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Gay Like MeIn This Poignant And Urgent Love Letter To His Son, Award Winning Broadway, TV And Film Producer Richie Jackson Reflects On His Experiences As A Gay Man In America And The Progress And Setbacks Of The LGBTQ Community Over The Last Years My Son Is Kind, Responsible, And Hardworking He Is Ready For College He Is Not Ready To Be A Gay Man Living In America When Jackson S Year Old Son Born Through Surrogacy Came Out To Him, The Successful Producer, Now In His S, Was Compelled To Reflect On His Experiences And Share His Wisdom On Life For LGBTQ Americans Over The Past Half CenturyGay Like Me Is A Celebration Of Gay Identity And Parenting, And A Powerful Warning For His Son, Other Gay Men And The World Jackson Looks Back At His Own Journey As A Gay Man Coming Of Age Through Decades Of Political And Cultural TurmoilJackson S Son Lives In A Seemingly Liberated America, And Jackson Beautifully Lays Out How Far We Ve Come Since Stonewall The Increased Visibility Of Gay People In Society, The Legal Right To Marry, And The Existence Of A Drug To Prevent HIV But Bigotry Is On The Rise, Ignited By A President Who Has Declared War On The Gay Community And Fanned The Flames Of Homophobia A Newly Constituted Supreme Court With A Conservative Tilt Is Poised To Overturn Equality Laws And Set The Clock Back Decades Being Gay Is A Gift, Jackson Writes, But With Their Gains In Jeopardy The Gay Community Must Not Be ComplacentAs Ta Nehisi Coates Awakened Us To The Continued Pervasiveness Of Racism In America In Between The World And Me, Jackson S Rallying Cry In Gay Like Me Is An Eye Opening Indictment To Straight Lash In America This Book Is An Intimate, Personal Exploration Of Our Uncertain Times And Most Troubling Questions And Profound Concerns About Issues As Fundamental As Dignity, Equality, And JusticeGay Like Me Is A Blueprint For Our Time That Bridges The Knowledge Gap Of What It S Like To Be Gay In America This Is A Cultural Manifesto That Will Stand The Test Of Time Angry, Proud, Fierce, Tender, It Is Powerful Letter Of Love From A Father To A Son That Holds Lasting Insight For Us All

[KINDLE] ✿ Gay Like Me ❃ Richie Jackson – Pocket-bikes.us
  • Hardcover
  • 160 pages
  • Gay Like Me
  • Richie Jackson
  • English
  • 24 July 2019
  • 9780062939777

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    Jackson s skill in the telling of this story combined with his openness make this book a memoir, a call to action, the parenting book we haven t had, but desperately need an extraordinary, edifying journey, and also at times a wrenching one This is a first person account of the AIDS crisis from someone who was there, in the community, losing his friends one by one, and how you live past that in a world that is supposedly beyond homophobia but risks erasing the lessons of what happened before The framing, as a letter to his son Jackson, who is also gay, reminds you throughout that this is ever personal Jackson built a gay family in a time when there was little proof that that was possible, ever driven by two goals to be a father and to love a partner.I wish I had this book as I was growing up, and I m very grateful it exists now for my children It should be required reading for all parents.

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    Five Stars A complex and beautiful love note to his young son who also happens to be gay This book was filled with tender and provoking thoughts on why remembering you are a gay man is so important The author now is in his fifties and does not want his son to take for granted how much was fought to advance the gay community and get some of the basic rights always taken for granted by the heterosexual community Marriage was a landmark decision offering an institution Mr Jackson never dreamed he could participate in He urged his son not to become complacent or forget foremost that he is gay With the current political climate there has been much backtracking and equality is not guaranteed There is still so much to be done to balance the scales for the LGBTQA community His son feels he is accepted and things have changed While times are accepting it is no where near enough The book was interesting with the author reminiscing about his youth and the struggles he endured He credits all the special and brave activists and gay warriors that helped to pave the path towards acceptance I appreciated the history lessons as it is always important to remember the bad times to hopefully prevent them from reoccurring From activism to the horrors of Aids this story was chock full of important milestones Aids was being ignored as a public health crisis I cringe as I write this Yes times have changed and lives have been improved but as a society there is much needed recognition that all people are equal and love is love What the author dealt with between rejection from past love interests that were in denial and surviving the horrifying Aids outbreak at it s worst was so sobering Aids is still a reality, prejudice is still here and sadly fueled by our current POTUS Mr Jackson is not only proudly standing but supporting his son I am a straight woman that is hopefully viewed as an ally This book is not only a beautiful gift to his son but an affirmation of hope I highly recommend Gay Like Me.

