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Wonder Woman She Will Become One Of The World S Greatest Heroes WONDER WOMAN But First She Is Diana, Princess Of The S And Her Fight Is Just Beginning Based On The New York Times Bestselling Novel By Leigh Bardugo, This Graphic Novel Adaptation Brings To Life Diana S First Adventure Beyond The Hidden Shores Of ThemysciraDiana Longs To Prove Herself To Her Legendary Warrior Sisters But When The Opportunity Finally Comes, She Throws Away Her Chance At Glory And Breaks Law Risking Exile To Save A Mere Mortal Even Worse, Alia Keralis Is No Ordinary Girl And With This Single Brave Act, Diana May Have Doomed The WorldAlia Just Wanted To Escape Her Overprotective Brother With A Semester At Sea She Doesn T Know She Is Being Hunted When A Bomb Detonates Aboard Her Ship, Alia Is Rescued By A Mysterious Girl Of Extraordinary Strength And Forced To Confront A Horrible Truth Alia Is A Warbringer A Direct Descendant Of The Infamous Helen Of Troy, Fated To Bring About An Age Of Bloodshed And MiseryTogether, Diana And Alia Will Face An Army Of Enemies Mortal And Divine Determined To Either Destroy Or Possess The Warbringer If They Have Any Hope Of Saving Both Their Worlds, They Will Have To Stand Side By Side Against The Tide Of War

[Ebook] ↠ Wonder Woman  Author Louise Simonson – Pocket-bikes.us
  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • Wonder Woman
  • Louise Simonson
  • 19 July 2019
  • 9781401282554

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    I didn t like this as much as the original novel Translating prose to comics is difficult and I think that s what happened here Trying to include all the narration in the prose version made for some boring passages in the GN The art was OK, but I didn t like the color palette at all It was very dark and muted almost as if the whole story took place at dusk I know this DC Ink line of books has made sparse use of colors in a good way but it just wasn t the same in this one Received a review copy from DC and Edelweiss All thoughts are my own and in no way influenced by the aforementioned.

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    Originally published on The Nerd Daily Review by Tom HitchenDiana Daughter of immortals Princess of Themyscira Wonder Woman.The famed DC superhero has many names and she has been adapted and reincarnated many times First appearing in 1941 before her first feature in 1942, there have been films, TV shows, and books And now she is once again welcomed back to the comic book page in Louise Simonson s adaptation of Leigh Bardugo s Wonder Woman Warbringer.The story follows Diana Prince, long before her tenure as the legendary Wonder Woman, as she risks exile from her homeland to save a mortal and becomes ensnared in an international plot to stop a world war.This is where the plot gets interesting The world isn t being threatened by the usual trigger happy white men in suits, but by the very girl Diana saves Alia Keralis is a Warbringer a direct descendant of Helen of Troy and destined to cause chaos Together, the two women must overcome their own insecurities and unleash the potential within themselves in order to prevent the world from falling into violence.The novel in which this adaptation is based on manages to inject a fresh new voice into the overcrowded universe of superhero origin stories, and Bardugo establishes her own version of Wonder Woman s early beginnings with her usual punchy flair.In Simonson s adaptation, the characters are placed front and centre with Kit Seaton s illustrations Seaton, who has also lent her artist prowess to another YA adaptation, Alexandra Bracken s Brightly Woven, manages to breathe life into the DC Universe with her playful graphic design The only drawback to Seaton s art is that at times it fails to deliver impact due to the similar colour choices utilised throughout The book is a colour wheel of blue and grey, and only occasionally does the novel brighten up with oranges and reds Wonder Woman has always been a symbol of vibrancy and power, and at times, Seaton s art disappoints and doesn t manage to capture that historic essence Overall, it is enjoyable to look at.Aside from the premise, the plot isn t anything particularly new, but the magic comes from the main cast Diana and Alia are joined by the latter s best friend Nim, a boisterous go getter with a no nonsense attitude, and Theo, her brother s sidekick and crush Bardugo does character so well and always creates a familiar and realistic portrayal of group friendships The dynamic between the foursome is both hilarious and uplifting.Wonder Woman returns to her roots in the Warbringer graphic novel with witty dialogue, high stakes and great friendships Bardugo s YA novel is honestly depicted through art and speech, and while it doesn t quite capture the grandeur of a traditional Wonder Woman story, it lands on two feet when it comes to hilarity and character and gives a nod to the future in its conclusion.A worthy entry in the Wonder Woman universe.

