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Imperfect Union: How Jessie and John Frémont Mapped the West, Invented Celebrity, and Helped Cause the Civil War Steve Inskeep Tells The Riveting Story Of John And Jessie Fr Mont, The Husband And Wife Team Who In The S Were Instrumental In The Westward Expansion Of The United States, And Thus Became America S First Great Political CoupleIn , John Fr Mont Was Born A Nobody His Mother Conceived Him Out Of Wedlock, And At Age , In Charleston, South Carolina, He Was Sent To Work To Support Her And His Siblings But, Via The Assistance Of Series Of Mentors, He Rose From Obscurity, Making His Way To Washington, Before Joining The Upper Echelons Of Society By Marrying The Daughter Of An Influential Senator, Thomas Hart Benton, Who Only Reluctantly Blessed Their Union Jessie Benton Fr Mont, As She Came To Be Known, Had Grown Up In The Mold Of Her Father, Knowing Personally Then President Andrew Jackson, But Her Ambition Was Frustrated She Had Limited Options For Own Career Advancement, At A Time When Women Could Not Yet Vote Let Alone Hold Public Office But She Threw Herself Passionately Into The Promotion Of Her Husband Who Rose To Become One Of The Most Famous Men Of The Era John Travelled Thousands Of Miles On Horseback, At Times With An Almost Willful Indifference To His Safety And That Of The Other Members Of His Expeditions, Many Of Whom Would Perish, In An Effort To Map The Uncharted American West The Notes And Letters He Would Send Home Jessie Skillfully Shaped Into Dramatic Reports And Bestselling Books She Became His Political Adviser, And Was Gradually Recognized As A Political Force In Her Own Right Thus She Helped Lift John To A Seat In The Senate, And Ultimately To Propel Him, In , To Become The First Ever Presidential Nominee Of The Newly Established Republican Party With Rare Detail And In Consummate Style, Inskeep Tells This Story Of A Couple Whose Joint Ambitions And Talents Seemed Somehow Intertwined With Those Of The Nascent United States Itself The Fr Monts Came To Be Influential To Not One But Three Great Social Movements Of The Times Westward Settlement, Women S Rights And Opposition To Slavery Their Adventures Amount To Nothing Less Than A Tour Of The Early American Soul

✅ Imperfect Union: How Jessie and John Frémont Mapped the West, Invented Celebrity, and Helped Cause the Civil War  PDF / Epub ⚣ Author Steve Inskeep – Pocket-bikes.us
  • Hardcover
  • 480 pages
  • Imperfect Union: How Jessie and John Frémont Mapped the West, Invented Celebrity, and Helped Cause the Civil War
  • Steve Inskeep
  • 08 March 2017
  • 9780735224353

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    It does put you into the wide open feeling of the period And how intrepid individuals, despite having all kinds of negatives faults etc could truly roam Both of this Fremont couple were interesting studies for such length of histories Never forget that they were through Jessie and associations, elites of the time I don t think that association placement was emphasized to the importance it played in the various exploration financial supports.I m not so sure that without California or Oregon Territory additions that the Civil War would not have happened regardless So I m a bit dubious concerning that last part of the title Not at all as convinced as Inskeep is Loved the photos, memes for the politico of that age and all the illustrations.This author did a good job with the memoirs and records he had It was a bit overlong on some points of emphasis, IMHO What a different onus these people had from the get go Like Jessie s Dad with the gun duels etc So now I do know far about the originals of the Republican Party Because of the differences in industrialization between the East North vs the South and how the economics of that consistently played out I think the Civil War and sectional separation desires would have happened regardless of Western development.

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    I d heard the name Fremont, of course, but knew little about him until I started researching the history of the west, around the time of the Mexican War, the bloodiest war, percentage war, we ve ever fought His name kept coming up so I read an older biography A man of contradictions whose political connections through his wife is key to this book.Well researched and smoothly written, I ve added it to my library I recommend it for those who want to understand the convoluted politics of the time period as well as, of course, exploration of the western frontier Fremont was integral to California s incorporation into the United States.With this I can flesh out the character, along with Kit Carson, another fascinating character of the time in my Duty, Honor, Country series.Like Custer, Fremont s wife did a great job keeping the legend ahead of the reality.Recommended.

