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Brina the Cat Brina, A City Cat, Moved To The Mountains With The Owners For A Summer Holiday Here She Meets Some Stray Cats Who Call Themselves The Gang Of The Feline Sun The New Friends Convince Her To Escape Her Owners And Become A Free Cat But While Brina Enjoys Her Newfound Freedom And All The New Types Of Delectable Bugs The Countryside Has To Offer, Her Young Owners Are Panicking Over Losing Her, A Member Of Their Family Brina Must Make A Choice To Live With Her Owners, Where It S Safe But Confined Or Go In The Wilderness A Heartwarming Tender Cat Tale

➵ Brina the Cat  Read ➼ Author Giorgio Salati – Pocket-bikes.us
  • Hardcover
  • 88 pages
  • Brina the Cat
  • Giorgio Salati
  • 09 March 2017
  • 9781545804254

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    It is all about humans animals relationships, some won t let their cats out because they re afraid to lose them or them being hurt, something I did with my cat who lived with me for almost 12 years, he was well taken care of but he longed to go out And some will let their cats go out because they want them to feel free, something I did with both my cats now 2 years old and ended up missing one of them for about 6 months now.What happened to Brina can happen to any cat, and lots of people think that some cats are emprisonned by their owners because they re selfish and don t care about their pets feelings, no, it is totally wrong When you adopt a pet, well, when a pet adopts you, you end up fearing for its safety than yours The story was good and the art was exquisite I ll be waiting for the next issue.

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    E ARC provided by NetgalleyBrina and her owners are on vacation in an amazing home in the mountains Brina wants to get outside, but when she is allowed out once, she gets distracted and runs away, finally being found in a pipe near the yard Once this city cat has a taste of freedom and fresh air, she wants Egged on by Vespucci, a feral cat with a troubled past and a missing eye, Brina leaves her loving owners to run with the pack Vespucci and the other cats are welcoming, but also get Brina into some trouble Her owners are desperately worried, and she misses them as well, but is that enough for her to leave her life of freedom and return to them Strengths This is worth purchasing for the setting alone those mountains I d be glad to go even if I had to be in a cage This is a sweet story, and mirrors how I think my dog would feel if taken to the mountains There s no sleeping on memory foam with fuzzy blankets in the wild The pictures are utterly adorable, and the picture to text ratio is perfect Weaknesses This is a translation, and there were a few moments where it felt like I was missing something What I really think The premise is very similar to Hunter s Into the Wild, where the kittypet runs off and enjoys the life of freedom This is sort of an alternate ending to that book in The Warriors, the cats all decide to be feral and fight with each other and eat voles, but Brina is willing to give up her freedom in order to have a safer life with her humans This will be wildly popular in middle schools where graphic novels circulate well Looking forward to the sequel, City Cat, due out June 2, 2020

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    Originally published on my blog Nonstop Reader Brina the Cat 1 is a fun graphic novel written by Giorgio Salati and illustrated by Christian Cornia featuring Brina the Cat s adventures in the countryside on holiday with her humans Originally released in 2017 in Italy, this English translation, due out 14th Jan 2020 from Papercutz has 88 pages and will be available in hardcover and paperback formats.This is a short and very sweet story about indoor cats and outdoor cats Brina meets a gang of cats on vacation including a feral cat with a missing eye and bad attitude Vespucci wants Brina to give up her pampered home life and run away from her humans and live wild Her conflict and her interactions with the other cats of the gang of the feline sun makes for a fun adventure.I m looking forward to from this series Four stars.Disclosure I received an ARC at no cost from the author publisher for review purposes.

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    Cute story of what happens when a city cat meets a group of wild strays, and wonders if life is better in the outdoors, rather than in the indoors Sure, you get food inside, but look at all the grasshoppers and mice outside What could possibly be better.So Brina leaves her humans to see if life is better outside.The story goes between Brina and her humans, who miss her very much, and wander the town, where they are on vacation, looking for her.The translation is mostly well done, although there is one spot where the new owner says the reason they are naming her Brina is because she she looks as though her faded spots look as though they were covered in dew. But Brina apparently means Frost in Italian, so not only does that not make any sense in English, it doesn t work in Italian either Other than that, I wouldn t have suspected it wasn t originally written in English.So, 3.5 stories rounded up to four.