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    This one had a special place in my heart, especially since it includes Wonder Woman, but mainly because I loved Leigh Bardugo s novel version of this story I really couldn t get enough of that story and was saddened when it came to an end So, of course, when I saw this go up, I knew I wanted a chance at reviewing it Even though this wasn t exactly as the novel, or as detailed, it had much of what I was looking and hoping for Especially, when it came to the graphics included in this version Plus, come on, it s Wonder Woman and it s Diana all at once, in all her youth that we rarely get to see in other graphic novels, or arc stories of her That s what made this an even interesting novel to pick up And if you loved the DC Icons version of it, definitely give this a go Yes, like mentioned above, go in it knowing it s not exactly the same, with much cut as this is a shorter and to the point story, but it doesn t take away from who Diana is in here and all those surrounding her Let s not forget Alia, making this a double threat They both work great together to make this an even interesting read Another reason why I loved everything about this world created My only concern, like many others, is that I needed Can t wait to see where this world goes and hopefully it brings us of Diana and her ventures I received this copy from DC Comics, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own.

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    Thank you DC Ink for the gifted review copy

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    I received an e ARC from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review Review can also be found on Milky Way of Books The adaptation of Leigh s book gave me an even amazing Wonder Woman vibe The story is fairly done and the art is quite well Diana has always been an amazing character and seeing her in her teens as a warrior was also very exciting If you have read the book you ll fairly enjoy the graphic novel adaptation too.

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    This is a good graphic novel adaptation of the YA novel, but the story is not communicated as well in this medium If you want to get the full story and also love the graphic novel medium, I would recommend reading the original novel first Thank you to DC Comics and NetGalley for providing a digital ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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    Thank you to DC Comics for providing me with an e ARC of Wonder Woman Warbringer in exchange for an honest review.I have a confession to make Wonder Woman is a character that I don t care much about Hear me out, I love who she is what she does I love the s the concept of an island where only women live I love everything about Wonder Woman.However, I don t think I ve found the right Wonder Woman series to consume What it boils down to is the writer who s bringing her story to life Therefore, I never found a true reason to consider myself a fan of the character.Which brings me to Wonder Woman Warbringer I have yet to read the actual novel that this graphic novel is based on but it s on my soon to read TBR , but I have to say that I truly did enjoy this tale Perhaps it s because it s directed towards YA we all know I m a sucker for YA reads.One of the things I loved about Wonder Woman Warbringer is the friendships that are formed Our Warbringer, Alia, gets shipwrecked on Themyscira is rescued by Diana This introduces us to a whole lot of fighting enemies GIRL POWER.Alia is really the show stealer in Wonder Woman Warbringer, along with her best friend, Nim I absolutely adored these two even so how they basically welcomed Diana with open arms Honestly, by the end of it, I just wanted Diana to stay in New York hang out with her new pals Can I get a roommate AU or Characters and relationships are absolutely phenomenal in Wonder Woman Warbringer.As this is a graphic novel, there s to the story than just the words Kit Seaton brings Diana and the gang alive with her artwork A blue color scheme continues throughout the pages, which somehow just felt right Everything just paired so extremely well together.In all, Wonder Woman Warbringer is a pretty solid read, especially for fans of Wonder Woman For fans of YA, I think this graphic novel is a perfect way to introduce yourself to the character and universe.

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    Warbringer is a faithful adaptation of the original story Having read the source material, I am confident this is one of the best adaptations I ve read The plot follows the story, with the art adding to the battle scenes Fans who find one medium or the other won t miss anything by choosing one over the other I actually enjoyed the graphic novel even than the book

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    Not bad Quick and engaging read I didn t guess the bad guy at all 3 stars.

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    A bit disappointed, review to come

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