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MengeleA Gripping Account Of The Infamous Nazi Doctor, From A Former Justice Department Official Tasked With Uncovering His FateOne Of The Most Notorious War Criminals Of All Time, Dr Josef Mengele Has Come To Symbolize Both The Evil Of The Nazi Regime And The Failure Of Justice In The Postwar World Drawing On New Scholarship And Sources, Historian David G Marwell Examines Mengele S Life And Career, Chronicling His University Studies, Which Led To Two PhDs And A Promising Career As A Scientist His Wartime Service, In Combat And At Auschwitz, Where His Selections Determined The Fate Of Countless Innocents And His Scientific Pursuits Resulted In The Traumatization And Death Of Thousands And His Postwar Refuge In Germany And South AmericaMengele Describes The International Search In , Which Ended In A Cemetery In Sao Paulo, Brazil, And The Dogged Forensic Investigation That Produced Overwhelming Evidence That Mengele Had Died But Failed To Convince Those Who, Arguably, Most Wanted Him Dead This Is A Story Of Science Without Limits, Escape Without Freedom, And Resolution Without Justice

!!> PDF ⚣ Mengele ✈ Author David G. Marwell – Pocket-bikes.us
  • Hardcover
  • 448 pages
  • Mengele
  • David G. Marwell
  • 02 May 2018
  • 9780393609530

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    A well researched and factual book, based on the findings of the Justice Department teams sent to discover notorious Nazi Dr Joseph Mengele s whereabouts in the 1980 s The first half of the books looks at Mengele s life and the second half the search for him, and the forensic proofs that the team found.My main problem with this book was the delivery If you want the information on the case, it s all there If you want the facts presented in an engaging and entertaining way, you wont find that here If you re looking for the man behind the monster, his motivations and what made him tick, look elsewhere This is a clinical dissertation, set out fact after fact Their is no building anticipation in tracking him down, no thrill of the chase This book is sterile, and while it will appeal to those who like their history set out just so, in this day where entertaining the masses is paramount this book will fall short.My thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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    The author spent years in the Special Investigations Office of the Justice Department investigating Joseph Mengele While some of Mengele s actions are recorded, most of the work is a history of the Holocaust This book presents an informative history of the Holocaust This was a free review copy obtained through Goodreads.com.

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    Thank you to W.W Norton for my complimentary review copy.Tuesday 1 28 2020 marked the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, a place where Josef Mengele determined the fate of countless innocents and selected thousands for his scientific pursuits In Mengele Unmasking the Angel of Death released today former chief of investigative research at the Justice Department s Office of Special Investigations OSI , David G Marwell chronicles Mengele s life and career, from his university studies, which led to two PhDs and a promising career as a scientist his wartime service, in combat and at Auschwitz, and his postwar refuge in Germany and South America In 1985, Marwell was assigned to the international investigation to locate the infamous Nazi doctor and bring him before a court of law Name changes, Red Cross passports, document trails, letter interceptions, spy missions, handwriting analysis, and details such as ink comparisons using the standard ink library of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms who knew were all employed to trace Mengele s route of escape Overwhelming forensic evidence supported the fact that the bones which were eventually found in a cemetery in Sao Paulo, Brazil did, in fact, belong to Josef Mengele, but that did not convince those who most wanted to see him dead and or brought to justice.On October 1, 1992, OSI s full report was forwarded to assistant attorney general for the criminal division and future FBI director Robert S Mueller III One week later Mueller forwarded the report to his boss, Attorney General William Barr, formally ending the United States eight year investigation.

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    Five, then four, stars.This is a brilliant biography of Josef Mengele, that proves once and for all that there is too much negative hype about the man Too many witnesses claim he was doing the selection at Birkenau for the gas chambers for him ever to have taken a loo break too many people give inaccurate descriptions of the man when they declare he was evil to them personally Also, the most heinous things he was accused of were likely to be balderdash, considering the real science behind what he was doing, and the real science he was working for But don t worry, for this is no hagiography This does point out his untroubled work in the Auschwitz complex, and does show the man so desperate to be a noted geneticist and race scientist ending up importing his father s muck spreaders to Argentina while in exile.Unfortunately, the book veers off at the halfway stage Before then I would have given it an incontestable five stars the book gives all the narrative and detail a regular reader would need, alongside so much authoritative debate and detail that still would satisfy the expert But then we hit the 1980s and the search for Mengele that ultimately includes a risible exhumation in Brazil And for this second half we get too much detail I m sure it s the lesser told of the two stories here, but whether from the self imposed demand to provide the definitive telling, or the fact the author is too personally involved in his story, it s a little too forensic So the general reader gets swamped by who was thinking this at this time, and what minutiae were of concern to whom and when and why Which is a shame just a slightly different approach would have made this an outstanding book for my tastes It s still very good and a lot interesting than the dread about and the perceived dryness of the subject would have you think It is of course not so much about the man himself, but about the peculiar details of his life how was he able to be in hiding and at the same time renounce an inheritance for his father s factories how was his wife able to have services in his memory then pretty soon afterwards file for divorce with nobody smelling a rat it is about the international chase for restitution and is suitably about the victims.

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    I thought this was a phenomenal book Incredibly well researched, presented in a format that makes it easy to follow and enjoy and by a than credible source If you are looking for the answers to who Mengele was, what his life was like before and after his involvement in WWII and trying to draw a conclusion about what happened to him, this is the book to read If you are bothered by discussions of the Shoah, you should perhaps be warned that this book does go into detail on some of the atrocities committed, but in a responsible and tolerable way I felt the author did a good job representing the facts in this book without making it boring He brought a feeling of personal passion to this project, which made it feel human and relatable Unlike many other books on Mengele, this is not a sensationalist work designed to inflame people I got the opinion that the author had no personal vendetta, and was than happy to simply recount the facts This is an important book and I encourage others to read it It will help one understand the man behind the myth much clearly This review is based on a complimentary copy from the publisher, provided through Netgalley All opinions are my own.

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    There is not much I can say about this book because I think the title says it all However, that being said, it is such a scholarly work by Mr Marwell who worked on this at the Justice Department Mr Marwell did not dwell on the atrocities Mengele committed but rather on the breadth of the investigation into him and the attempts to bring him to justice His information is impeccably highlighted and he brings into stark reality the evils of the Nazis.In this day and age when people are being called Nazis for simply disagreeing with others, this book brings into focus what a Nazi really is Bravo Mr Marwell

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    Mengele is well researched and gives an excellent insight into the notorious Josef Megele I have read several books about the Holocaust recently where Mengele features as a character, and I was interested in reading about the doctor referred to as the Angel of Death The author, David G Marwell, was part of the international investigation team from the US Department of Justice tased with locating Mengele This element adds further interest to this well written, comprehensive historical account.

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    An incredibly detailed and thorough documenting of what is know about Mengele s life and movements, and the efforts to capture him after WWII Well written and researched Chilling to see that his horrifying human experimentation was based on the science of the time Advanced Readers copy provided by Edelweiss.

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    I received an ARC of this through Goodreads I enjoyed this glimpse into the life of Josef Mengele and the following hunt for him My only issue was that the notes in Chapter 6 end up being 2 behind, so note 47 for example is actually note 49 and so on Hopefully that can be fixed before finished copies are released But other than that, I liked this a lot

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