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The Miraculous

Eleven year old Wunder Ellis is a miracologist In a journal he calls The Miraculous, he records stories of the inexplicable and the extraordinary These miracles fill Wunder with the feeling that he is not alone, that the world is magical, that he is part of something brighter than he can imagine.

My Fate According to the Butterfly

Villanueva s debut is a beautiful ownvoices middle grade novel Tough topics are addressed, but warmth and humor bring lightness to Sab s story This immersive novel bursts with life Kirkus Reviews, starred review When superstitious Sab sees a giant black butterfly, an omen of death, she


Stranger Things meets The Goonies in this suspenseful yet heartwarming adventure story of a group of friends who set out to find a crashed meteorbut find mystery, danger, and fractures in their close relationships instead Annie, Beans, Rocky, and Fynn They re the Scouts best friends who do eve

For Black Girls Like Me

I am a girl but most days I feel like a question mark Makeda June Kirkland is eleven years old, adopted, and black Her parents and big sister are white, and even though she loves her family very much, Makeda often feels left out When Makeda s family moves from Maryland to New Mexico, she leaves b

The Echo Park Castaways

From the author of The Other Boy comes a poignant and heartfelt novel that explores what it means to be a family Perfect for fans of Counting by 7s Nevaeh, Vic, and Mara are veterans of the Los Angeles foster care system For over a year they ve been staying with Mrs K in Echo Park Vic spends mo

Serafina and the Seven Stars (Serafina #4)

Serafina and Braeden make an epic return in the hotly anticipated fourth installment of Robert Beatty s 1 New York Times best selling Serafina series Serafina, the Guardian of Bilt Estate, has won battle after battle against the dark forces encroaching on her home Now, tranquility has returne

Jackalope Springs Eternal (Lumberjanes, Vol. 12)

When Counselor Jen takes the Roanoke scouts on a mission to find a Jackalope, they end up stumbling on a young cowgirl who s been living in the woods surrounding camp with her herd of unusual critters In the aftermath of the time shenanigans set off by Jo s Mysterious Time Thingy, the Roanoke scouts

Changeling (The Oddmire #1)

Magic is fading from the Wild Wood To renew it, goblins must perform an ancient ritual involving the rarest of their kind a newborn changeling But when the fateful night arrives to trade a human baby for a goblin one, something goes terribly wrong After laying the changeling in a human infant s c

The Starlight Watchmaker

Wealthy students from across the galaxy come to learn at the prestigious academy where Hugo toils as a watchmaker But he is one of the lucky ones Many androids like him are jobless and homeless Someone like Dorian could never understand their struggle or so Hugo thinks when the pompous duke com


Kyler Centaurus isn t your typical runaway All he wanted was a quick trip to the legendary Fasti Sun Festival Who wouldn t want to see new stars being born Um, try Kyler s entire family They couldn t care less about mind blowing wonders of science When an accidental launch sequence ends with Ky

Where the River Runs Gold

Shifa and her brother, Themba, live in Kairos City with their father, Nabil The few live in luxury, whilst the millions like them crowd together in compounds, surviving on meagre rations and governed by Freedom Fields the organisation that looks after you, as long as you opt in The bees have lon

Amelia Fang and the Unicorn Lords

Amelia Fang is the biggest hearted vampiress you ll ever meet In this adventure, she and her friends Florence the yeti DON T CALL HER BEAST , Grimaldi the Death and Prince Tangine reformed spoiled sprout , along with her pet pumpkin Squashy, must brave the journey to the terrifying Kingdom of the

Only the Stars Know Her Name: Salem’s Lost Story of Tituba’s Daughter

False accusations and false confessions of witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts, took her mother, Tituba, away from her Now Violet seeks revenge on those who tore her family apart Readers will be instantly transported back in time in this dark and gripping novel It s been a year since the Salem Witc

Wish on All the Stars

The magical sequel to See You on a Starry Night makes seaside wishes come true Juliet is now an official member of the Starry Beach Club, and loves working with her new friends, Emma and Carmen, to make people s wishes come true Living away from her dad is still hard, and she misses her best f

Short Stories from Hogwarts of Heroism, Hardship and Dangerous Hobbies (Pottermore Presents, #1)

Minerva was the Roman goddess of warriors and wisdom William McGonagall is celebrated as the worst poet in British history There was something irresistible to me about his name, and the idea that such a brilliant woman might be a distant relative of the buffoonish McGonagall J.K Rowling Pott

Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid: Rowley Jefferson's Journal

Get ready for a whole new look into Jeff Kinney s Diary of a Wimpy Kid Introducing the newest Wimpy Kid author Rowley Jefferson Rowley s best friend Greg Heffley has been chronicling his middle school years in thirteen Diary of a Wimpy Kid journals and counting But it s finally time for re