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The JanesThe Electric Follow Up To Louisa Luna S Acclaimed Thriller Two Girls Down, Featuring Private Investigators Alice Vega And Max CaplanOn The Outskirts Of San Diego, The Bodies Of Two Young Women Are Discovered They Have No Names, No IDs, And No Family Looking For Them Fearing The Possibility Of A Human Trafficking Ring, The Police And FBI Reach Out To Alice Vega, A Private Investigator Known For Finding The Missing, For Help In Finding Out Who The Janes Were And Finding The Others Who Are Missing Alice Vega Is A Powerful Woman Whose Determination Is Matched Only By Her Intellect, And, Along With Her Partner Cap, She Will Stop At Nothing To Find The Janes Before It Is Too Late Louisa Luna Is Writing New Classics Of Crime Fiction, And Her Partnership Of Vega And Cap Is Rightfully Joining The Pantheon Of The Most Memorable In Crime Fiction

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    OMG One of my favorite controversial, entertaining, smart couple is back I m not making my happy dance for celebration I already hired Shakira and JLo perform for me before their Super Bowl Halftime show I m just clapping my hands and sipping my Chablis.Yes, they are really back I m talking about one of the unique investigators Alice Vega, positions herself in the handstand every morning to think clearly, doesn t bother to get stoned during her interrogation, kicking asses of the dangerous villains And of course ex cop, now a private investigator, sarcastic, flexible, definitely likable, fitter who lost several pounds for the sequel, now he is charming Mac Cap Caplan is back to help her to conduct their new mysterious investigation.I m so excited to see this duo and in my opinion I can happily read at least ten series of sequels to follow their upcoming adventures because the characters are complex, layered, flawed but so realistic, honest and easy to relate and truly love.I only cut my one point this time because their new adventure s story is well developed regular crime story and as I compare this one with the first book Two Girls Down , I found it a little solid, slow burn paced, nothing surprising or shaking like the first book s plot did to me But I have to admit characters push you involve into story and hooks you from the beginning so you cannot stop reading even the book is a little longer because you want pieces and layers to peel from them , learn about their pasts, their regular life routines.And I have to admit I love Max and her daughter s way of communication, friendly, honest and caring dialogues which are the most heartwarming parts of the story.So the main theme of the story is Sex Trafficking that our couple needed to save all those Janes and fight against the dangerous organization But they are all alone out there and their position seems like they have a real death wish.Before climbing into their exciting, riveting, captivating journey, I suggest you to read the first book because you may connect so much better with the characters if you know their back stories and you won t have to keep in the dark about the references the characters talk about from the first book s events.As I say before as long as Louisa Luna writes books including my favorite duo Vega Caplan I will keep so delightfully, excitedly devouring them.Special thanks to NetGalley and Doubleday to share this fantastic thriller with me in exchange my honest review and enlighten my day

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    3.5 starsAlice Vega and her partner, Max Cap Caplan, are back so is the Bastard, btw I LOVED the first book in this series Two Girls Down and was so excited to see what Louisa Luna had up her sleeve next for this duo.The police and FBI reach out to Alice Vega when two bodies of teenage girls are discovered outside of San Diego The young women are believed to be the victims of a sex trafficking ring Alice Vega, a private investigator, is known for finding missing people and she is asked to determine the identity of the teens and the people responsible for their deaths Cap is a retired police officer who now does private investigator work.I found this book to be well written and captivating Although, this one did not blow me away as much as the first book in the series, this was still a solid installment Vega remains a mystery and she and Cap still have their dynamic Both know the other and what the other is thinking which helps when they get in dangerous situations Vegas is a tough chick who gives nothing away and Cap is still likable and entertaining This book would most likely work very well as a stand alone novel but I highly recommend reading Two Girls Down first as it is fantastic and it does show Vega and Cap working together to solve another case Plus, there is some character development here and some references to the case they solved from the first book I look forward to the next book in the series and hopefully we get some insight into Vega s past and get to see chemistry between Vega and Cap Sex Trafficking of underage girls is one of the themes in this book but thankfully there are no graphic scenes Who knew private detective work could be so dangerous Well written, thought provoking and captivating.Thank you to Doubleday Books and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All the thoughts and opinions are my own.

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    After the successful conclusion to the missing Brandt girls case, Alice Vega, reputable people finder , returns home to California, leaving Max Caplan behind.They both return to their regular lives, Alice being Alice, and Cap being lovable father to teenager, Nell.Soon enough, a new case falls in Alice s lap and it s no surprise, she calls on dear old Caplan to help her out.This time, he joins her on the West Coast to investigate the death of two Jane Does and their possible connection to a human trafficking ring.With their street smarts and unending energy, Vega and Cap have quickly become one of my favorite investigative pairs The underlying sexual tension is a bonus that is hard to resist.Although a slow burn, for crime thriller classicists, this story packs a solid punch The steadfastness with which Vega tackles each investigation is oddly inspiring and Cap s dedication to her is lovely to read.This case, set in San Diego, tackles real life issue of human trafficking, as well as sexual slavery and abused minors If these are topics that will be sensitive for you, tread cautiously The good news is, Vega and Cap are on the case and they never let up I m not sure how much longer Luna plans to write this dynamic duo together, but I hope it is for a long, long time I know I will continue to pick them up As a matter of fact, I am ready for the next one already Thank you so much to the publisher, Doubleday Books, for providing me with a copy to read and review I appreciate the opportunity and really look forward to solving another case with Vega and Cap

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    Two Girls Down grabbed me from the beginning so I was excited to see Luna s second in the series Alice Vega seems a little calmer this go around And Cap is just happy to have a chance to work with her again Alice is brought in to help the police after two unidentified dead girls are found It would appear they re the victims of a human trafficking ring It s also possible the women were undocumented Alice is not the warm cuddly type In fact, she s a real hard a Even though she s been hired by the police, she s not one to work hand in hand, especially when she feels like they re keeping things from her The book moves at a fast clip and there s a nice sense of tension and suspense throughout It builds to a great ending Luna makes some valid points about immigration issues in the country This isn t a believable book but it is enjoyable My thanks to netgalley and Doubleday for an advance copy of this book.

