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DenaliThe Story Of A Dog, His Human, And The Friendship That Saved Both Of Their LivesWhen Ben Moon Moved From The Midwest To Oregon, He Hadn T Planned On Getting A Dog But When He First Met The Soulful Gaze Of A Rescue Pup In A Shelter, Ben Instantly Felt A Connection, And His Friendship With Denali Was Born The Two Of Them Set Out On The Road Together, On An Adventure That Would Take Them Across The American West And Through Some Of The Best Years Of Their Lives But When Ben Was Diagnosed With Colorectal Cancer At Age , He Faced A Difficult Battle With The Disease, And Denali Never Once Left His Side Until They Were Back Out Surfing And Climbing Crags It Was Only A Short Time Later That Denali Was Struck By The Same Disease, And Ben Had The Chance To Return The Favor Denali Is The Story Of This Powerful Friendship That Shaped Ben And Denali S Lives, Showing The Strength And Love That We Give And Receive When We Have Our Friends By Our Side

[Reading] ➼ Denali ➲ Ben Moon – Pocket-bikes.us
  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • Denali
  • Ben Moon
  • 05 October 2019
  • 9780143133612

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    This book is a very personal and touching story of Ben Moon s life that he shared with Denali His dog They had a very active and adventurous life and were always together.It covers Ben s divorce and his battle with colorectal cancer His struggles with learning how to live with a colostomy bag and other changes in his life.The incredible love and support that is portrayed between man and his dog in this book will touch anyone who reads this book This book also reinforced to me the fact that we need to keep negative people and thoughts out of our lives for us to be truly happy and healthy Stress and negativity breed alot of illness in people even at an early age.I would recommend this book to anyone who has ever lost a loved one, human or animal or has ever been through a battle with there health, actually I recommend it to anyone who wants a good touching read.Thanks to SimonSchuster for the gift of this ARC which I really enjoyed.

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    Beware Reading this did bring me to tears This is a moving true story of a man and his husky pit bull cross friend, Denali Ben Moon is an adventurer and lives a very active life, surfing, rock climbing and adventure photography He and Denali lived a dirtbag lifestyle, camping near Ben s climbing sites and enjoying the freedom of nature.In the midst of this story Ben is diagnosed with colorectal cancer at the young age of 29 His story is inspiring and documents his struggle and survival to beat this insidious disease and still continue to enjoy his sports with a colostomy bag It s also an adventure story, especially about Ben s love of climbing.Denali helps Ben through his darkest times and the favour is returned This book will touch your heart deeply, it is extraordinary, very detailed, extremely raw and written by Ben Moon himself A recommended read I wish to thank Simon Schuster for generously providing me with a copy of this book in return for an honest review

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    Ben Moon was in his mid 20s, living near the mountains, and trying to save his crumbling marriage This was never the life he wanted, but he began building his new life around climbing, surfing, and photography That s when he knew he needed a new companion, a dog Denali was just a few weeks old when Ben spotted him in the shelter He knew this was the dog he wanted to spend forever with.Ben and Denali lived in a van, living the dirtbag lifestyle They lived a life on the road, camping near Ben s climbing sites and enjoying every ounce of fresh air nature could offer Until Ben was diagnosed with colorectal cancer, ultimately halting their nomadic lifestyle for the immediate future Ben put out the diagnosis for as long as he could possibly handle When he heard the news that he would have to use a colostomy bag for the rest of his life, his world was turned upside down How could he continue climbing and surfing How was this going to affect his career and future He was an athlete through and through Denali stood by his side through every chemo treatment, every metallic sweat filled night, every trip to the bathroom to vomit Denali became his only constant throughout his entire journey So when Denali s body became cancer ridden, Ben knew he had to step up for his best friend, his confidante, his dog The two of them continued on adventures until Denali s very last breath.Denali was a quick read for me.I expected it to be about Ben and Denali s relationship so than Ben s cancer diagnosis With quirky inserts of what can only be described as Denali s innermost thoughts, Ben included Denali in every aspect of the book It was almost as if a subtle mentioning of Denali made you love their relationship even Some people have a rare, raw relationship with their dogs and I definitely can tell that through Ben and Denali s life together They steadied each other for many years until Denali s time had come They truly loved one another.After Denali, Ben wanted to do something special for him.I m including the short film Ben Moon, Ben Knight, and Skip Armstrong made in his honor.Beware, I cried A lot.Huge thanks to Penguin Random House for sending me an arc Denali hits shelves January 14, 2020 This review and other dog book reviews can be found at A Reader s Diary

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    A heartwarming and moving book that kept me hooked till the end.I loved this stories and it touched my heart.Recommended.Many thanks to the publisher and Edelweiss for this ARC, all opinions are mine.