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    We recieved the book, Gay Like Me , from a Goodreads giveaway, and it was a pleasure to read With all of the sensitive issues in the Gay lifestyles of today, this book tells it like it is The author was proud to be a man about revealing his right to be a Gay, and explores many of the fascinating aspects of his unique lifestyle He also explains how the changing culture in America affected his many tough decisions as a Gay man Great biographical account of a complex human being, very moving Well recommended

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    ARC provided by the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.I have pretty mixed opinions about this book I didn t know who Richie Jackson was before getting this arc, so I didn t realize he s actually in the entertainment industry From reading this book, I understand that Richie is a very intellectual, loving, and caring man and father He d lived through the AIDS crisis and now has a gay son who is going away to college and wants to share all the vital information he s learned throughout his gay life It made me jealous that I don t have parents like Richie It was really sweet that Jackson has a father like Richie.However, I felt like I didn t benefit much from this book, and it s hard to see how people besides Jackson will benefit Yes, there were many spectacular quotes that made me think, but the book was so personal and specific to Jackson that I found it hard to relate Maybe I wasn t supposed to But it still made me feel like an outsider to this family Not everyone is the gay son of rich white parents in New York City s entertainment industry Some advice was for the general queer population, but a lot of it had nothing to do with me as a queer WoC and I felt like we as viewers shouldn t be reading it I really think only Jackson should be the one reading it, and I think this book letter was only published because it was just long enough to be considered a book.Besides that, I was a bit nit picky about a few things Richie s tone with Jackson seemed a bit condescending at times, and obviously Jackson is his son and knows his father s tone better than I do, but he talked to Jackson like he was absolutely stupid at times Other times were a bit repetitive, maybe for good reason, as it discussed important topics For example, there were about three chapters that emphasized safe sex At least six chapters talking about how Jackson needs to stay safe because we may think queer people are safe now but we re truly not Important topics, mind you, but I feel like they didn t need to be repeated over and over Finally, Jackson is literally half Chinese and his Chinese heritage is never mentioned besides calling him biracial once Jackson being Chinese and gay leads to a whole other set of issues that his father could have addressed but never did It just seemed a lot like advice from your rich white gay dad s point of view who erases your ethnicity and trashes modern day gay culture The book was short, which was nice because I don t think it could have been longer, but I don t think it should have been published as a book at all I know it seems like I m trashing the book, and I did have a few problems with it, but I definitely feel like Richie s intentions were anything but malicious He and his family seem like such pure hearted individuals and I truly wish him and his son, Jackson, all the best.

