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Batman, Volume 11 Eisner Award Winner Tom King Reunites With Mikel Janin As He Continues His Best Selling Batman Run Batman Faces His Most Personal Battle Yet As He Is Locked In A Life Or Death Battle With His Father Ever Since Batman S Impending Wedding Went South On Him, The Caped Crusader Has Had The Sinking Suspicion That There Has Been Someone Lurking In The Shadows Setting Events Into Motion After The Attempted Assassination Of Nightwing He Starts To Question His Commitment To His War On Crime, His Relationships And Even His Own SanityThere Has Been An Unseen Hand Orchestrating These Events And While The True Villain Has Yet To Reveal Himself, His Minions Are Starting To Step Forward And Break The Bat Down Once And For All Beginning With Thomas Wayne, The Batman From The Flashpoint Universe Collects Batman And Secret Files

✎ Batman, Volume 11  pdf ✐ Author Tom King – Pocket-bikes.us
  • Paperback
  • 144 pages
  • Batman, Volume 11
  • Tom King
  • English
  • 06 June 2018
  • 9781779501608

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    The Fall and the Fallen feels like the volume of final preparations and table setting, and it should, since it s the penultimate arc of Tom King s Batman run on the main series at least I still dig it a lot, though like with the previous volume I don t have that much to say about this particular arc it s a book where many pieces of the puzzle finally fall into place, and at this point I m just rolling with it and waiting to see where King takes us next on this wild and amazing journey through the Batman psyche City of Bane promises to be phenomenal, and I can t wait to find out how the best Batman run since Grant Morrison wraps up.

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    Ah damn this probably weakest volume in the entire run So Batman after his Knightmares is not having a good time It actually opens interesting enough with Batman breaking out of Arkham In doing so he slaps around some of his good old villains The next few volumes is his complete breakdown, jumping around in time, and spending a little time with his pops It all comes down to breaking him down before he goes pretty much insane I think the idea is good I see what King is doing I enjoyed the first issue here a lot of him breaking out of Arkham The rest Kind of boring and all over the place The big plan by Bane was obvious, the loss of his Batfamily is weird, and the ending is kind of meh The secret file is also a waste of time, don t bother reading it I usually enjoy King s work A LOT Most of his Batman volumes are some of my favorite ever This This is pretty darn weak A 2.5 out of 5.

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    2.5 stars.A bit of buildup, a bit scattered, and a bit confusing.

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    What the hell is it with King Why does he like going over old ground I can understand why he does it For example, Batman s escape from the bowels of Arkham is in representation to Bane s attack on the Asylum, when he was looking for Batman and Psycho Pirate But to have it so precisely copied was irksome I like new, I want new, but King does love to regurgitate.Then we have the entire King Batman story arc narrated to us in a condensed format This works better as it unfolds the entire story from a new perspective However, I don t fully agree with the conclusion you re given Knowing the characters I don t think this in depth planning and carrying out is feasible However, it is a comic and the tales are meant to be fantastic, so I ll let it go.Then we are back to the morbid little Russian fable of the cute furry animals down a pit who take to eating one another down to the bones This is my least favourite of the stories in his volume, though it does go to show everybody has an ulterior motive I now the story is to parallel what s happening in the pit but do we need the whole fable again Each of these, though vexatious to me, works They work even better with the artwork of Mikel Janin and Jorge Fornes though at times, these two artists styles don t work together For me, it feels as though King is trying too hard to be clever and it comes across a tad precocious.The other annoying element of this story is The Worlds Greatest Detective Batman does not deserve this mantle Surely, with the amount of planning needed to get to this broken Batman, there would have been a clue or two I have always loved the fact that Batman was human under the cowl King s Batman though is habitually human Hardly has he ever thought with anything other than his fists, throughout this series I think that s the reason I enjoyed the previous volume, Knightmares, so much he was back to deducing situations.All that said, it s still a good story, and it s the artwork that adds strength to the ongoing story, rather than the narration and dialogue So I would recommend buying the book as I hope this is a minor lull, in what is still looking to be an epic tale.

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    Smart, yet stupid Deep, yet empty Beautifully written, yet stilted Not the worst written in his run or my least favorite, but definitely a step back.

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    Basic plot Batman fights his way out of Arkham only to wind up in the desert with Thomas Wayne, facing yet horrors.I can t decide how I feel about this volume It is intense, filled with some very powerful emotions The narrative, though, is so confusing that the emotional arc is muddied What is past and what is present What is real and what is just in Batman s mind No idea Maybe that s the point.The art is inconsistent, furthering the confusion Sometimes the panels are crisp and clear and others are frenetic and impressionistic I m sure it is intentional, but it doesnt make the flow any easier to follow It s brilliant, but jarring, and that makes it hard to just sit back and enjoy I feel like I have to be analyzing every detail of every panel because I might miss something.The story ends on a cliffhanger, so I m pushing straight on to the next volume and am actually glad for once that I m behind in reading my issues I can definitely sense a build up to something major about to happen.

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    Collects Batman 70 74 and Batman Secret Files 2This collection reveals what Bane s plan has been since the beginning of Tom King s run on Batman, and also sheds some light on why the Flashpoint Batman would be aiding Bane in his efforts I love the confrontations and conversations between father and son, and would have liked even of that The Batman Secret Files issue was a little bit of a waste of time, and I m giving my 5 star rating to Tom King s work, not that extra issue that was thrown into this collection It may set some things up in City of Bane, but for now it didn t do much for me.

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    This volume does pull a lot of the previous volumes together and clear thing up, at least a little view spoiler I m having trouble getting used to the idea of Batman s father from the Flashpoint universe showing up and then trying to resurrect Batman s mother I think the idea is for the three of them to leave this universe as a family, but Papa Wayne has a screw loose so Bruce isn t going along with it hide spoiler

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    Your mother just could not quit She had faith, this eternal faith in you That you could see the horrors And still dream of a better world.

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    Hating Tom King s run seems to be the fun thing to do lately, for some reason I m still loving it, personally Knightmares was a bit of a misstep, but The Fall And The Fallen gets right back on track, as King s long form Bane story ramps up with Batman spiraling further and further away from himself and the people he cares about until it forces him into the arms of the one person he should be staying away from his father, the Flashpoint Batman.The first three issues of the volume are the spiral, and the second two after that show what happens when Bruce and Thomas Wayne finally start working together Spoiler alert nothing good The journey that King is taking Bruce through is really quite harrowing at times, and this volume is almost the precipice of it all If you think Bruce has fallen as far as he can go, you ve got some major surprises coming.Also included is Batman Secret Files 2, which are mostly little vignettes about all of Batman s foes, the ones that he battles through in issues 70 71, and how they re going to play into his final downfall in the next two volumes It s a nice little addition, but none of the stories are particularly essential.On art for the main five issues are Mikel Janin and Jorge Fornes, who split each issue fairly evenly Their styles are quite different, but they mesh surprisingly well King s run has been full of excellent artists, and these guys are two of the best The Secret Files has a few different artists thrown in, not least of which is Eduardo Risso, who deserves a special mention as ever.The Fall And The Fallen is a painful volume to read at times, but it s all just set up for what s about to hit Batman may think he has it sussed, but he ll be surprised and I bet you will be too.

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