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    Alice Vega is a smart, tough, no nonsense PI called in to investigate the death of two young Jane Does found outside San Diego The Janes have no ID and nothing to help identify them, but one of the dead girls does hold something of interest In her small hand is a crumpled piece of paper with a name scrawled across it Alice Vega The DEA isn t sure about Vega or her ex cop partner Max Cap Caplan, but they like the idea that Alice has a reputation for getting things done Ten grand in cash to break up a sex trafficking ring with minimal publicity sounds like a good deal to them Vega and Cap have their doubts, but they are sure Janes will start turning up dead if they walk away from the case.Unlike some reviewers, I didn t devour this book and I didn t take to Alice Vega until about halfway through the novel Cap is immediately likeable, in part because of his relationship with his teenage daughter Nell and in part because he s just, well, likeable You enter into his head and his heart enough to get a sense of his fundamental decency and loyalty, as well as his weaknesses One of my favorite scenes comes late in the book when he makes a tough, utterly realistic choice that puts Vega in danger Oddly enough, it was that scene that sold me on his feelings for her and brought into clear focus the hard questions the novel grapples with.As for Vega, she isn t being paid off the books because she s a nice lady and the brutality of her methods sometimes bothered me And readers don t get a lot of her inner life I didn t read the first novel in the series but in The Janes there isn t much about her backstory, other than that she s not exactly the relationship type But I don t think that s a bad thing and I don t think Luna would be upset by my misgivings about Alice Which is why the novel grew on me and continues to stay with me even after I ve put the book down The Janes gives a glimpse into the shadowy landscape of underage sex trafficking, drugs, dirty cops and a justice system that s not always just The plot is tight and well executed, with plenty of unexpected developments and excitement Though the story is far from pretty, I came to appreciate its gritty realism I would definitely like to read the first book in the series and look forward to future installments Much thanks to Doubleday Books and NetGalley for providing me an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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    3.5 Two young girls bodies are found The police call in the kick ass Alive Vega to help identify the killers She, of course, calls in Cap, who assisted her in the first of series In that one there was definitely an attraction developing between the two and I enjoyed watching them become even closer These are both great, well developed characters, and a well developed plot Of course, as in many of these type of stories some belief needs to be suspended in certain sections The first half of the book centers on their police work, beginning investigation The second half accelerates and it is a wild ride to the finish Conspiracy theories abound, but it is the strength of the women that I found most welcome.I did like the authors first book a bit , but Alice and Cap will keep me returning for .ARC from Edelweiss.

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    OMG I cannot even tell you how much I loved this Even though I have never read about Vega and Cap before, I can honestly say that I am addicted So much so that I have already purchased the first book so I can get to know them from the beginning.This is the first time I ve read this author and I absolutely love the characters that she has created Vega and Cap are two opposites that know how to work together and do their work a wee bit, okay, pretty far outside of legal parameters.Finding lost children is Vega s specialty and this story is one that you could expect to read in headline news today It s a sad yet startling look at sex trafficking and the fact you never know who can be involved.The tale is intricately woven and Luna gives us a taste of Vega s badassery I think I m a little in love with her, LOL She certainly knows how to fight dirty, so be prepared for the blood and gore.Cap holds his own with her and he is just a wee bit in love with her too It should be interesting to see where that situation goes and how it develops in future stories.Amazing detail with intense action and twists keep this story moving along at a quick pace I love the fact that you really never knew what to expect, and while some details are gruesome and harsh, somehow I have no issue justifying it, given the story line.As I mentioned before this is not the last book I m reading by this author I can t wait to see what else she delivers in the future copy received for review considerationFull Review

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    Alice and Cap are back, working together to solve another crime after making Cap an offer he couldn t refuse These two convincing and committed characters have a great rapport Beautiful, tough talking Vera is kick ass, always seems to be one step ahead and can run circles around any tough guy Cap is ethical, thorough and steady someone who is dependable and will always cover your back He also appears to have a bit of a crush on Alice Never a dull moment, the story engaged me from beginning to end Thanks to Doubleday Books for the ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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    Don t start this book unless you have a free day ahead of you, because once you start reading, you won t want to put it down It s exciting from start to finish.Private investigators Alice Vega and Max Caplan team up once again to help with an FBI investigation Almost immediately they uncover some serious clues into the deaths of two young girls Then, inexplicably, they are told to cease their investigation, which only makes them determined to see it through.This story was one wild ride through sex trafficking, Mexican cartels and dirty police Every time I thought the investigation was nearing the end, Vega would come up with some new clues that put another twist in the story It ends with a bit of mystery that I hope is a clue to Luna s next book.Many thanks to NetGalley and Doubleday Books for allowing me to read an advance copy and give my honest review.

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    The Police and FBI approach Alica Vega, a private investigator who has the reputation to find the missing when they discover the bodies of two teenage girls in the outskirts of San Diego These found bodies have no names, no known IDs, and nobody looking for them there is a possibility of a human trafficking ring This was my first Louisa Luna book I am impressed by her style of writing This was an amazing, captivating and engaging book The characters are well established and the author has given proper attention to details This is a kind of book you can not put down and you will want to read it in one go.The protagonist Alice Vega is a very powerful character She is smart, intelligent and magnificent The plot is unique and it is a treat to read a book about such a strong female character.

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