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    If I had to compare this book to another, I would say it s similar to Between the World and Me by Ta Nehisi Coates but a gay man writing to his gay son, instructing him how to survive in a straight world This book is a memoir, a love letter, a warning it is urgent, prescient, emotional I could hand this book to so many people Read this, talk to me This is the experience of a gay man Every day requires coming out Disease is still a very serious risk Hatred is rampant, bubbling just under the surface of a gleaming veneer of wokeness It s a very specific experience but the prejudice, the fear, the separation, are all so universal they can apply to many experiences I listened to the audiobook, if you can, because the narration by the author is beautiful Hearing this father speak directly to his son in the second person voice was emotional and visceral At times the book stopped me cold as the author felt like he was talking to me I wish I had a father who spoke to me like this.The author raised a boy who was conceived and carried through surrogacy The way a gay man can have a child is not easy And yet, gay men are not immune from the heartbreak of losing a child, getting divorced, having a career The author describes his experience with moving to New York City, coming out, the AIDS epidemic, and leading up to marriage equality The author has many famous friends and seemed to be in the heart of the gay revolution in New York He uses history, setting, and politics to explain his position in the world.The power of this book comes as a warning AIDS is not over Prejudice, violence, hatred still exists towards gay people in the United States and around the world Employers can still discriminate against people But these warnings are not just political but practical and personal This a father telling his son as he goes out into the world to guard his heart but have fun, fall in love create a family Be kind, be polite, others will not be.At times, I reacted strongly to some of this statements This is not my experience, how dare you The tone and the voice, you, you, you hit me deeply, emotionally in a way that I never expected This book may not describe my exact experience, but it summarizes the struggle, the tone, the joy, and the sadness perfectly But my reaction is the baggage of a gay man These words are powerful I felt them deep inside me.I can t recommend this book of love and empathy enough Go, read this Listen Absorb these words Put yourself in the shoes of this father Put yourself in the shoes of the son If you do not live as a gay man every day, this may be the closest you ll get Audiobook Nonfiction Listened on the Scribd app.

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    I loved this book I found it thought provoking, insightful, tremendously relatable and beautifully written.This book had all of the elements of a truly wonderful work I could not put it down I felt emotional while I was reading it I wanted to immediately share parts of it with my husband and friends I didn t want it to end and I still remember it 30 minutes after I finished it notable with my goldfish memory I really appreciated the approach of the author speaking to his son and found myself relating to how I engage with my own children I found the tone inspiring and the parenting stories serve as a little life lessons without being prescriptive or heavy handed I know I will approach parenting differently after reading this incredible work The tone was wonderful it was a directive without being bossy or self aggrandizing I loved how the author incorporated some of his son s counter arguments, which really brought the reader in and helped me feel their relationship As a straight woman, I found the window into the daily experience of a being a gay man in America fascinating One thing that really came through was the concept that the author as a gay man does not strive to be considered the same as a straight man, which was enlightening Richie Jackson really captured the conflict of wanting to be special without being negatively considered other I could really relate to this as a Jewish woman and found his words crystallized thoughts that I have regularly but could not articulate Seeing them on paper was powerful.Ultimately the goal of being accepted for who you are and desiring to simultaneously celebrate your differences comes through in a shining way in this very enjoyable read.

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    I found Gay Like Me both an interesting and informative read In it, a gay father passes along his lessons learned to his gay son heading off to college He tells of his life as a gay boy, growing to adulthood in times when being homosexual was dangerous, and far less accepted than it is today The author rejoices in who he is, and despite the difficulties, embraces being gay as the best thing about himself He hopes that his son learns to be proud and open about who he is as well, so that LGBT persons can become better known as the real people they are and not the characterizations so many within our society still cling to Ultimately, this will lead to less marginalization of the LGBT community and gain them the civil rights they deserve as much as any other American.He urges his son to become familiar with the history of gay rights and to be proud of the brave men on whose shoulders they stand He also urges him to be an activist, helping others to accept themselves as they are, lending support, doing what he can to make it impossible for America to shame those within the LGBT community or to treat them as other or lesser.As with all parents, he wants his son to be true to himself, to find what his passion and to pursue it, to find love, to live with joy, and to contribute to the world This book rates 4 stars from me My thanks to NetGalley and Harper for allowing me to read a copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review All opinions here are my own.

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    I requested this book because when I read it was a poignant and urgent love letter I really thought it would make me feel something It didn t Sadly, you have to be a person from the US in order to understand a lot of the things the author was talking about, and when he actually gave some context about the situations, I was already bored and didn t feel like reading tons of dates and names mixed up in two paragraphs that I was going to forget the next minute The thing that bothered me the most was the superiority tone the author had all the time I get it, he s the father, that doesn t mean he needs to speak to his son like he was a dumb gay kid.

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    Excellent book

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    This was occasionally very thoughtful and eloquent, but it was also slight and sometimes awkward due to the very personal framing device of this being a long letter from father to son.

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