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Freds Big Feelings An Inspiring Picture Book Biography About The Inimitable Fred Rogers, Beloved Creator And Star Of Mister Rogers NeighborhoodFred Rogers Was A Quiet Boy With Big Feelings Sometimes, He Felt Scared Or Lonely At Other Times, He Was Playful And Joyous But When Fred S Feelings Felt Too Big, His Grandfather McFeely Knew Exactly What To Say To Make Him Feel Better I Like You Just The Way You Are Fred Grew Up And Created Mister Rogers Neighborhood, The Television Program That Would Go On To Warm The Hearts And Homes Of Millions Of Americans But One Day, The Government Threatened To Cut Funding For Public Television, Including Fred S Show So, Fred Stepped Off The Set And Into A Hearing On Capitol Hill To Make His Feelings Known In A Portrait Full Of Warmth And Feeling, Laura Renauld And Award Winning Illustrator Brigette Barrager Tell The Story Of Mister Rogers A Quiet, Compassionate Hero Whose Essential Message That It Is Okay To Have And To Express Feelings Still Resonates Today This Book Is Not Associated With Or Authorized By Fred Rogers Productions

[Ebook] Freds Big Feelings  By Laura Renauld – Pocket-bikes.us
  • Hardcover
  • 40 pages
  • Freds Big Feelings
  • Laura Renauld
  • 18 June 2017
  • 9781534441224

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    Fred s Big Feelings does a wonderful job covering every important aspect of Fred Roger s life I was pleasantly surprised by how much Laura Renauld included Accompanied by fantastic illustrations A marvelous addition to a children or book collector s library.

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    In an easy to read, simple, style Laura Renauld tells the extraordinary story of the legendary Mister Rogers and makes his message of love and acceptance accessible to a new generation of children A book as welcoming as Mister Roger s neighborhood itself, and every bit as powerful, Fred s Big Feelings will help children know they are loved just as they are This lovely new text belongs on every classroom bookshelf and in every home.

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    I grew up watching Mister Rogers Neighborhood and as a parent appreciate his philosophies about childhood and education even Fred Rogers was a special person and that is well depicted on the pages on this biography I love the theme of expressing feelings that runs throughout the book One of the many things Rogers did was teach us that feelings are normal and need to be talked about and expressed appropriately That message glows from these pages and I hope it will be used to start conversations about emotions with a new generation of children His history and how he impacted public television is also discussed well Personally, I teared up reading much of what he accomplished and strove to teach children, but I wonder if a new generation of kids who didn t grow up with him on their tvs will feel the same I hope so Whether it s used as part of a lesson on emotions or to teach kids about an influential man in American history, this is a book to put in the hands of teachers, librarians, parents and children.

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    I was not a fan of Mister Rogers as a kid He talked too slowly and I didn t like the cardigans But this beautiful, well written picture book is an interesting account of his life It accomplishes two things On the one hand, we learn about Mr Rogers life and legacy, like the title says On the other, it is a book about feelings and emotions These words are in italics throughout the text, and are cleverly interspersed in the story so that we learn about Mr Rogers through his emotions A book for both adults and children

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    This picture book biography illustrates the life of Fred Rogers, especially looking through the lens of the feelings that Rogers experienced since acknowledging and honor children s feelings is how Rogers built his career When he was a child, Fred felt sad, scared, and lonely when he was bullied by other children and isolated due to his asthma He reflected on those feelings and dedicated his life to helping children experience and manage their own feelings in order to grow up to be caring adults With several books and films about Mr Rogers being produced over the past few years, this is a hot topic and this picture book is a good introduction for young readers The text and illustrations are a good match to a man whose life was so involved with emotional regulation.

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    Another resource has joined the recent collection of books, documentaries, and movies about a man who is rightly recognized as heroic not for a cape or battle cry but for following his heart and commitment to making the world a better place.

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    Loved it

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    This is a beginning biography which highlights one of the most children friendly, concerned television personalities to hit the screens.Mister Roger s Neighborhood was a part of my childhood as much as brushing my teeth or evening prayers It was a treat to watch him, and today, as an adult, my respect for him has grown This book does a wonderful job at taking several basic highlights from his life and surrounding them in exactly the atmosphere, which Fred Rogers radiated to the world This alone made the book a delight to read and dive into As a biography, it s well written and sticks to a few facts, while allowing young listeners readers to gain a bigger picture of what Fred Rogers was about It s never dull and keeps the pace quick, while not forgetting to portray Mr Rogers dreams I do believe that this book has a much larger impact on audiences who have seen Mister Roger s Neighborhood, then it would on those who haven t gotten to know his show.The illustrations fit well and bring across the various times in Fred Rogers life nicely There are added details here and there to make it fun just to flip through even when no one is around to read it out loud While young audiences will enjoy this one even so when combined with Mr Rogers shows it especially will warm the hearts of those who grew up as his neighbors.I giving this 4.5 stars and rounding up I received a complimentary copy and enjoyed the book enough to want to leave my honest thoughts.

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    This book examines Fred Rogers life and advocacy, within the framework of his beloved show It begins in the second person, inviting the reader behind the scenes of Mr Roger s Neighborhood The almost child like, 2 dimensional illustrations enhance the feeling of a child watching the show unfold.Then, after examining how isolation, bullying, and asthma filled his childhood with sadness, fear, and loneliness, Renauld explores Fred s discovery that music and his Grandfather s message, You made this day a really special day just by being yourself and I happen to like you just the way you are, changed his life and the lives of others he interacted with Providing the foundation of his determination to provide thoughtful and empathetic programing to children I loved how throughout the book, Barrager represents every feeling whether happiness, anger, sadness, etc as a stream of hearts emanating from the person, animal, or puppet A very visual reinforcement of Fred Roger s goal to help kids understand and accept the validity and importance of all emotions, even the tough ones This is a touching tribute to a remarkable man who pioneered children s programing and lead the fight to keep public broadcasting alive.

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    A thoughtful and heartfelt picture book biography of Fred Rogers focusing on his work as a champion of emotional literacy and public television for children While the book assumes knowledge of Rogers television show, the focus is much on the importance of acknowledging and standing up for ones feelings Themes social emotional storytime, standing up for your beliefsAge range 5 8

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