Young Man S Attempt To Build A Future In A Nation That Denies His Existence You Were Not A Ghost Even Though An Entire Country Was Scared Of You No One In This Story Was A Ghost This Was Not A Story When Marcelo Hernandez Castillo Was Five Years Old And His Family Was Preparing To Cross The Border Between Mexico And The United States, He Suffered Temporary, Stress Induced Blindness Castillo Regained His Vision, But Quickly Understood That He Had To Move Into A Threshold Of Invisibility Before Settling In California With His Parents And Siblings Thus Began A New Life Of Hiding In Plain Sight And Of Paying Extraordinarily Careful Attention At All Times For Fear Of Being Truly Seen Before Castillo Was One Of The Most Celebrated Poets Of A Generation, He Was A Boy Who Perfected His English In The Hopes That He Might Never Seem ExtraordinaryWith Beauty, Grace, And Honesty, Castillo Recounts His And His Family S Encounters With A System That Treats Them As Criminals For Seeking Safe, Ordinary Lives He Writes Of The Sunday Afternoon When He Opened The Door To An ICE Officer Who Had One Hand On His Holster, Of The Hours He Spent Making A Fake Social Security Card So That He Could Work To Support His Family, Of His Father S Deportation And The Decade That He Spent Waiting To Return To His Wife And Children Only To Be Denied Reentry, And Of His Mother S Heartbreaking Decision To Leave Her Children And Grandchildren So That She Could Be Reunited With Her Estranged Husband And Retire From A Life Of Hard LaborChildren Of The Land Distills The Trauma Of Displacement, Illuminates The Human Lives Behind The Headlines And Serves As A Stunning Meditation On What It Means To Be A Man And A Citizen

[[ Reading ]] ➾ Children of the Land Author Marcelo Hernandez Castillo – Pocket-bikes.us
  • ebook
  • 384 pages
  • Children of the Land
  • Marcelo Hernandez Castillo
  • 14 April 2019
  • 9780062825605

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    A boy almost loses his life when a horse is startled, a man discovers he is bisexual long after marrying his high school sweetheart, a man wishes to wait a while before getting his papers because he is afraid that people will think he only married his love to fix his immigration status, a boy s dream of being safe at home is shattered when ICE comes knocking at his door, a man discourses about loving a country that s constantly pushing against you and hating that country for all its done to your family, a boy discovers his body, a boy loses his sight as soon as he crosses the border into the United States and so many other fragments come together to give us a nuanced perspective of the life of Marcelo Hernandez Castillo If you want to put a face to the headlines then Marcelo Hernandez Castillo vivisects his entire life for your voyeurism It is a consensual look at what this country does to people that are simply seeking a better life and opportunities that are not afforded in their home country It isn t a story, this is his real life There is tons of trauma and relentless survival in a country that s constantly treating you like a criminal It is constant introspection about what it means to be othered, to be criminalized and the energy that s expended to be invisible so that you have a chance to keep on living your life Generational trauma, colorism, violence, questioning, guilt, domestic abuse, and toxic masculinity are just a few of the themes that Hernandez Castillo manages to dissect from his life, put into a pensieve and reflect back at how it has all affected his life, his actions and the journey that he has come through In response to another review I saw, there is no healing in this book because there is not a moment of respite allowed to people that cross the border How can there be healing when the wound is constantly reopened This is the book that lets you know that no, the United States isn t the good guy The United States persecutes people, dehumanizes them and then makes it impossible to right a legal wrong in order to try to keep the life that you have already built The trauma of displacement is thoroughly investigated in this book It s disorienting to realize that you re unable to find yourself neither here nor there Hernandez Castillo wastes no imagery, scenes or words because even if something seems random he pulls everything back together in such a brilliant way You can tell that this man is a poet based on his prose I am completely in awe of the pieces of himself that he shared with his reader Please treat this memoir with the delicacy it deserves He s not trying to represent a mass of people but this is one life that you re allowed to witness the trauma that comes when you cross the border.

