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Ostrich Feathers A Baby Girl Is Born In The Middle Of The Second World War, And Survives In A Miraculous Way Thanks To The Determination Of Her Mother And The Good Heartedness Of Simple People An Israeli Woman Abandons Her Protected Life And Goes For A Quest In The Trail Of Her Father, Whom She Has Not Recognized An Old Polish Man That She Meets In Krakow, Is Contributory To Her Research, And Maybe Actually Complicates It A Touching, Thrilling Book That Interlaces Universal Origins The Unbreakable Relations Between Past And Present , Between Jewish And Israel Characteristics, Between Parents And Their Children And Vice Versa It Teaches A Valuable Lesson Of Victory Of The Optimism On The Laxity Of The Spirit And Hopelessness.

[BOOKS] ✯ Ostrich Feathers  ✹ Miriam Romm – Pocket-bikes.us
  • Paperback
  • 273 pages
  • Ostrich Feathers
  • Miriam Romm
  • English
  • 15 July 2019
  • 9789652294586

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    When reading a book in translation, it s always hard to tell whether any awkwardness in the text comes from the original or the translation And there s a lot of awkwardness in this story, though not all of it can be attributed to problems in translation Some of the awkwardness could go either way, such as the stilted dialogue I understand that recreating dialogue in a memoir can be problematic, but I think most readers would agree that ease of reading trumps efforts to be strictly faithful to events, as long as gist and meaning are maintained.Other kinds of awkwardness are easier to pinpoint, such as when the author tells us that she wishes she had broached the subject of her father earlier so that she would have had an opportunity to talk to his friends who are now either dead or past the point where she can talk to them about their memories of her father This would indeed be unfortunate, except that throughout the book we ar...

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