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From the Desk of Zoe WashingtonZoe Washington Isn T Sure What To Write What Does A Girl Say To The Father She S Never Met, Hadn T Heard From Until His Letter Arrived On Her Twelfth Birthday, And Who S Been In Prison For A Terrible Crime A Crime He Says He Never CommittedCould Marcus Really Be Innocent Zoe Is Determined To Uncover The Truth Even If It Means Hiding His Letters And Her Investigation From The Rest Of Her Family Everyone Else Thinks Zoe S Worrying About Doing A Good Job At Her Bakery Internship And Proving To Her Parents That She S Worthy Of Auditioning For Food Network S Kids Bake ChallengeBut With Bakery Confections On One Part Of Her Mind, And Marcus S Conviction Weighing Heavily On The Other, This Is One Recipe Zoe Doesn T Know How To Balance The Only Thing She Knows To Be True Everyone Lies

[PDF / Epub] ✈ From the Desk of Zoe Washington ☀ Janae Marks – Pocket-bikes.us
  • Hardcover
  • 304 pages
  • From the Desk of Zoe Washington
  • Janae Marks
  • 07 January 2019
  • 9780062875853

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    I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to read this pitch perfect debut, by Janae Marks Zoe is the kind of protagonist I love in middle grade books ambitious, curious, strong what I would describe as a take charge kinda gal She loves baking, which, hello, makes her the kind of kid I would have loved to be friends with in middle school Not only does she love to bake, but she dreams of joining a junior baking competition, so that one day she can become a professional pastry chef But her dreams get placed on the back burner when she discovers a letter in her mailbox from her biological father, who has been convicted of murder At first, she doesn t want to have anything to do with him But her curiosity starts gnawing on her, so she decides to write him back That letter is the first of many, and as she gets to know him, she discovers that he s been wrongly convicted Zoe makes it her mission, to find the evidence needed to set her biological father free In the process, we get to know other members of her family, especially her grandmother, who is sympathetic to her plight, as well as her neighbor and friend, Trevor, who she enlists to help her While reading, I found myself cheering Zoe on, as she investigated the crime, and also in her quest to create her very own original cupcake recipe, which by the way, sounds totally delicious I know my own kid would love to gobble up a Fruit Loops cereal cupcake If you love headstrong middle grade protagonists, contemporary stories dealing with real life issues such as racism, wrongful conviction, mixed race blended families, and anything to do with baking, then I would definitely recommend you pick up, FROM THE DESK OF ZOE WASHINGTON.

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    Wow Wow.I LOVED this book Budding 12 year old pastry chef Zoe Washington receives a letter on her birthday from her incarcerated father, Marcus and it s the first time she s ever heard from him He s in jail for a violent crime, but as Zoe continues to correspond with him, she starts to wonder if he might actually be innocent after all.This book is about love, the highs and lows of friendship, baking be ready to have intense cupcake cravings , complex family relationships, and the importance of taking a stand The masterful way the author weaves in themes of social justice throughout Zoe s very personal journey will allow kids to come to conclusions about racism within our judicial and prison systems themselves, which is a powerful tool to give a child Zoe is such an proactive protagonist, and I can see kids reading this in classrooms across the country, galvanized to take a stand because Zoe shows us that you re never too young to make a big difference.5 5 stars

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    E ARC provided by Edelweiss PlusZoe lives in Boston with her mother and stepfather Her best friend, Trevor, lives next door, but as summer starts, Zoe is still smarting from comments she heard Trevor make to his sporty friends about her, so she doesn t want to hang out with him Luckily, her mother has a friend who runs a bakery, and Zoe has the opportunity to spend time there honing her skills so she can try out for a kids version of a baking reality show Unfortunately, she spends of her time folding boxes than scooping batter, since the other workers don t trust a kid When a letter arrives for her and turns out to be from the father she has never met because he is in prison, Zoe is curious and writes back Her father seems very nice, and she slowly gets some information about the murder he is accused of committing Sure that her father is telling the truth that he didn t do it, she starts to investigate some leads, going with Trevor to find a women who remembers meeting him when she posted an ad on Craigslist Her grandmother has been helping Zoe get the letters, but eventually the two have to come clean to her mom Armed with her evidence, the family goes to Project Innocence to try to get her father released Strengths My readers will be very happy to find a book about an African American girl who is solidly middle class I ve been looking for books like this for years, and have been glad to see titles like Love Like Sky, Blended, and Some Places More than Others that don t take place in the inner city Baking books do fairly well, so readers will enjoy trying out some of Zoe s recipes for Froot Loop cupcakes, and the details about having a parent in prison are thought provoking Weaknesses Several things seemed far fetched to me, although they won t to younger readers There are a lot boy girl best friends in books than in real life, the internship at the bakery seemed unlikely, although the way Zoe was received was realistic, it was surprising that the grandmother helped her keep information from her parents, and Zoe has a lot of luck in her investigations What I really think This has a fantastic cover, so I would purchase it just for that It s a solid story, and I ll be looking forward to seeing what else Ms Marks writes, but it didn t knock my socks off the way Front Desk did The publisher s description compares it to this.

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    LOVE LOVE LOVE MORE TO COME.Review on 14 01 20 Thanks to the publisher for an e ARC of this novel. From the Desk of Zoe Washington is a moving, true to life middle grade novel that highlights just how potent perseverance can be even when you re just twelve This book is one of those middle grade novels that tackles issues without taking away the joy of the mundane.Debut author Janae Marks explores parental incarceration, wrongful imprisonment, friendship missteps, and in this novel I couldn t help but think of Alicia D Williams s Genesis Begins Again Zoe jumps off the page as much as Genesis does I highly oh so highly recommend this novel.Read my full review on the blog.