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    Marcelo Hernandez Castillo is a poet, and if you haven t read his poetry, you should also do that But the unbelievable beauty of his verse is present here in his prose, as he lays bare the often Kafkaesque and humiliating experience of growing up in the United States undocumented Also full of wit and joy, CHILDREN OF THE LAND is a must read for anyone trying to process the immigrant experience in America.

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    Amazing, sad, and important This tale of immigration and a family that simply wants a better life is hard to read in parts because it s true No doubt we re all familiar with the broad outlines of the undocumented experience but Castillo has captured it in an way that will make you bend your head That he wanted to be invisible, that his mother went back to Mexico to join his father after the latter was deported, that he has survived even though it has been a painful journey all add up to a book that hits hard A poet, his prose style is lyrical even with the subject matter, Thanks to Edelweiss for the ARC This likely will not get the wide readership it deserves but I m going to recommend it to others.

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    I thank the publishers of this memoir for my proof copy It is beautiful, painful, abstract a memoir in lyric poetry expanded to fill the pages I cannot read it all right now I tried to do the math and discover the age of his mother at childbirth She is two years younger than me She had children in her forties I read a hundred pages, skipped to the end and read that the author is six months sober and I stopped right there for a long time to consider I think come back to me when you are six years sober Six months is not enough It means he was drinking when his wife became pregnant It means I had to step away This is a memoir of struggle to find edges, connection, the place between, borders, separations and healing scars, the place where division is healed He does not quite find it He finds the means to continue searching I honor that What stopped me The cover is the mode du jour text filling the front and fighting with colorful pattern it did not seem to fit Especially at the beginning he says I felt too often, and without using the line purposefully There is a great deal of reflection in random order, but this made me work too hard to piece his story together while also piecing together his ideas at the beginning Poetry, but not narrative This becomes coherent later on, but it focuses on the years of breakage and not the healing Healing is interesting to me It is far less glamorous, but I wanted of the recovery story and I did not find it I will return and finish this soon, I think It is beautiful Honest.

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    Children of the Land is a beautifully written memoir by poet Marcelo Hernandez Castillo where he recounts coming of age as an undocumented immigrant in America Castillo s family made the journey across the border from Mexico when he was five years old and rented a home in California When Castillo was in high school, ICE agents came barging through his door, guns at the ready, looking for his father who was deported a few years prior Castillo was shaped by these traumatic experiences He strove to remain guarded and inconspicuous at all times and kept his burdens to himself As a result, Castillo struggled deeply with his identity and sense of place After a decade apart, Castillo visited his father in Mexico He hoped to reclaim his lost sense of self within his Mexican roots but found it hard to connect after being displaced for so long This is the true story of a young man who had to find his place and build a future in a country that condemned his very existence This is the true story of a family that faced extreme upheaval, dehumanization and discrimination simply because they desired a better life Castillo brilliantly captures the bravery and spirit of his family despite their hardships Lest we forget, the American way of life is a history built by outsiders who pushed their way in With lyrical prose, Castillo lays himself bare to showcase the human element of the modern day immigrant experience in America I highly recommend this memoir for anyone who is interested in reading an honest narrative about immigration and the problematic effects of the U.S immigration policy I cannot do this family s experience justice you need to read it for yourself.

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    This is a suspenseful and inspiring memoir, a feast of language The author is a young professor and poet who crossed the border Mexico USA as a 5 year old child He excavates his coming of age in the context of family, identity, work, education, language, and place Highly recommended to fans of Reyna Grande, Valeria Luiselli, Francisco Cant , and Luis Alberto Urrea Much of the memoir revolves around immigration themes DACA, migrant detention, family separation, border politics The narrative is emotionally resonant with other provocative topics for discussion coming of age absent fathers domestic violence addiction work ordinary heroes identity Thanks to NetGalley for an ARC Full review to come.

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    1 2 Parts of this memoir I absolutely loved and found deeply meaningful and insightful about the daily struggles of the undocumented, Castillo s conflicted returns to Mexico and his father, and his recounting of his family s history.

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