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Sunnyside PlazaWonder Meets Three Times Lucky In A Story Of Empowerment As A Young Woman Decides To Help Solve The Mystery Of Multiple Suspicious Deaths In Her Group Home Sally Miyake Can T Read, But She Learns Lots Of Things Like Bricks Are Made Of Clay And Vitamin D Comes From The Sun Sally Is Happy Working In The Kitchen At Sunnyside Plaza, The Community Center She Lives In With Other Adults With Developmental Disabilities For Sally And Her Friends, Sunnyside Is The Only Home They Ve Ever Known Everything Changes The Day A Resident Unexpectedly Dies After A Series Of Tragic Events, Detectives Esther Rivas And Lon Bridges Begin Asking Questions Are The Incidents Accidents Or Is Something Disturbing Happening The Suspicious Deaths Spur The Residents Into Taking The Investigation Into Their Own Hands But Are People Willing To Listen Sunnyside Plaza Is A Human Story Of Empowerment, Empathy, Hope, And Generosity That Shines A Light On This Very Special World

!!> Reading ➳ Sunnyside Plaza ➬ Author Scott Simon – Pocket-bikes.us
  • Hardcover
  • 208 pages
  • Sunnyside Plaza
  • Scott Simon
  • 13 June 2018
  • 9780316531207

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    Read ARC I have no idea why children were the intended audience for this book, it seems a short story for adults, or maybe YA Also it s a neurotypical author teaching us how those with intellectual disabilities are just like us, so some incidents of people reacting negatively to these adults in the world seemed really hyperbolic.

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    At first I thought this was The Curious Incident of the Strokes in the Group Home, but it turns out it s A Neurotypical Author Teaches Us a Very Important Lesson about People with Intellectual Disabilities.

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    This story about a group home for mentally challenged adults fulfills the promise of its bright cover and reminder that Kindness starts from within Sally Sal Gal is 8 times 2 plus 3 She lives and works at Sunnyside Plaza When one of the other residents suddenly passes away, the police come to the home to investigate Within a short amount of time there is yet another death and a mysterious fall on the stairs due to a stroke Do these unfortunate occurrences have anything to do with the medicine taken by the residents Can Sal Gal and her friends in the home help the police This book plays an important role in reminding us that we are all created in God s image and have value I loved the way the police detectives got involved with the residents taking them on outings like a baseball game and even including them in their Passover celebration As Esther points out, there are people put in front of us because we are not supposed to just walk past them Thank you to Little, Brown Books for a digital ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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    This leans towards 3.5 between liked to really liked.I liked this story I could not get a complete gauge on the ages of all of the residents, especially Sal The way she understood numbers was difficult for me to understand Was she really telling me the math problem to solve her age This book reminded me a lot of a girl I was friends with back in my hometown I felt like the church forced me to be friends with her, because it s what the elders wanted I did it with no complaints, because she was really nice, sweet and completely innocent She liked boys I was always afraid they would try to take advantage of her because of her innocence and scary movies We would spend weekends camped out on her couch watching scary movie after scary movie There was one boy who was a year older than me 2 years older than her that started dating her I oftentimes think he did it because it was the only reason why I would even talk to him He had no friends But then that made me think he was using her and I never wanted her to be hurt Sal Gal was a lot like my friend Very helpful, very kind She may have been a bit slow, but she always had a big heart What Sunnyside Plaza does is help the outside world remember that these are people, too There are so many people that try to throw people away because they are not perfect Guess what Nobody is perfect It is in our imperfections that make us beautiful and unique Towards the end, the words you never want someone to say about people with learning disabilities came out I kept wanting to scream, Stop it Stop it Stop it People can be so evil But Sal Gal, she stood up for herself and for her friends I wanted to applaud when she did this.I think it is very important that the author chose to include people on the outside He helped bridge the gap between the two worlds One thing Sal and her friends did was teach others to be kind and good She taught people to open their hearts and show kindness to others Sal and her friends do not have a mean bone in their body Just by being in their presence, the outside world learned to be kinder human beings.This book is perfect for teaching children about others with learning disabilities and the importance of including them in our lives It will teach them to be kinder to all, and remind us that we, too, need to be kinder to them.

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    Sunnyside Plaza by Scott Simon is a short novel named for an adult group home, and narrated by one of the residents, Sally Miyake Sal can t read, or tie her shoes, but she notices things When two deaths and a serious injury occur in the home, Sal gets to know the detectives that investigate the cases The book is partly a mystery, but mainly about Sal s acceptance of who she is, despite the attitudes of outside people I really liked Sal s story It s unusual for a book for a middle grade audience to be written from an adult perspective, even one with a childlike heart The mystery is not as diabolical or heavy as I expected, but also feels a bit tame even for younger readers The relationships are where this story really shines You can feel the affection Sal has for her friends, both old and new, and the love they feel for her I liked the messages and themes of the book, and the peek inside a place most of us don t often think about.

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    Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I wasn t really sure why this was geared towards children.

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    I read 2 3 of this book, but was having some major issues with the tokenism of people with disabilities that didn t improve I also really don t know who this book is for It is being marketed to youth, but I don t necessary think that it was written and edited with a youth audience in mind.

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    E ARC from Edelweiss

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    This book made me very uncomfortable The plot was ok but the way it was told was unsettling for me, and not in a good way.

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    Note I received an ARC of this book from the publisher at ALA Annual 2019.

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