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    Loved this one Zoe is a great, strong character with a spot on voice The pacing kept me turning pages the whole time There is a lot of intrigue to keep the reader interested The way her relationship develops with her dad is so sweet, and the ending is really satisfying Grandma might ve been my favorite character Also, the food descriptions were scrumptious Can someone please make me a fruit loops cupcake

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    Fabulously written and such a heart warming story I was fortunate to have an advanced readers copy and just fell in love with Zoe and her dreams of being a pastry chef Zoe finally receives a letter from her father for the first time who is incarcerated for a violent crime The writer carefully crafted a heart warming story that is very approachable to the middle grade age and is much hopeful and heartfelt than you might assume Zoe is a full blown character who is spunky, determined, and has big dreams about becoming a pastry chef Reader be weary that it might induce cravings for cupcakes and baked goods, but it s also what makes the story delightful and inspiring for young readers to think about taking on your dreams Throughout Zoe s journey of having an internship at a bakery, the story grounds itself in what an amazing kid Zoe is, and wonder about her life having never met her father When she receives her letter from her father and begins to communicate with him regularly it allows the reader to experience the hope, the doubt, the million questions that would flutter to a young person interacting with their father for the first time Really sweat moments as Zoe learns about her fathers love for her and his claim of innocence This is a story that leaves a reader with hope and happiness A must read

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    Every now and then, I read a middle grade book that is engaging, well written, and fun to read, AND deals with issues so unique and important that I wish I could shove it into the hands of everyone I know FROM THE DESK OF ZOE WASHINGTON is exactly that kind of book Much of Zoe s life is pretty normal she loves to bake and is thrilled to land a summer internship at a real bakery she s on the outs with her best friend after an incident earlier in the summer she longs for responsibility and freedom now that she s twelve years old.But one thing about Zoe s life is very, very different from most middle grade characters Zoe s biological father, Marcus, has spent twelve years in prison for murder And on her twelfth birthday, Zoe gets a letter from him and with that letter, realizes just how much there is to Marcus s story than she has ever known.Mass incarceration of Black and brown men, and wrongful convictions, are issues that are extremely relevant in the U.S right now FROM THE DESK OF ZOE WASHINGTON takes these topics on with grace, courage, and an enormous amount of compassion Janae Marks deftly adds layer after layer of nuance to Marcus s case, as well as to his relationship with Zoe the book tackles big issues without ever feeling either heavy handed or depressing Zoe s irrepressible spirit and determination to get to the bottom of Marcus s story is inspiring and uplifting FROM THE DESK OF ZOE WASHINGTON is an absolutely perfect way to introduce the issue of mass incarceration to young readers Five enthusiastic stars

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    Zoe is so inspiring, determined, and full of heart I loved how this book balanced deep and sweet relationships with the very real and important issues surrounding wrongful convictions and that PoC are vastly likely to be wrongfully convicted and abused by the justice system Zoe s story not only brings light to the issue, but will empower young readers to make the changes they want to see in the world.

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    Janae Marks wonderful debut is an important and timely novel about systemic racism in the U.S that will engage middle school readers and have them both rooting for the main character, Zoe Washington, and questioning this country s system of mass incarceration Middle schoolers will relate to Zoe she has dreams and goals she s currently not speaking to her best friend, Trevor, because he said something really mean about her and she loves her parents but doesn t always agree with them On her twelfth birthday, Zoe gets a letter in the mail from the biological dad she s never met because h e in prison for murder, a murder he says he didn t commit As Zoe begins a secret correspondence with her dad, she s also trying to repair her friendship, make a good impression at her bakery internship and maybe win a spot in a national baking competitionThis novel should be in every middle school library and classroom If it s not on your Goodreads tbr list, add it

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    I read an early copy of this powerful debut, and I can t recommend it highly enough The writing is clear and impactful, the characterization is pitch perfect, and both plotting and premise make for a captivating read I am blown away by this story.Middle school protagonist Zoe lives happily with her mother and stepfather, loves to bake, and dreams of being on a kids baking competition show On her twelfth birthday, she receives a letter in the mail from Marcus, the biological father she s never met, who is in prison for a crime Zoe knows almost nothing about Intrigued, she begins secretly corresponding with Marcus, and over time, learns that the crime Marcus is in prison for is worse than she imagined To top it off he may be innocent of the crime Zoe is an unforgettable character who is thoughtful, clever, strong, and determined as she secretly begins investigating the details leading up to Marcus s arrest all those years ago The letters written between Zoe and Marcus are an awesome vehicle for their growing relationship while creating tension throughout I also appreciated the character nuances of Zoe s grandmother, who serves as constant support to Zoe Mid story, Zoe and a friend travel to meet someone who might serve as an alibi for Marcus, providing an interesting new setting while keeping things pacey Zoe s passion for baking throughout serves as a beautiful, impactful metaphor, and the resolution with Marcus, Zoe s family, and Zoe s friendships is surprising, heartfelt and satisfying So many important themes were handled with utmost respect and honesty family, the desire to learn about one s biological parent, wrongful imprisonment, racism, friendship, taking a stand, and so much I was riveted by this important book and can t wait to watch it soar

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