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    In exchange of reading this book, I offer my honest review I received a copy of this book from NetGalley This is an adorable tale of two year old cat, Brina, who goes on vacation with her human family Born on a farm, she remembers her past while a kitten when she gazes outside So when she finds the opportunity to go explore with the help of fellow cats in the area, she gets to live on the wild side again While she tries to adjust to her new life, she learns some lessons about family, friends and love This would be a great gift for cat lovers BrinatheCat1

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    3.5 or 4 stars This book was very cute Sometimes it got a little cheesy or repetitive, but it is meant for middle grade kids The art style is wonderful, as is the storyline All of the adventures Brina goes on are entertaining and had me reading this in one sitting A cute comic I think many different age groups would enjoy.

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    received for free from netgalley in order for honest review Really cute little comic, love the art and characters, its a comic so story is short but imo good for kids learning to read.

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    This was such a cute and adorable little story The kids all read it and this is their review We really enjoyed the artwork and the cats in this one We think that kids of all ages were 7, 8, 12 would love this one It had a cute story and cute characters and we couldn t put it down.

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    In this story, we follow Brina, an adventurous cat, on a trip to the mountains on a summer holiday with her owners There, she encounters Vespucci, a cat who tells her all about being free of your owners and exploring the world Brina s remember her life as a kitten at the farm and after being locked into the summer house, she runs away She joins the feline gang but secretly misses her owners and some of the orders of the clan don t sit well with her This story showcases Brina s side of the story as well as the owners , Margret and Sam They are looking everywhere for Brina and just keep missing her.This read very quickly but nevertheless had an amazing message It s about family, friendship and freedom It s about a loving family but also about being the one too much in the litter.The artwork was beautiful, I especially adored the cats and the landscapes I hope to read about Brina and her adventures I recommend this to lovers of cats or graphic novels or people that are just looking for a good, quick read.

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    Brina the Cat is a charming graphic novel about the misadventure of city cat Brina while she and her family are on summer vacation in the mountains Her owners Sam Margaret decide to let Brina outside after her very vocal protestations of being left alone inside While exploring nearby she happens to meet members of The Gang of the Feline Sun The gang influences Brina into escaping her owners to become as they are free cats After Brina makes the decision to leave her comfort zone in trade for freedom and adventure her owners are devastated Did she really sign up for freedom and adventure with the gang Brina will have to make a choice between what her human family offers and what the gang expects from her.Some of the interactions between Sam Margaret seem off topic and a little disjointed I know it s a graphic novel for kids but as a parent I would expect it to make logical sense no matter who s reading it As the story progresses it does flesh out the backstory to give depth to the characters which helped lessen the disjointed feeling There are some leaps in dialogue where the characters never discussed their cats but somehow Brina s owners know information regarding other cats Overall, this graphic novel is what feels like an introduction to Brina and is a very cute and heartwarming tale told from feline and human perspectives.This graphic novel reminds me of a very scaled back version of Erin Hunter s Warriors series Brina is written by Giorgio Salati and illustrated by Christian Cornia and was originally published in 2017 in Italy as Brina e la Banda del Sole Felino The illustrations in this story are beautiful and charming the mountain scenes are very picturesque The cats and images are bright, eye catching and very well drawn The story text is easily readable even after magnifying the PDF to make it larger on my screen I would highly suggest this to fans of the following cats, children s graphic novels, stories told from animal POV, parents of children who love cats and Erin Hunter s Warriors series I would read this to my own daughter but as she s two I don t think we re quite there yet but I do know that she would love it As always, a big thank you to NetGalley and Papercutz for the opportunity to read this story in exchange for an honest review.

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