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    A truly inspiring read Ben s strength at overcoming the odds is incredible The bond between Denali and Ben was a big factor in Ben s healing both physically and emotionally.To be able to travel, and work a job you also Love enjoy and on top of that have inspiring supportive friends and co workers that was also a factor in his healing To have Denali diagnosed with cancer also was heartbreaking, yet the bond between the two of them and the love and support they gave to each othet got them thru this also I really wished there was said about Nori, maybe that will be another story No one can say that animals have no feelings and bonds can not be strong, this book is a testament to the man animal bond.I did enjoy this book, however the story did not flow as well as I wished there was a bit of jumping around and some repitition Howevet this did not spoil the story and yes I laughed and shed tears Thank you Ben Moon and Denali for reinforcing my belief in The Human Animal Bond.

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    I knew when the main character went in and adopted a shelter dog, I would be hooked The bond between and Ben and Denali was inspiring to read about and I loved hearing about their care free life style The author is brutally honest when talking about his diagnosis and battle to beat colon cancer Denali and many others help him get through some dark times and when it is Denali s turn to fight for his life, Ben knows what it is like This is an easy but deep read that I recommend for anyone who loves dogs.

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    I received this book in a Goodreads giveaway and was so excited to read it I couldn t put it down Ben s story of his life with his dog Denali is a beautiful one, his battle with cancer and how Denali was always there for him will touch your heart This book made me laugh, cry and now my dog Izaak will get even hugs I absolutely loved this and highly recommend

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    I was given this advance, uncorrected proof for review This was a very unique book about an avid outdoorsman who transformed his love of sports and nature into a thriving career as an outdoor, action photographer It is also the story of his relationship with his dog, Denali, who he adopts as a puppy Denali was a special dog who was able to fit into the author s extremely active and often nomadic lifestyle While his lifestyle seems free and idyllic he doesn t shy away from the hardships of life on the road He also delves into his divorce at a young age, wounding from childhood and several other relationships that didn t work out Underlying the whole story is his diagnosis at a very young age with aggressive cancer and his struggle to survive and recover from his cancer He is very open and honest, I appreciated the candor he brought to a heavy and foreboding subject He eventually loses Denali to old age but creates an award winning short movie about their friendship It doesn t end on a bad note, he is able to find a new puppy to adopt Highly recommend this fast read.

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    I received an advanced copy of Denali for early review from Penguin Books in exchange for an honest review Ben Moon and Denali s story is one of friendship, love, compassion, devotion, and extreme adventure The joy they brought to each other s lives is present and shown throughout the story Moon has a way of sharing the adventure and experience that is present and real, drawing the reader in, making you want a happy ending for all involved At times, the story is somewhat repetitive, especially towards the end Details and stories are repeated or hinted at and then explained in extra detail again, sometimes creating a circular feel to the book Much time is devoted to Moon s struggle, which leads to a rushed feeling in the few short chapters we get about Denali s Overall, a heartwarming story that makes the reader want to reevaluate life s priorities to have a little adventure and a lot less pressure to in one s own life.

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    I just finished the book His relationship with his dog Denali is very similar that I have with my dog Jura It s weird to feel a connection with someone you ve never spoken too, lives at the other side of the world and probably will never meet Just being outside with your dog is the purest and authentic experience you can have People often distract and even alone we are not grounded as much as with a dog It s the connection with our dog, with our best friend, that keeps us grounded It makes all those things we humans find all too important seem totally irrelevant This is the message I got from the book and I loved it because of it It s not clear whether Ben s dealing with cancer and the aftermath of it forms the backdrop for his relationship with his dog or the other way round I think it doesn t matter that much I loved the photography, climbing and surfing stories in between, sadly I can t say the same about the stories of his relationships Somehow, I found those not adding much to the story, too little details to be engaging, too much for just being a side note Thanks for this book Mr Moon For those curious about my dog s , instagram.com plains_trails_dogmobiles

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