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    A perfect union of biography and historyImperfect Union is the story of John and Jessie Fremont, a couple who had a significant impact in the United States in the mid nineteenth century It is also the story of the imperfect union among the states themselves and how controversies about slavery and also immigration sound familiar led to the Civil War It tells of a third imperfect union from the period, too, and that was the chasm between the eastern part of the continent and the west Uniting the continent was the focus of most of John Fremont s efforts and the goal of his many explorations, as he dreamed of opening the doors to trade with Asia across the Pacific from California I have enjoyed listening to Steve Inskeep on NPR s Morning Edition for many years, but the question in my mind was can he write And, very important for a nonfiction book on history, has he done careful research so he can provide the details that will make the people and the era come alive and enable him to make generalizations about the period that will be credible I am delighted to report that the answer to both questions is a resounding Yes The wealth of primary sources consulted and cited is impressive, and the results are presented very well.John and Jessie s story is well told and gave me a sense of them as people as well as a much better acquaintance with what John contributed to our history Those knowledgeable with history than I am might have known that John was the first presidential nominee of the new Republican party, but how many know that he named the San Francisco harbor the Golden Gate The personal story was to me as interesting as a novel, and I was a bit sorry there was not even about John and Jessie as a couple, but there is only so much room in one book Plus it is clear that Inskeep was trying to be true to his sources, and there is only so much that can be inferred about their lives even from personal journals.The era explored in this book was an exciting one, with technological innovations so radical that it reminds me of our own time Before the telegraph was invented, for example, it would take many days to learn how other states had voted in an election Congress did not even establish a single day for the national presidential election until 1845 After Samuel Morse, people in cities could find out in a matter of hours Inskeep does an excellent job of pointing out these innovations and their effects The big political issue during this period, of course, was slavery Here again the book gives good insights The issue was complex than is often presented For example, there are the nativists , who were opposed to many groups like the Irish and Italians who were immigrating in larger numbers Perhaps surprisingly, many of the nativists were also abolitionists for the same reason they opposed the immigrants their goal was to protect the livelihood of the working man, which was threatened by slaves.One thing that is not covered in the book is another of its good points As I read the book, I could see many parallels between that period and our own Inskeep does not, however, spell these out They will be obvious to the discerning reader and actually in my case anyway increase the reader s enjoyment as you perceive them yourself It also will keep the book from sounded dated in a few years.Most people have heard of John Fremont, who has mountain peaks and towns named after him, but few people know much about why he was famous This book will tell you why and give you the bigger picture of the era as well Whether you are a history buff or not, there is a lot to enjoy and a lot to learn in Imperfect Union.My thanks to Edelweiss and the publisher for an advance review copy of this book.

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    In Imperfect Union How Jessie and John Fremont Mapped the West, Invented Celebrity, and Helped Cause the Civil War, Steve Inskeep maps the military and political career of John Fremont and his wife Jessie John Fremont was an explorer in the first half of the eighteenth century He explored parts of the west in search of paths to Oregon and California His success in this area, along with his connections, led him to a political career and eventually a presidential nomination in the newly established Republican Party His wife, Jessie, was unlike other women of her era Rather than concerning herself with only her domestic duties as a wife and mother, she was highly involved in his career She had nearly as much influence and just as much recognition as her famous husband I received my copy of Imperfect Union through Goodreads Giveaways I enjoyed the book I really like history and I liked the writing style It flowed really well and was easy to read It made me want to do reading on John Fremont I ve studied history some it was my minor, and I d never heard of him before reading Imperfect Union. I think some of the claims made about the Fremont s in the book made them seem important than they actually were For example, they were around for the beginnings of the Civil War and certainly had some indirect influences, but I didn t see a lot of evidence in the book that they directly helped cause the Civil War as the title says However, this only makes me want to read and do my own research I think generating curiosity about a subject is generally a good thing in a history book I would recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in American history from the Gold Rush to Civil War era.

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    Mr Inskeep has fashioned an enjoyable read that delves into the life of John Fremont and his wife, Jessie Benton Fremont Fremont was born out of wedlock and worked as a young lad to help support his family Jessie was the daughter of the renowned Senator Thomas Hart Benton They managed to meet and marry and Fremont then began his trips to map the Oregon Trail and other explorations.Needless to say he was not around much perhaps that is why the marriage lasted but whenever he returned home Jessie helped to write about his exploits which were in papers across the country He was regarded as the consummate explorer although he was reckless about the safety of the men in his expeditions A true glory hound, in my opinion, who didn t care about his marriage, his children or his men He cared only for the acclaim that would come to him And, of course, any money he could make.The most interesting part of the book to me is when he becomes the very first Presidential nominee of the fledgling Republican Party Mr Inskeep s writing about that part of the Fremont s life is absolutely riveting.All in all, the author provides a look into a man we don t necessarily hear too much about or read about in our history books A very good read.

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    Fremont validated the Oregon Trail, was instrumental in getting California into the Union, and help spec out the transcontinental railroad A successful explorer but not quite so successful in other walks of life Fiercely supported by his wife who moved outside of the role women were expected to play Fremont is one of those idols who the country has largely forgotten although, at the time, compared to Columbus and Washington The biography is educational but interesting is Inskeep s writing about the time Fremont lived in mid 1800s Even intriguing is the election of 1856 when Fremont was the first Republican Party nominee A new technology, telegraphy, brought news to the masses filtered through very biased newspaper editors And pamphlets filled with scandal and fake news flooded the Nation The old adage is right the things change, the they stay the same.Inskeep narrates the audio version of the book.HIs NPR voice is very familiar and easy to listen to Sometimes it seems he realizes he s reading a book and not the news, so attempts to inject emotion that somehow falls short.Overall a surprisingly good book.

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    This was a fascinating look at an era I didn t know a lot about It was also rather disturbing to read about John Fremont, who comes across as impulsive, stubborn, self centered and not terribly bright Well researched, and beautifully written, this one will keep your attention to the very end.Jessie Fremont emerges as the rational of the couple, though it strained my credibility that she could continue to believe in her husband s genius for such a long time, in spite of such evidence of his bad judgment and his hubris It sounds as if she eventually came to see his weaknesses, but not really until he had left the public eye.One historical fact that surprised me was how people seemed to make the decision to travel from the East Coast to California relatively easily by taking steamers from New York to Panama, journeying from there overland to the Pacific, and then traveling north along the California Coast to LA or SF Somehow I had thought that was an infrequent occurrence, but apparently I was mistaken Perhaps that is the route taken by my great grandfather when he made the trek in about 1867 or 1868, before the Transcontinental Railway was completed.

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    As somebody who has spent a large chunk of my life in California, I ve long been curious about its history, its formation into the Union and some of the key players around that occurrence Hence when Steve Inskeep wrote this book, I figured this could be an interesting book And it was John and Jesse Fremont were pioneer explorers in the West and helped informed the powers that be in Washington about the potential of the West That being said, though Inskeep includes a lot of interesting, vivid details about Fremont s various trips back and forth between California and Washington, I couldn t find myself getting particularly interested by the subject matter It remains an interesting, informative read without being particularly absorbing.As a bonus though, I learned a lot about the formation of the Republican Party and John Fremont s role at the very beginning.

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    Steve Inskeep s immersive tale of frontier adventure, political intrigue, and celebrity culture in antebellum America focuses on the lives lived large of Jessie and John Fr mont, an ambitious nineteenth century power couple who almost made it to the White House It s a riveting, lavishly researched account of a nation hurtling toward civil war and two people the influencers of their day who promoted America s westward expansion and were caught up in the political upheaval of their times Simply a great read.

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    I am always impressed at the breadth of knowledge Inskeep shows about his subject matter, and this book is no different Inskeep does a fantastic job of balancing their incredible qualities with their despicable ones Jessie was anti slavery but very much a racist, and John was a fearless leader that often put his charges in harm s way I thoroughly enjoyed this read about a subject matter of which I knew very little.

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